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Instagram inspiration – your MOOcards

February 2017, by admin | 3 Comments – latest by moocrew

We can’t get enough of your amazing designs – from production to retail, the MOO community is creative, inventive and more than a little bit brilliant.

This month, we wanted to share 3 studios we’ve been blown away by, from music to plants – with the stories behind their businesses and stunning designs.

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Kyle Bean, the man behind the MOO Machine

September 2016, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Marketing Syariah

Kyle Bean is the extraordinary young artist, designer and illustrator who transforms everyday materials into unexpected and witty objects. He worked alongside ad agency Mr. President to create the ‘machine’ that forms the centrepiece of our latest campaign. We got him in for a chat about scoring amazing clients, his creative stimulation and the beautiful medium of paper. Continue reading this article…

The art of freelancing with illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan

August 2016, by moocrew | 6 Comments – latest by BABULAL GUPTA

Irish born illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan has been making a thunderous roar with her illustrative animals. She’s managed to build a successful freelance career and has networked her way to a client list including MTV, and Apple. We spent an afternoon with Claudine and discussed freelancing, hard work and the importance of leaving your comfort zone. Continue reading this article…

The survival kits you never knew you needed

July 2016, by moocrew | 7 Comments – latest by Lauren W

Have you ever been packing up at work, only to be told that you need to stay overtime? Or perhaps you leave work to spend your evenings (and weekends) building your own business while others are out having fun. Either way, you’ll know what it feels like to work harder for longer. Thankfully, Phoenix Creative Studio, a small Montreal-based ad agency, has designed some great kits to help you through.

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Customer Spotlight: Angie Crabtree shines bright

July 2016, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Mary Avenanti

It pays to get creative when it comes to promoting your work. See how Angie Crabtree made her artwork shine with our Super Business Cards.

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Calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir Talks Invitations and Inspiration

May 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

Photo: Gaël Turpo

After setting up his own calligraphy practice in a former Parisian butchery twelve years ago, Nicolas Ouchenir has gone on to become one of the most sought-after penmen in the fashion world. Invitations for swanky events need to be equally slick, so repeat custom from likes of Vogue, Rick Owens and Hermès suggests he’s on to a winning formula.

We spoke with the dab hand himself about calligraphy, the inspiration for creating a typeface, and just who has the most memorable signature of all time.

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Designer Jennifer Hamley Bags up Delight

April 2016, by moocrew | 2 Comments – latest by Jennifer Hamley

Ever since, erm, bagging an award at last year’s Independent Handbag Design Awards, designer Jennifer Hamley has been working hard to build an ethical brand and grow a successful business. We caught up with Jennifer and she told us how it’s going and shared her tips on building brand awareness. Continue reading this article…

Paper-viewing Art Basel Miami with A. Moret – Day Three

December 2015, by moocrew | Add a comment

Art Basel Miami is one of the largest celebrations of contemporary art in the world. And it’s on right now until the 6th December. Curator, editor (and good friend), A. Moret has spent the last three days on the lookout for her favourite paper artists. Here are her faves on her second day at the event.

While A is out and about, we’re busy at SCOPE Miami Beach (it’s the big tent on the beach) showing off our collaboration with artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic CODICES. Continue reading this article…

Petit Fou! What a Wonderful Idea!

November 2015, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Kat Forsyth

Got a big event to go to, but you’d rather not spend lots of money on an statement accessory? Petit Fou may be the answer to your sartorial stresses. Petit Fou design beautiful clutch bags made out of paper. Yep, you read that right, paper. We gave Petit Fou’s Creative Director (and MOO customer), Daniela Gilsdorf, a call to talk all things foldable. Continue reading this article…

Maker of the Month: Bare Conductive

August 2015, by Jonathon | 11 Comments – latest by mail authentication

How many times have you painted yourself a light switch only to remember that it’s just paint, and it’s not actually going to turn anything on? If the answer is anything above 0, then Bare Conductive are a company you should know about.

After entering the business game with their electrically conductive paint, they’ve gone onto develop new products (or platforms, as they like to call them) with the intention of aiding people expand their horizons.

With such innovative ideas bouncing around, I headed down to their London office to speak with co-founder Matt Johnson.

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How do I Launch my App?

June 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

The more the Internet creeps into our pockets, onto our wrists and into our eyeballs, the more apps are becoming an integral part of our life. As a business person, you’re wondering how to get onto that crowded home screen, and as an everyday user you’re wondering why you hear about some apps before others. To answer these useful questions (and not ones like ‘why do we yawn?’ or ‘how old is George Clooney?’), we tapped some industry folk to find out just how to go about launching an app.

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Using color to make ideas (and results) pop

February 2015, by mike | 4 Comments – latest by Sandi


Tiger Lily. Chilli Pepper. Fuchsia Rose. No, these aren’t the latest celebrity baby names (OK, some might be) – they’re actually all previous Pantone Colors of the Year.

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4 principles for a successful brand refresh

February 2015, by emma | 3 Comments – latest by Branding agency in dubai

Your brand identity is the outward visual appearance of your business. So whilst a thorough brand refresh (rethinking your tagline, your target audience, maybe even your core values) is likely to involve a good deal of structural change, updating your identity is more cosmetic. We caught up with Adam Goldberg and Monika Kehrer, Co-Founders of branding agency TRÜF, to find out what it takes to do just this.

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How Zipcar unlocks its creative powers with Brendan Stephens

January 2015, by Karen | Add a comment


photo credit: Susan Tran

We love speaking to experts in the MOO community and recently caught up with Brendan Stephens, the Creative Director at Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. He isn’t just any creative director – his work has been recognised by The Webby Awards, The Ad Club’s Hatch Awards and the Society of Publication Designers, to name just a few. Plus, his team is the genius behind Zipcar’s  “I’d Tap That” campaign. We’re impressed.

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