June 27, 2016

InviteMe shows us how to party

We’re on a mission to find out all the wonderful ways you can turn your passion into a full-time business. So when we came across Melbourne’s quirky party store InviteMe, we jumped for joy. We spoke to founder Simone Norris, to find out how she came to sell flamingo cake toppers and promote the business.

InviteMe founder Simone Norris at a tea party

Hi Simone! So how did you come up with the idea of InviteMe?

It all came about when I had my daughter really! She was three months old and all she did was sleep. I got so bored! Being a graphic designer by trade, I decided to start up a personalised stationery store. That stationery store began to evolve and became an online party store. Eventually, it became what is now, both a web-based and bricks and mortar operation. Which, via the power of social media, has become a destination in and of itself that sees people right across the country.

So social media is important to your business?

Absolutely. Social media being what it is at the moment, I’m all about that. I’m an art director and a graphic designer so I kind of understand the importance of visuals and marketing. I take lots of photos and the ones I use for Instagram are the same as I print on my Business Cards.

It’s just very important when getting my brand out into the world. But I love that option of, when you do get new stuff, putting up fifty or a hundred or whatever it is on those Business Cards. It promotes social media and just the very visual nature of my business. People come into my store, I have the Business Cards right next to the till. People take several at a time, so it’s definitely an important marketing tool for my business.

What about e-commerce?

I’m absolutely aware that everything in retail is migrating online. But, I figure that everyone is opening an online store now because anyone can do it. But what we have created is a destination store. I get people driving from all over Melbourne and interstate just to have that experience. I know it’s going against the grain, but I guess that’s what I want the difference to be.

We’re so happy our business cards are working wonders for your store Simone! If you need a touch of inspiration or help promoting your project or business take a look at how MOO could help.


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