May 8, 2017

Make this Mother’s Day fine and Dandy

MOO has teamed up with Pottery Barn Australia and Dandy Moon to create a limited edition Mother’s Day cards. We chatted to Kristy, owner of Dandy Moon to find out more.

Kristy Reive, also known as Dandy Moon is a letterer, stylist and creative consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Armed with her love of handwriting and styling, she took the plunge and started her own business in 2012.

Expressing her love for styling via social media has attracted attention. Dandy Moon has been featured in magazines such as ‘Gourmet Traveller’, ‘Hooray Magazine’, ‘Glimpse’ and ‘The Collective Hub’ where she was the June 2016 takeover artist.

She’s now teamed up with Pottery Barn Australia and MOO to create a gorgeous limited edition Mother’s Day card. We caught up with her to find out more about the inspiration behind her business, and work.

Tell us about Dandy Moon – what was the inspiration behind the business?

It all started with the name – Dandy Moon has been my nickname for years now. I studied interior design and went on to work in event styling where I was creating a lot of handwritten place cards. I worked a short stint in Berlin which really inspired me and I was like ‘ok it’s time to do this for real!’ I’m constantly finding handwritten inspiration – there’s so many talented people out there doing their thing!

How important is brand to you and how do you use it to stand out from the crowd?

Branding is one of my favorite subjects and interests – it’s super important. I like to make sure everything has a consistent and strong style so that people know it’s my work. I want it to have ‘me’ written all over it without actually having to say it. I always use the same baby pink color palette – you’ll see this is in most of my designs, across my website, on gift cards and social media.

Of course, there will always be competition out there so it’s good to stand out – even if it’s just by including a cool little freebie that people will hold onto and remember.

Tell us about the Mother’s Day card you’re creating for Pottery Barn?

I’m really excited about the Mother’s Day card I created for Pottery Barn. When I was working on the designs, I was constantly thinking, ‘is this something I’d want to give to my own mum?’ There’s something so nice about the red and baby pink color combination.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

It comes from Pinterest and Instagram mainly. I love being out and about and seeing what is going on – travel is a major inspiration for me!

What’s your best tip for someone wanting to start their own business?

Just get started. Everyone has to start somewhere and who knows where it will take you?

Shop in store or online at Williams-Sonoma’s Pottery Barn, Australia between 24th April and 14th May to receive Dandy Moon’s limited edition Mother’s Day card.


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