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A simple colour block, a bold curve, and voila – an otherwise plain white Business Card is transformed into something quite unique. It’s strangely fascinating to see how something so simple can be so instantly eye-catching. Perhaps that’s how you’d like your new contacts to view your work?

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I’m almost embarrassed to say… but it was the sun. Yes, the good old sun! Or more specifically, a child’s picture of the sun that I drew when I was very young. It was so simple and had all these different shades in it. Looking at it made me happy (perhaps it was just nostalgia!) so I did a kind of ‘designer’s’ version.

About the designer

Matt Avery is a designer and art director who grew up in Essex, and now lives in East London. When not working at MOO you might find him playing music with the band 'Kindness', or trying to get his drum machines to work. He has a hatred of Croc shoes.

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