Leather MiniCard Holder

MiniCard Holder, From $18.99

Don't miss a chance to make a new connection! This MiniCard holder will keep up to 45 cards in great condition in your bag or pocket.

More Information

Leather MiniCard Holder

This smart, soft leather MiniCard holder is designed to keep MiniCards in great condition in your pocket or bag. With a small ring on the back, they can even be attached to a keychain - meaning it's easy to take your cards with you everywhere you go.

Carrying up to 45 cards at a time, this gusseted holder is fabric lined, and closes with a small covered snap. Available in a selection of colors, we've also found this holder makes a great gift when combined with a box of MiniCards. Different enough to be interesting - and smart enough to use for business.

The vital statistics

Attribute Value
Width 36 mm
Height 86 mm
Depth 14 mm
Holds 45 MiniCards
Material Leather
Use with MiniCards