February 27, 2015

Introducing our SCOPE + MOO Partnership: PAPER VIEW


Paper. Where would we be without it? No fridge doors drowning in kids’ crayon masterpieces. No office doodles for psychologists to have a field day with. No sickly love notes exchanged between teenage crushes before hearts are so cruelly broken (we’re not bitter, honest).

For a simple medium, paper wields great power and is integral to some of our greatest forms of communication and design.


In celebration of the most familiar of materials, we’ve partnered with SCOPE to create Paper View, a curated content series that brings colorful collage, multidimensional sculpture and woven printed layers directly to you for your viewing pleasure.


Throughout 2015 we’ll be working with a number of guest curators to showcase the work of those paper artists who’ve successfully transformed the everyday into truly creative experiences. We’re kicking off with Art Nerd’s Lori Zimmer, who’s picked her top five:


The origami master: With just a tuck and a fold, Lacy Barry can turn a stack of flat paper into bed of blooms so convincing that people have been known to lean in to smell her roses, before realizing they’re not actually real.


Woodland Creature, Lacy Barry


The portrait perfectionist: Ryan Bradley’s pastels are so realistic they’re often mistaken for photographs. Which is all the more remarkable given that Ryan is legally blind. Eat your heart out, Photoshop!


Untitled (Fab II), Ryan Bradley


The upcycler: Inspired by Dadaism and the Victorian era, Vahge’s mismatched body part collages are bizarre as they are beautiful. Crafted from used magazines, books and cards, the result is surprisingly glamorous.


Plumes, Vahge


The sculptor: Sea creatures, tribal masks, feathers and totems are just a few of the items found in Michael Velliquette’s hand-cut, hand-painted paper sculptures. Meticulously assembled, there’s a real meditative quality to his work.


The Serpent of Patience, Michael Velliquette


The organic artist: From 3D swirls and waves in box frames to colorful room-sized creatures, it’s hard to believe that Crystal Wagner’s sprawling organic forms are made from… paper.


Deluge, Crystal Wagner

And for more from Lori, check out our interview with her here. We’ll also be featuring new guest curators and artists in the coming months, so keep checking in. You never know, you might be inspired to grab some paint, glue, or scissors, plus a few sheets of recycled paper yourself…

  • Jean M. Trawick says:

    As a budding collagist, I am thrilled by the genius of these artists! Fantastic ways to play with paper!

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