June 23, 2015

Leave a Note if You Love me: Notegraphy Talk Tweet Transformation

Take a quick look at your Twitter feed: what’s going on? Is it a multi-media haven of excitement or is it more a graveyard for your less creative thoughts? If you haven’t heard of Notegraphy by now, it’s quite simply a way to turn your drab text into an attention-grabbing image.

With its commitment to increasing engagement for both brands and users alike, Notegraphy was spawned from a Barcelonan-accelerator that has created numerous well-known names including OmmWriter & Stick With Me Baby. Anything that brings a bit more life to the world of social media is something we can get behind.

So what’s the story of Notegraphy?

We believed there was a huge missed opportunity in terms of the vast amount of text being written, because nobody was doing anything to make their posts/ tweets/ texts stand out. So we set about creating a tool that let people write and share their text in a more visually pleasing way.

Notegraphy was born inside the digital creative agency Herraiz Soto, one of the first in Spain. We’d come up with concepts and ideas for clients, but in 2009 we decided to set up an idea incubator to create our own standalone products and services. We wanted to see if we could launch products to market ourselves.

Our app is the 5th baby to come out of the incubator; Ommwriter, the first one, actually has a lot to do with the app. It was conceived as a product to isolate you from the world, to give you a sanctuary with audio and visual experiences to encourage beautiful creativity and concentration. I always say that there’s a little bit of Notegraphy in OmmWriter, but a lot of OmmWriter in Notegraphy. We wanted to maintain the original essence of our writing app, but have a social element to it too.

The Notegraphy team.

The team believe in the power of the word. When great writing is coupled with exceptional design, we shine. We stop for a moment and the best ideas bubble up. Like architecture makes every city more striking, and design transforms mundane stuff into art, at Notegraphy we believe that words made beautiful build lasting brands and communities online.

We say that we want to ‘stop the scroll’. We know that 950 million people post more than 1.1 billion pieces of text… that’s a lot of content, a lot of noise out there. We also know that content with relevant images get 94% more views than those without. How are you helping yours stand out?


How does Notegraphy benefit the average person?

I’m sure most of you will have had this experience – when you look at your social media page 5 minutes after you post something to see if anyone has engaged with it. We say that every like is equivalent to a unit of happiness. In other words, the more likes I get, the happier I am. We believe what we’re doing is giving you the capability to make what you write look more beautiful, which increases engagement.

Have you had many brands using the app?

A number of brands, celebrities and events work with us, they told us they were struggling to get the visibility and follower engagement they wanted.

As a result, we created ‘Notegraphy for Business’ to especially target these users. This new section of the business offers users brand and public ‘filters’ [Notegraphy’s name for their aesthetic templates]. The brand filters are created bespoke for those who use it, allowing them to instantly create and publish on brand content. No length restrictions, no designer needed. It’s for those who love what we do but want a unique filter to fit with their brand identity; their look and feel. We sit down with the client and create their own customised filter that only they have access to.


Who uses the app?

We have more than 500,000 users worldwide, with our biggest target group being the 25+ category. In terms of gender, it’s a near 50/50 split for those who sign up, with the female users being more active than their male counterparts.

Our top market is the US (with around a quarter of our users based there), after that our main markets are Mexico, Brazil, Western Europe and Asia. We’ve always looked at ourselves as a global product; we support all character sets and languages, so long as your mobile phone supports them.

What are some of the stranger things people have used Notegraphy for?

We go through the public notes daily to see what people are writing. There’s an anecdote pretty much every day… yesterday, we saw someone propose to his loved one using Notegraphy. We were chuffed to see that. A few minutes later, another came through that showed she said yes! Many use Notegraphy to share religious quotes too. Last month, David Letterman fans used Notegraphy to share their favourite quotes from his shows. Of course we love to see how many people use Notegraphy as a graphic design tool to create business cards, signs, menus and (e)flyers.

What else should people know about Notegraphy?

It’s important to mention that we are more than just a quote generator. Our vision is that people will write more, write better and create a more beautiful, social world. We recently introduced new photo filters, which allow you to upload photos and images together with your text. In true Notegraphy style, we take care of the formatting for both the text and the image to make the final output look awesome. Very soon we’ll offer our more advanced users the possibility to customise their output. Stay tuned for that…

We’re much more than a social posting app, though. It’s quickly becoming a social network in itself, with millions of notes shared and hosted in the Notegraphy cloud. Perhaps more importantly, search engines index every single one of them, so they will come up in your Google search results, which is really handy. I myself go into Notegraphy to see what other people I follow have written, as well as to browse through notes other users have created. We have a fantastic editorial team that pick the most noteworthy ones to promote in our explore section.

Also, Notegraphy is the only social posting application that has both a web and mobile interface. Many of our users, companies and businesses still use personal computers to write and share to social networks.

A lot of people call us the ‘Instagram for text’, which is a nice and easy way for people to understand what we do. But we believe it’s so much more than that.

This texty app has given average Twitter feeds across the globe the leg up they need to make more of an impact. It’s such a simple tool to use that it’s a good fit for pretty much any occasion, though I’m not too if I’d use it to propose…

If you’ve got any other tips on how to make your social channels stand out then let us know. We’d like to hear from you!

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  • Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article.

    Many thanks for providing this info.

  • Renee says:

    I downloaded the app. Almost immediately created a note. It got more attention and shares than usual. This is TOTALLY cool! Same with my Moo business cards – now EVERYONE wants to copy me. I feel like the popular kid in middle school. Keep it coming Moo-valous!

  • Jonathon says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it Renee!

  • This looks really interesting. As a proofreader and editor, I’m always looking for ways for words to look better. I downloaded the app and am going to see how to use it. Thanks!

  • Roman says:

    I thought Moo just produced business cards – thankfully you guys still send me emails I rarely open because this was great. The subject line worked. I think I’ll be exploring the site and read more on the blog! Ohh, and you’ll have a new loyal customer shortly! 🙂

  • Jonathon says:

    Glad to hear we caught your eye Roman

  • Kirsty Ren says:

    Thanks for sharing, Moo. I’m definitely going to give Notegraphy a go.

  • Michael Rottwilm says:

    I love Moo – for their great business cards and their inspiring Newslettern. I’ve never heard of Notegraphy before and now I wouldn’t wanna miss it.

  • Jonathon says:

    We appreciate the kind works Michael, thanks for reading!

  • Meg Martin says:

    I am so excited to download this app and play with it. Design pervades every part of my life. 🙂

  • Marzban says:

    Hi this is Marzban, CEO and Chief Gardener at Notegraphy. What a beautiful write-up. Thanks for all the love and comments.

    You guys get the Willie Wonka golden ticket for making our servers work to capacity whilst sending out your newsletter 😉 Some of you, like Carol (please come back), may have some temporary glitches connecting to Notegraphy. But please don’t give up. Have a cup of tea and try connecting again. It’s worth it.

    I always love to hear what you think of Notegraphy. You can drop me a line at hello@notegraphy.com.

  • Dapo says:

    For sharing this cute little app, my thanks to you stretches to the Moo-n!

  • Carol says:

    It’s a great idea, but probably a bit too popular at the moment – I downloaded the app on to my ipad but it kept ‘falling over’ with server 500 errors. Very frustrating!

  • LOLA TROY FIUR says:

    love all of the ideas that spring forth from your beautiful minds.

  • Chris Agro says:

    As a Graphic Designer who focuses on brand imaging and lead generation I think this app is great. Until this article I had not heard of Notegraphy but now that I have I plan to integrate it with my messages and my customer’s messages. More design in a otherwise text filled space is a good thing! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention!

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