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Beyond your basic bakery: MOO welcomes Dominique Ansel to London

November 2016, by Mary | 1 Comment – latest by Lee

This autumn, London was gripped by sweet-treat fever as Dominique Ansel, creator of the Cronut®, opened his first bakery this side of the Atlantic. We were delighted to have the opportunity to support his launch with some very British, oh-so-MOO printed Postcards. Just the thing to set off a morning sugar rush. Here’s a peek behind the scenes on launch day (for those who didn’t join the queue). Continue reading this article…

We’ve fallen for this Australian creative studio

September 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

. is a multi-disciplinary communications studio based in Brisbane. Run by a friendly team of designers, photographers, strategists and developers, they have created installations for some of our Australian events. We met its founder Paul Mckie and talked about design, business development and the creative process. Continue reading this article…

MOO and Simon Sinek: working together

September 2016, by moocrew | 3 Comments – latest by Carol Carter

Speaking with Simon Sinek isn’t an experience you forget quickly. His enthusiasm, his belief and his unstoppable optimism shine through every part of our conversation – it’s fast, free-flowing and fun. Continue reading this article…

Meet the woman who launched a festival

August 2016, by moocrew | 3 Comments – latest by Jacob

What do you do when you hit an awesome festival overseas and it turns out there’s nothing like it back home? Organise one yourself of course! Continue reading this article…

6 essentials for every real estate pre-listing pack

July 2016, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Sean Vangill

Great pre-listing packs are more than a stack of sheets about a property’s highlights and snazzy downlighting, I’m being totally serious. In fact the real purpose of a pre-listing packet is to sell you as a credible realtor people can trust, not just sell the property. Here are the 6 essentials for your pre-listing pack.  Continue reading this article…

Calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir Talks Invitations and Inspiration

May 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

Photo: Gaël Turpo

After setting up his own calligraphy practice in a former Parisian butchery twelve years ago, Nicolas Ouchenir has gone on to become one of the most sought-after penmen in the fashion world. Invitations for swanky events need to be equally slick, so repeat custom from likes of Vogue, Rick Owens and Hermès suggests he’s on to a winning formula.

We spoke with the dab hand himself about calligraphy, the inspiration for creating a typeface, and just who has the most memorable signature of all time.

Continue reading this article…

Postcards Really Get People Talking

April 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

When you’re at a conference or event, one way to cut through the sea of name badges and make an impression is to arm yourself with some conversation starters. While you’ll already have some tried and tested icebreakers up your sleeve, get creative and think about some other ways to stop people in their tracks. Continue reading this article…

Send Someone a High Five (on a Postcard) This Year

December 2015, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Andrea Jones

Do you know someone who’s starting a new business and want to cheer them on? Or perhaps you need a reminder about why you put in the extra hours doing what you do? Whatever the reason and whoever it’s for, there’s a lot to be said about a little motivation…. Continue reading this article…

The Packaging Inserts That Deliver Delight

December 2015, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Susan M

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting post, not the bills and supermarket catalogues kind, we mean the brown paper packages tied up with strings or perfect boxes filled with never-ending tissue paper and personalised notes. Whether it’s an unexpected gift, or even a regular subscription, there’s always a little buzz of excitement and anticipation when you realise it’s for you. Continue reading this article…

How we Added Extra Spice at Taste Talks 2015

October 2015, by moocrew | Add a comment

What do you get if you gather some of the food world’s thought leaders, chefs and enthusiasts and then fold in some symposia, tastings, dinners and parties? Oh and repeat in some of the US’s best locations? Taste Talks of course! We were invited to add a little extra flavour to their events through beautifully printed talking points and takeaways.

Continue reading this article…

Maker of the Month: Bare Conductive

August 2015, by Jonathon | 11 Comments – latest by mail authentication

How many times have you painted yourself a light switch only to remember that it’s just paint, and it’s not actually going to turn anything on? If the answer is anything above 0, then Bare Conductive are a company you should know about.

