Sneaky peak of MOO’s latest product: The MightyCard

1st April 2008 by Denise

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but at last we’re extremely excited to be able to show you a sneaky peak of our latest product. Still in development (but almost there), it’s called The MightyCard.

Since the launch of the MiniCard, many of our customers have said ‘They’re great – great quality, great options, but… so Mini! I need something bigger to really impress my business clients. I feel inadequate handing over such a small card. What does it say about me? Small company, small pockets, small… I just need for something bigger.’

The MightyCard is the ideal solution. Here’s Richard Moross, our CEO on the way to a meeting. It’s an important meeting – he needs to make a good impression, so it’s the perfect chance to test The MightyCard. You can see that it’s a great advertisment for his company – even before he’s got to the meeting. Other business cards waste time in your pocket or bag. They might look pretty, but who would know?

Here’s Richard hailing cab – and The MightyCard is still making a Mighty noise. Unlike most business cards, it just never stops working.

And finally, here’s Richard at the meeting. The MightyCard really seems to have an impact. We’ve actually found people are in awe of The MightyCard – sometimes they feel a bit embarrassed handing over their regular sized cards – because, frankly, they just don’t match up.

We’re planning on selling these in batches of 50, and, like the MiniCard you’ll have the option of a different image on each one. When you make your cards, we’ve added extra functionality – enabling you to add a larger version of your company logo to the reverse. (What company doesn’t need to make their logo bigger!)

We hope you’re as excited about The MightyCard as we are – we’ll give you more updates as soon as we can, so watch this space.

And thanks to everyone who has offered their feedback so far, your comments are really helping us to make something – well… Mighty!

Comments (30)

  1. Richard Rutter:

    I’m guessing this is an April Fool, but it shouldn’t be – I’d buy some! And I know a few people whose egos would comfortably encompass business cards this big.

  2. Pete:

    Wow! now that’s ‘handy’. ;-) I think I’ll construct my 50 into a house and live in them. Images facing inwards so I have wall-to-wall pictures to look at. lol.

  3. Steve:


    You should see the size of the new holders, Rich. I’m sitting in one now.

  4. Ben:

    Wow! This would work as an April Fools Joke AND a real product. Don’t know whether the Indigo printing press would be able to handle it.

  5. paw:

    And just imagine the size of the parcel you’d receive if it were in batches of 50!

    Good one though, made me grin at least :]

  6. Julien:

    Your April fool is so cool, I love it! You even sent Richard in the street ^^ No information about the price though (how much to ship it to France?). Does it come in a nice recyclable plastic box?

  7. Caledonia:

    Ideal for the likes of Jason Calacanis and Robert Scoble.

  8. Iain Farrell:

    Also environmentally sound as you only ever have to give a whole group of client contacts one card. They can see it from all over their office! :)

  9. Neil:

    You know what they say about the size of your business card… ;-)

  10. joanna Holding:

    I think the mighty cards are great – I will get them and use them as point-of-sale marketing. I expect to do trade shows and such with my new business and the mighty cards will be good advertising props. I also really like the mini cards and feel that they are more of a networking tool to pass around in the pub more than a business card. They are so edgy and will not turn off customers who might be turned off by normal business cards. Bring ‘em on!

  11. chris heilmann:

    The uses are endless. You could fit those legal email footers most companies need on your business card. Or it could make a great “sarcasm” sign for developer meetings.

  12. Terri:

    Moo’s have humor! :)

  13. e*c:

    great ccontribution to the web’s april fool’s jokes today! and i agree, in some cases, printing that big *could* be functional!

  14. Mike B:

    Awesome. I’ll take 3 sets of 50, all with a different image of Phil Collins’ head.

  15. Jen S:

    Happy April fools to you too….
    but seriously a slightly bigger moocard would be nice.

  16. Ian:

    I nearly fell for this one, but then I thought about the guy receiving the card! But ya know… an A4 size card might actually be a good idea!

  17. Julien:

    Just imagine Richard in the street, with his MightyCard .. and you taking pictures .. Must have been sooo funny ^^

    Happy ‘poisson d’avril’ ;)

    And see you soon!

  18. Michael:

    Too perfect. What a way to promote yourself and get a great workout at the same time.

  19. Gregg:

    I’d be on board. would be great to completely fill the ‘win a free lunch’ fish bowl with a crumpled ‘Mighty Card’.

  20. Joe King:

    What do you do if it’s windy?

  21. Mark Meyers:


    If you made them out of metal you could really stop traffic with these.

    Have a great day!

  22. Carl C:

    Awesome! I want these!! I can imagine getting a batch of 50 onto a plane to see a client quite difficult though :p

  23. Girls footwear:

    Great humour..addicted to this site..someone pls help!!

  24. Kas:

    I love this idea I cannot wait this is the greatest site for prints I’d love to see 8 by 10 prints too! EXCELLENT QUALITY AND PRICED PRINTS MOO IS AWESOME!!!!!!! When will these be avaliable????

  25. mia:

    I am so excited. I have already had a few boxes of minicards, which by the way have ended up keeping most of them for myself…
    When are we going get them?

  26. adrian jeffery:

    These are ready made for much are they? When can we order?

  27. Jacob:

    lol i’d buy them… be fun as a gag card… only everytime you go to a meeting… first impressions count “)

  28. Daniel Schildt:

    Certainly awesome. :D If you ever happen to make those, I think it would be too huge cost to get them delivered to home…

  29. Alicia:

    Mighty Card looks awesome!!! I cannot wait to order them!!!! Hurry!!! Make them available!!! The Ideas in my head are endless!!!

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