MiniCard Frame

Create a mini mosaic masterpiece!

Position (and re-position) your MiniCards to make the perfect arrangement: portrait or landscape! Create a unique work of art, gift or promotional display.

Mosaic Frame

The Vital Stats

Size 420mm x 270mm
Holds Up to 20 MiniCards
Material Acrylic
More Information

The Mosaic Frame is cleverly designed to work with 20 MiniCards. Each card slots neatly into a ‘mini frame’, and these can be positioned in a near infinite variety of ways.

Indents on the back of the frame gives the choice of a portrait or landscape arrangement - and if you change your mind, all you need to do is unscrew the frame to work on a new design! Use to display your artwork, your photography - or even your favourite family photos. Note: The cost of the Mosaic Frame does not include MiniCards

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