May 8, 2017

Meet the MOO dolls

Helen Greenstein has made felt editions of more than 120 MOO crew – and we are in love with each and every one of them. We met her to find out more about her inimitable skill, and to find out where 3 of the felt portraits are now

Oh, we’ve never felt so good!

Visit us at our London HQ, and one of the first things you’ll see is a wall of tiny portraits – photos of felt portrait dolls. These are commissioned as a special thank you from one of our favourite customers and long-time collaborators, Helen Greenstein.

Helen, who works in Atlanta, Georgia, has made over 120 dolls in the image of MOO employees – it’s a gift we give people on their 2nd anniversary with the company. And she’s celebrating some of them herself over on Instagram at the moment under the tag #100DaysofDolls.

Each doll takes Helen around 20 hours to make – we take a photo of the relevant MOOster and send over to her. And, best of all, the more details the better. Helen’s made everything from tiny coke cans, football shirts, intricate tartans, jewellery and a guitar. As she says, “I’m all about the accessories.

But where are these dolls now? To celebrate 3 years of their production, we tracked down 3 of her alumni to find out where they are now… and what they’ve been up to since they shipped over from Atlanta.


Blanca Sabas Pascual – Ecommerce Marketing Manager, rocker of excellent biker jackets

Blanca and her doll portrait live and work side-by-side every day. And sometimes that means travelling side by side too. Blanca says: “She’s been everywhere with me – at home, in the office, and even back to Spain with me to see my mum. When I went back to Spain I made sure I was wearing the same outfit. It wasn’t hard – I’ve worn a biker jacket since I was 16. It’s my trademark!”

Blanca-the-doll added: “I’m a very efficient traveller. I pack a tight suitcase, and since I slot straight in the baggage scanner, I’m often through security a lot faster than she is. Gives me time to relax with a gin and tonic before wheels-up.”


Phil Thomas – Senior Product Designer, fan of dinosaurs

Phil had no problem choosing what his portrait doll should wear. “It had to be a dinosaur, as I had just started my own Dinosaur T-Shirt business (because I love dinosaurs),” he explained. “It’s called TEE-REX.”

Little Phil lives at home – he doesn’t get chance to come into the office that often. “It sounds a little self obsessive but my doll sits on my mantle piece inside a glass bell jar, to protect it,” Phil added.

Little Phil couldn’t be reached for comment.


Matt Avery – Lead Designer, percussion botherer

Matt’s all about design, colour and noise – of the best possible kind. His doll portrait is as elegantly dressed as he always is, complete with his very own tiny drum machine. Matt says: “I didn’t have to think too long about what I wanted my doll to wear – but I did have to think super hard about his accessory.”

“As well as being one of MOO’s creative leads, I’m a musician – so I could have picked anything from a Wacom tablet to a grand piano. That might have been a bit of a mean ask of Helen, mind.”

Mini-Matt said: “I’ve finally managed to get a bit of space to call my own so I could set this studio up. I tried to get room to compose on Matt’s desk but he wasn’t having it. Creative differences, you might say. I’m currently working on getting some bookings in. I’ve got a mate who swears he can introduce me to Todd Terje. Have you checked out my Soundcloud?”

Check out more of Eleni Creative’s amazing work

And, if you’d like a doll of your own, check out MOO’s current vacancies

  • Lucille says:

    Oh thank you, MOO CREW! I found her website and as it happens, I WILL need a job from yourselves to afford one of her dolls. I have perused your available job openings and did not notice any openings for cake taster work from home. Will you have an opening in this department anytime soon? I live in the UK, but need a job I can do from home as there is a person that looks nearly identical to me, but much shorter, that requires my presence 24/7. So, if you could send me details of the soonest cake tasting opening (preferably white cake as I don’t care for chocolate) I will send you my CV and wage requirements. Mostly my wage preference would be a MOO Doll and well, cake. Anything outside of that is pretty much negotiable. Thank you so much.

    Warm regards,

  • karin peire says:

    perfect! the dolls made my day

  • Lucille says:

    I want to work for you. I mean, I love MOO and all your products but I want a MOO doll of me. I don’t even require a wage. Well, ok I do but I want a MOO doll so the wage is highly negotiable. I can do any job you have open. Not necessarily well, but even if I’m not qualified, I’ll give it a go, just hire me so I can have a MOO doll of me. Just so we’re clear, I want a job and a MOO doll of me. Actually, I want a MOO doll, if that means you get to hire me, then so be it. If you just want to give me a MOO doll of me and no job that is fine too. It may be less annoying for you. I mean, not that I’d be asking every 5 minutes if my MOO doll was done yet but there is a chance I may ask every now and then. Often. Too often. I’m not begging, am I? I don’t mean to beg. Well, actually yes I do mean to beg. I want a MOO doll! How can I get a MOO doll?

  • moocrew says:

    Oh, Lucille! We would love to have you join the Super Cool Doll Gang… just as soon as we have a vacancy for Chief Felt Fancier. Keep an eye out on our jobs page. Or, of course, you can commission Helen to make you your very own felty goodness. Check out her website!

  • Lauren says:

    Awesome way to recognize your employees-truly special. I like that it’s on the second anniversary as it signals an important message to your team, we want you around for awhile. Very unique. Thanks for sharing. (Wish I was part of your team!)

  • Trish says:

    They are all beauties!

  • Darinda Singh says:

    Brilliantly creative! I love them, and I love that Moo presents them on 2nd anniversaries. My kind of team-loving 🙂

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