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6 networking tips for people who don’t like networking

February 2017, by admin | 6 Comments – latest by Christopher

If it ever seems like networking events are awkward, it’s not just you. We all struggle sometimes. But how can you make it easier – and why is it definitely worth the effort?
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Get The Most From Your Next Conference

March 2016, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by david

Forget the excitement and glamour of Hollywood awards season — the 2016 networking season is upon us! Just like being at the Oscars, attending a conference can be a blur of uneaten meals, random meetings, and long speeches.  That is unless you’ve planned…

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How to Tweet with a Business Card

February 2016, by moocrew | 4 Comments – latest by Renae

Here at the MOO labs we’re always looking for new ways to help you raise awareness of your business. With this in mind, we recently used our NFC-enabled Business Cards + in a brand new way. To send a tweet. This means that your cards will post a tweet automatically when they are tapped on an NFC-enabled Android or Windows device.

We were able to do this thanks to our integration with IFTTT– the following tutorial will show you how you can set this up. Continue reading this article…

Phone-tapping rhythm with Beatie Wolfe

October 2015, by moocrew | 5 Comments – latest by David H Dennis

We have a one track mind….especially when it comes to business cards. So when we were asked to create a pack of cards that had ten tracks, we jumped at the chance. Continue reading this article…

MOO Presents… Paper+

October 2015, by moocrew | 62 Comments – latest by Alice

In a world of ordinary paper, one company is breaking all the rules (that’s us), say hello to Paper+

It’s a new digital platform of super connected paper products from MOO. Not just beautifully designed, but so technologically advanced, they’re basically the sliced bread of stationery. Business Cards that have digital lives, long after you’ve handed them out.

So what’s the secret? It’s the NFC-enabled chip that’s embedded inside every card! The possibilities are endless. Choose the ‘Actions’ you want your chip to perform and as soon as you’ve updated the details on our Paper+, the card is updated! It’s seamless.

Share your information with ONE TAP onto most android and microsoft devices then log into paper+ to see how many times …Continue reading this article…

Designing for Tomorrow: MOO, NFC and Paper+

October 2015, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Kieran Harrod

Suzy Willis is MOO’s Experience Designer, she shares some of the problem solving that came into play when designing our new Paper+ platform. Continue reading this article…

MOO Presents…The Future

October 2015, by moocrew | 21 Comments – latest by moocrew

What if you could have the ease of NFC technology applied to business networking? Now you can, welcome to Business Cards+.

Each one is embedded with a near-invisible chip that holds your chosen data, and with just one tap from an enabled smartphone (no app needed!), it’s downloaded in an instant. You can update your details any time and track activity to see who’s got you on their radar.

What better way to grow your network? Discover Business Cards+

Say Hello to Business Cards+

October 2015, by Richard | 2 Comments – latest by david

By Richard Moross, MOO’s founder and CEO

As you know, at MOO we love all things print. But we also love the web, and in 2012 we signalled our interest in taking paper to the next level, connecting it to the web with a short trial of NFC-enabled business cards.

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Box Clever: Packaging Just Went Plus

October 2015, by moocrew | 6 Comments – latest by Jehan Tillekeratne

Phil Thomas, MOO’s Product Designer talks us through the design process involved in creating the packaging for our new NFC-enabled products, Business Cards+.

Packaging at MOO has always been an integral part of the products we sell. As we discussed in a recent webinar on packaging, we always aim to surprise and delight with everything we do, and our Business Cards+ are no different. However, these NFC embedded cards have something extraordinary about them, something we’ve never done before, and we felt the packaging needed to reflect that. Continue reading this article…

Physical to Digital: The Future of Paper

September 2015, by moocrew | 8 Comments – latest by Ric Kallaher

Kai Turner, MOO’s Senior Product Manager, talks about the physical-to-digital space and the future of paper.

So how did someone like me, who has spent a career building online services and digital products, come to work at MOO?  Well, as a MOO customer from the start, I shared the same affection for the brand as many of you do.  As a long-time expat living in London, I’ve also had a lot of respect for MOO as one of the founding companies in London’s burgeoning startup community in Shoreditch, now known as Tech City.

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Tap Happy: Interview with Qleek co-founder Ismail Salhi

August 2015, by Jonathon | 31 Comments – latest by Lori

Ever feel that you’re slowly turning into some kind of half-human, half-android life form that has an unhealthy dependence on your computer? Studies have shown that we spend, on average, 9 hours a day consuming digital media… for some it’s a lot more.

Aiming to help remedy your square eyes is the hexagonal Qleek. It’s a wooden NFC-enabled media player that wants to bring back the physical connection with media that we once had. With a successful IndieGogo campaign under his belt, I gave their cofounder Ismail Salhi a call to find out what it’s all about. 

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