Special Finish Design Templates Guidelines | MOO (United States)
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Files Ready? Great.

First, select your Element, card shape and corner style below. Next, upload your files. Lastly, you’ll select your paper and check out. Artwork file should be a CMYK file in PDF, PNG, JPG, or GIF formats. The Element file should be B&W PDF only.

If your design files are ready, click to create and you will upload your files, choose paper, and add to cart. PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF files accepted. Only PDF files are allowed for the Finishes layer.

Upload your files

How to Prepare Your Design

Create Two files

One for the artwork, one for the Finishes.

CMYK Artwork File

Black & White PDF Element File

The Final Design
Artwork + Element

The artwork file will house the main design image. CMYK color file in PDF, PNG, JPG, or GIF format. The element file will define where the element is applied on top of your design. B&W PDF file only.

Include bleed

Save your files out at the bleed size 2.71" x 2.71". NOT the trim.

Bleed area:
Ensure the background extends to fill the bleed area to avoid your business cards having white edges when cut.

This is where we will cut your business card

Safe area:
Make sure any important aspects of your design are within this area, otherwise they run the risk of being cut out.

Compare sizes

Standard Size
3.66" x 2.16"
93mm x 55mm
1098px x 650px

MOO Size
3.46" x 2.32"
88mm x 59mm
1039px x 697px

Square Size
2.71" x 2.71"
69mm x 69mm
815px x 815px

Use Finishes Wisely

For best results, follow these essential guidelines.

Gold Foil. Treat the Foil as its own color that will print on top of the rest of your design, obscuring anything beneath. Foil should take a different shape than any of the artwork below it to prevent a messy halo effect.

Spot Gloss and Raised Gloss. Think of Gloss as an enhancement to the existing colors of your main design file. The exception to this rule would be if you’re adding a gloss design over a dark, solid color.

Check artwork

Printing with Finishes is a unique challenge, so make sure it meets these requirements.

Larger Fonts

10pt minimum

Thicker Lines

1pt minimum

300dpi images

Max. size: 25MB

No crop marks

Don't include them!