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Impress yourself

March 2013, by Felix | 3 Comments – latest by Gianfranco Chicco

Have you heard the news? We just opened a shop in Shoreditch, London. As well as featuring the creativity of our customers in our shiny new shop, we’ve also treated ourselves to a shiny new embossing machine – which you can come and try out for yourself!

While we are not able to offer letterpress printing at the shop, we have the next best thing on offer: foil block embossing! To make sure you get the best experience, make sure you follow these steps:

1. Ensure you live in London, UK or close by to be able to come to the MOO ShopBOXPARK, Shoreditch

2. Go …Continue reading this article…

Design team’s typographic day out

October 2011, by Jovanna | Add a comment

The graphic design team was sent to the very first Typographic Conference to be held in London. Three jam packed days of back-to-back talks by the design worlds leading typographers and creatives. It was a fabulous fest of type design, ascenders, brackets and other Ponzi designer-y quirk.

We loved the idea of typefaces being designed for a specific purpose and use, such as; typefaces particularly for swearing and others just for telling lies. What would be the best typeface for passing on your details on a small paper card?

Tom Uglow from Google and You Tube’s Creative lab talked about how computers dominate our lives and reminded us that it was only recently we joined …Continue reading this article…

Graphic minimalism : MOO cards by designers

August 2011, by Andrea | 5 Comments – latest by Ardham Elena

One way to make your designs and Business Cards stand out is a “less is more” approach that some of our creative customers have used to market their personal brand. As usual, these examples merely the tip of your creative iceberg – but here are a few that caught our eye.

Brand new customer Nate Imhoff chose to, in his own words “keep my collateral simple” with these clean, stark cards. Nate explains “I believe good design is good business, and giving my collateral too much personality could detract from my work, which I want to speak for itself.” We think you’ll agree, he gets his message across very well!

Continue reading this article…

MOO Crew Does Letterpress

August 2011, by Lisa | 1 Comment – latest by Han

At MOO, We Love to Print. You already knew that, didn’t you? But most days, we print your lovely cards on Big MOO, which is our brand new state of the art HP Indigo Digital Press. However, a month ago a few of us had a chance to print on one of Big MOO’s distant relatives.

We were fortunate enough to go on a roadtrip to a community print shop in Providence, Rhode Island – AS220 Print Shop.

another one

At AS220, we left our laptops behind, rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a composing stick , and set type by hand. To prepare us for printing using Letterpress. Cat, our instructor, introduced us …Continue reading this article…

A Mini celebration

July 2011, by Charlotte | 17 Comments – latest by Aracely

As MOO’s ‘first-born’, MiniCards have a very special place in our hearts. And, like a proud parent, we want to show them off! So, in a little round up, here are just some of the recent great examples that have been appearing on our Flickr and Facebook pages:

MiniCards as Postcard gift tags

As Red Berry Hill design company, Nicole creates eye-catching cards and postcards which she then sells on. She uses her MOO MiniCards as tags to state on one side what’s inside the packet, and on the other side her website details – all beautifully designed to match the Postcards themselves! A really …Continue reading this article…

The Key(ring) to the Cottage

April 2011, by Charlotte | 6 Comments – latest by Sarah Bromfield

Well, that was a deliciously hot weekend in the UK, wasn’t it? For once it almost makes you feel smug you didn’t decide to leave the country over the Easter weekend!

And if you’re not going abroad, all you really need is a lovely country cottage to relax in with friends or family. This is why our ears pricked up when we recently came across Sarah, owner of Devon based Sherborne Cottages, via our Facebook page. Sarah makes these adorable and effective MiniCard holder keyrings for her clients to get across a variety of messages, offers and useful information.

“I love using my MiniCards in lots of different ways” Sarah explains “Some …Continue reading this article…

You can quote me

December 2010, by Andrea | 1 Comment – latest by SidsInsaliads

We’ve gone a bit text-crazy this month, with a new set of Ready Made Business Cards inspired by business guru, author, entrepreneur and all round agent of change Seth Godin (you can tell we like him, right?).  Godin is a perfect fit for MOO text cards – he’s just so quotable! He’s also a brilliant speaker – we love his lectures on TED.

Seth Godin Quote Cards

And wading through the Flickr pool this month, we’ve seen that lots of you share our love of text! Like the lovely Vicki Brown, who created these stunning cards for her …Continue reading this article…

Announcing People’s Choice!

October 2010, by Rebeka | 16 Comments – latest by Akemi

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at The Business Card Project. We’ve kept our designers nice and busy redesigning some of the most boring business cards we could find. We just finished our last few redesigns, so be sure to check out our business card inspiration gallery. Now there’s really no excuse to have boring business cards!

We had a blast working with every company and think all the redesigns are remarkable. But which redesign do you think is the best? We’re torn, that’s for sure. So help us decide! Rate each ‘before and after’ using the star rating at the bottom of each gallery page and the company with the highest number of votes and the highest …Continue reading this article…

Handwritten business cards

August 2010, by Rebeka | 1 Comment – latest by James Darling

If you haven’t already guessed, Business Cards are quite a big deal over here at MOO HQ. We know the importance of always having Business Cards with you, since you never know who’ll meet. But what about those times when you get back from an event or conference, and you just can’t remember who that person was or why you have their Business Card? Sometimes you quickly jot down notes in the margins, often resulting in blank stares as you try to decode your squished, messy handwriting.

We know the feeling. And then we spotted these stunning cards from Claudia K Opticians.

Claudia K Opticians is a high-end optometry shop based in …Continue reading this article…

Creative (text-based) cards

August 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

Like the idea of ‘Printfinity‘ but don’t have different photos or images for your Business Cards? No problem! There’s still plenty of ways to get creative using only text. We’ve seen loads of text-based Business Cards, like BatchBlue’s use of Twitter quotes from happy customers or Equinox Photography’s fortune cookie MiniCards, that certainly stand out from the crowd. Words can have just as much impact as images, and can often be great conversation starters. Here are some examples of ways you can get creative with your cards by using only text.

Customer Quotes

These cards were designed for e3Strategies by The Business Card Project. e3Strategies provides consulting services for adult learning initiatives, including leadership …Continue reading this article…

Introducing: The Business Card Project

June 2010, by Rebeka | 3 Comments – latest by jane nearing

If you’ve been following this blog for a while or met any of us in person, you probably know we’re passionate about design. That’s why we take great care and effort designing products, packaging and even our website to ensure anyone can easily create beautiful, well-designed cards. We know you know the difference a well-designed card can make and how it can be the difference between getting remembered or getting tossed in the rubbish bin. You only need to scroll through the MOO Flickr pool for proof of the amazing cards MOOsters have created!

Sadly, we’re still being handed limp, torn, dog-eared business cards. We think these cards send a signal that this business or person doesn’t …Continue reading this article…

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