October 28, 2019

The Perfect Millennial Business Cards

Millennials make up a quarter of the population, so make sure you can connect with this huge audience by crafting the perfect millennial Business Cards.

Everyone has something to say about millennials, but when it comes to companies, the only thing that matters is that your branding has something to say to them. After all, there are almost 80 million millennials in the US (that’s a quarter of the population) and they are the generation that can help make or break any new trend. 

From a perfectly curated Instagram profile to a beautifully designed email header, leave no stone ‘un-millennialized’ when it comes to your branding, and yes, that means quirky Business Card ideas too! Here’s a little insight into key design trends that are essential for the perfect millennial Business Cards.

Millennial Pink

The clue is in the name with this happy hue. Whether it’s being dyed into hair or painted across a bedroom wall, this color has become synonymous with the demographic. Whether as the background, the text color or just as an accent, simple business card ideas can effortlessly announce their youthful vibes with this shade. There’s plenty of speculation about why this tone speaks so loudly to young female millennials in particular – maybe it’s because it’s just so cheerful in the era of unpaid internships for graduates. Or maybe it’s just because it’s the perfect blend of childhood bedrooms and adult sophistication as it pairs beautifully with metallics, speaking of…


A few years back, rose gold (and rose gold Business Cards at that) was the must-have shade of any self-respecting millennial, but more recent trends have seen classic golds and silvers making a come-back, especially when contrasted with deep shades like crimson, ivy green and navy blue. There are plenty of unique Business Card ideas that can tap into this trend, from gold repeat patterns to silver brush script, and the luxe feel of metallics can lend a premium vibe to any brand. But don’t feel like you have to be serious, even if you do opt for some shine…

Playful motifs

Pineapples, llamas, cacti, unicorns, mustaches – millennials love playful designs, and choosing to introduce some cute motifs to your millennial Business Cards doesn’t have to take away from the conviction of your brand. Think of leading fashion brands or the tongue-in-cheek designs of craft beer cans – colorful, irreverent design acts much like millennial pink and taps into a care-free, positive mindset while suggesting that your brand offers something different to the mainstream. These brands are willing to break the mold and take the risk, to make sure their products are noticed. For things like small batch beers brewed with love, a bright and colorful branding scheme is just an extension of their passion for the product and millennials will most certainly pick up on this sentiment. 

You should also know that 80% of millennials want a brand to entertain them, which is where quirky Business Card ideas fit in. But they’re also willing to invest in brands that support a cause they believe in, even if, in this case, that cause is just the healthy expression of shameless creativity. After all, this is the demographic that helped make ‘unicorn gin’ a thing.


On the other end of the spectrum is a more reigned-in approach. Simple, clean design resonates with young trend-setters in a big way. A base of white with hints of color is a popular option for lifestyle brands. Alternatively, reverse the palette to bold blacks with white text for a more impactful look. Again, no one really knows why the millennial market has embraced minimalism in everything from interiors to tattoos to barely-there jewelry, but maybe it’s something to do with that famous gerund all young people aspire to – ‘adulting’. So, let sans serif typography, simple line art and monochrome designs inform your original Business Card ideas to create crisp, fresh, millennial Business Cards that are effortlessly stylish.


Vegan, gluten-free, raw, cruelty-free, organic – these aren’t just buzzwords where millennials are concerned, they are ways of life. If you can add a green edge to your business, you should do it, as almost 40% of this group would actually pay more for the same product if it came from a brand they felt was doing good. 

Not sure how to make the world a better place with nothing more than a millennial Business Card to offer? Don’t worry, MOO makes this bit easier for you! Our Cotton Business Cards are made from 100% recycled t-shirt cut-offs-stuff that normally gets thrown away. The result is a crisp, white canvas for your best designs that’s not only tree-free, but has an authentic textured finish to really stand out.


The tie that binds all these unique Business Card ideas, whichever you opt for, is the fact that they are open to all. Premium gold branding doesn’t mean only the affluent can partake, cute pandas don’t mean it’s for kids, and a pristinely designed store doesn’t look down on those who prefer to show up in sweatpants. The millennial attitude that everyone can be themselves, love what they like and do as they please should be reflected in your brand. So, even if you have a penchant for gold and filigree, make sure the most impactful aspect of your millennial Business Card is its inviting nature. 

Sharing and faving images online has made millennials into design hoarders, and your business, and Business Card, need to appeal to Jane the artist as much as James the accountant. Plus, they should be something that millennials want to keep in their wallet just as much as they want to keep your Instagram on their ‘following’ list. MOO even has things like Business Card Holders that proudly fan out to showcase your design, so that your Business Cards can become proud works of art.

All statistics from: http://www.millennialmarketing.com/who-are-millennials/

Ready to reach out to the millennial market? Start with a Business Card that’s fun, fresh and a perfect reflection of your brand with MOO.



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