September 2, 2009

Answers to the first 3 cryptic questions!

Wow – you lot are good! The first three answers and the winner of each prize are:

Question One:

Three Blind Mice
Winner: gnomeangel
Time question posted: Sep 1, 2:00 PM
Time answered: Sep 1, 2:02 PM

Question Two:

Winner: Justine
Time question posted: Sep 1, 5:00 PM
Time answered: Sep 1, 5:02 PM

Question Three:

The colour wheel: RGB or Red, Green and Blue
Winner: Katie
Time question posted: Sep 1, 8:19pm
Time answered: Sep 1, 8:26 PM

Congratulations to our winners, who will each receive a Flickr Pro account, and one Free pack of MiniCards! (We’ll contact you as soon as possible with the details).

Congratulations also to everyone who has taken part so far. Even the incorrect answers were good (and perhaps better than some guesses of the MOO crew.)

Watch out for new questions and new prizes later today, and throughout the month of September. Good luck!

  • Denise says:

    CoriK – it’s a good point and one we’re trying to address. We did think not showing the answers until the next day would be a good start, also, splitting the questions over the day / night gives other time zones a fairer chance.

    For next week, we’re looking to introduce a different system, so hopefully that will help too.

  • Cori K. says:

    It’s a great contest with great questions, but it would be a big help if there were timestamps on when the questions were posted. In looking at the answers, they’re all posted within ten minutes of the question.

    Or maybe it’s just my crazy-old system not putting them on there; in which case, disregard and continue on with the great work!

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