After entering the business game with their electrically conductive paint, they’ve gone onto develop new products (or platforms, as they like to call them) with the intention of aiding people expand their horizons.

With such innovative ideas bouncing around, I headed down to their London office to speak with co-founder Matt Johnson.

Continue reading this article…

Social Post: Postcrossing on Connecting the World

July 2015, by Jonathon | 18 Comments – latest by Joy

Think back to the last time you received a postcard. Chances are it was a while ago, and it was from a close friend who’d jet off somewhere fancy in the Mediterranean… let’s be honest it was more gloat-card than postcard. The limited space positively burdens your chosen words with a greater weight, the total opposite of the uniform smatterings of the ‘lmaos’ and ‘rofls’ of today’s texters.

Paulo Magalhães of Portugal set up Postcrossing just under 10 years ago, and it’s gone from strength to strength. In fact, they’ve been going so strong that they’ve just recently surpassed the 30 million-postcard milestone. If you’ve not heard of them, the basic idea is to send cards around the world to random people and get talking; find out about their culture, history and hobbies.

I called up Postcrossing’s Director, Paulo Magalhães, along with their Community Manager, Ana Campos, to learn a bit more about their unprecedented postal platform.


Continue reading this article…

Longer than forty winks: How to launch a sleepwear brand

March 2015, by Karen | 2 Comments – latest by Hi-Style


Eight Hour Studio’s launch collection of sleepwear


Are you ready to take the jump? Meet Sonia Padam who made the leap from accountant to entrepreneur with Eight Hour Studios, a luxury sleepwear brand. We spoke to her about her inspiration to change careers, the importance of strong brand values, how to create a network of influencers and that it’s OK to make a few mistakes along the way. Phew! Her brand may be called Eight Hour Studio but it took much more than a night’s sleep to develop. Read below to hear all about Sonia’s story.

Continue reading this article…

The fake fur is flying: Shrimps injects some fun into fashion

February 2015, by Karen | 1 Comment – latest by Diane

Hannah Weiland photo credit: Ki Price


Who said fashion is serious business? London-based designer Hannah Weiland’s brand Shrimps brings fun to fashion with her collection of bold and beautiful faux fur coats and accessories. Since launching her label in 2013, her faux-tastic line has been very popular on the FROW (you know, the front row dahlings) and beyond. Well beyond. It’s no wonder really – her playful and quirky coats would give an instant mood lift to any dreary winter’s day.

Continue reading this article…

Using color to make ideas (and results) pop

February 2015, by mike | 4 Comments – latest by Sandi


Tiger Lily. Chilli Pepper. Fuchsia Rose. No, these aren’t the latest celebrity baby names (OK, some might be) – they’re actually all previous Pantone Colors of the Year.

Continue reading this article…

Luxe at London Fashion Week

September 2014, by Karen | 2 Comments – latest by Personal Fashion Shopper London

London Fashion Week isn’t just all stylish people and cool parties. This industry-based event, which just wrapped this week in the capital, is part of a worldwide fashion month that also goes to New York, Milan and Paris. During this five-day event, London hosts more than 50 catwalk shows, 15 presentations, plus over 120 UK and international designers exhibit. Who said fashion was glamorous?

So how do emerging designers get noticed during London Fashion Week when they’re just one brand out of many? MOO spoke to two sustainable, eco-friendly brands about how they turned to Luxe products to convey their brand’s quality and individuality and how it helped get the attention …Continue reading this article…

Snap your inspiration to win Lomography goodies

January 2014, by Jon | Add a comment

We love the Internet; the fast paced ability to share ideas, questions, and of course, pictures of cats. Sometimes though, in order to get truly inspired, it can be really helpful to slow things down, get away from your desk, and have a bit of a breather.

For proof that it works, look no further than The Eureka Diaries. It was during a family holiday that the idea for Spinfish came to Stephanie, while Steve, founder of Be One Percent, was inspired while enjoying some downtime in his hotel room while touring with Paul Weller!

That’s just one reason why we’re really excited that we’ve teamed up with Lomography. …Continue reading this article…

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