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Building the Indiegogo brand, one customer story at a time

October 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

Every idea should have its shot, and every creative should have their moment. That’s the principle that Indiegogo was founded on in 2007, and years later, the crowdfunding platform has helped entrepreneurs all around the world turn their ideas into reality. We chatted with Erica Labovitz, Indiegogo’s head of integrated marketing, about how they got their own start, and why they keep customer stories at the center of the business model and brand.

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Customer Spotlight: Patricia Braune’s sensory surface designs

July 2016, by moocrew | 1 Comment – latest by Richard Bateman

We meet a textile and surface designer who chose to print her nature-inspired designs on our soft touch paper to add that extra tactility to her MOO business cards.

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Customer Spotlight: Isaac Gibson’s Playing Cards

May 2016, by moocrew | 9 Comments – latest by Kanika Mathur

Our Rounded Corners are inspiring your creative minds everywhere and we love it when you share your experiences and results with us. US-based Outreach Coordinator, Freelance Designer and Assistant Camp Manager (is there anything he can’t do?!) Isaac Gibson created his own playing cards. Snap. Over to you Isaac! Continue reading this article…

Customer Spotlight: Simone Severo’s Portrait a Day

April 2016, by moocrew | Add a comment

Last year, Simone Severo, a Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer, completed a year-long quest to photograph an interesting person each and every day for an entire year. Simone called it “Striving for Portrait Perfection”. The photographs are honest portraits that portray each subject’s personality and she plans to publish a book containing those 365 uniquely personal portraits and the stories behind them. Continue reading this article…

The MOO Crew get hacking

September 2012, by James B | Add a comment

Here at MOO, we love technology, and so every now and then we take a break from our “roadmap” to get a bit creative by having a Hack Day.

The Brief

It’s a chance to try out a working prototype of an adventurous idea. It can be something to improve, or it can be office related. Or it can just be a bit of fun involving some clever piece of technology. Hack Day only has two rules:

People can work individually, or in teams. The only requirement is that you do something and then make a short presentation about that something at the end of Hack Day.
There is no number 2.

Thursday, 9:00am: all participants gathered in the office canteen to fuel up …Continue reading this article…

Graphic minimalism : MOO cards by designers

August 2011, by Andrea | 5 Comments – latest by Ardham Elena

One way to make your designs and Business Cards stand out is a “less is more” approach that some of our creative customers have used to market their personal brand. As usual, these examples merely the tip of your creative iceberg – but here are a few that caught our eye.

Brand new customer Nate Imhoff chose to, in his own words “keep my collateral simple” with these clean, stark cards. Nate explains “I believe good design is good business, and giving my collateral too much personality could detract from my work, which I want to speak for itself.” We think you’ll agree, he gets his message across very well!

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A Mini celebration

July 2011, by Charlotte | 17 Comments – latest by Aracely

As MOO’s ‘first-born’, MiniCards have a very special place in our hearts. And, like a proud parent, we want to show them off! So, in a little round up, here are just some of the recent great examples that have been appearing on our Flickr and Facebook pages:

MiniCards as Postcard gift tags

As Red Berry Hill design company, Nicole creates eye-catching cards and postcards which she then sells on. She uses her MOO MiniCards as tags to state on one side what’s inside the packet, and on the other side her website details – all beautifully designed to match the Postcards themselves! A really …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is…

November 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

We had so much fun working on The Business Card Project but, as they say, all good things must come to an end. We finished redesigning in October and then soon launched the People’s Choice contest, to help select the best redesign. And after three grueling weeks of competition, we have finally a winner!

Drumroll please…

The winner of The Business Card Project People’s Choice Award is: LoveYourLarder

Congrats to the LoveYourLarder team who received an astounding 611 votes totaling an average star rating of 3.6. As the People’s Choice winner, they scored a full year’s supply of Business Cards from MOO and a shiny new iPad–a prize valued …Continue reading this article…

Stuck on MOO

November 2010, by Andrea | Add a comment

Well it’s been a month since we launched MOO StickerBooks in the US, and the Flickr sticker fans lurking not-so-furtively among you have been busy! We knew America had talent, but we’re beyond impressed with your cool ideas. It’s always a bit nerve wracking launching into a new market but if your love for stickers on Flickr is anything to go by, we won’t get unstuck any time soon!

This gorgeous StickerBook is by Japan-based photographer Yoshiko, who kept it simple, putting her delicately sketched wildlife photography onto our StickerBooks, then packaging them up beautifully and distributing them sheet per sheet. Brilliant!

Old MOO …Continue reading this article…

Festive new Ready Mades… and a discount!

November 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

It’s November and we’re already feeling festive here at MOO HQ. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bright and beautiful card celebrating all that’s great about the season. So why not spread the cheer with festive Greeting Cards?

We know that finding that perfect holiday image can be tricky and that’s why we’ve added some new designs to our Holiday Card Ready Made Gallery. Our personal favorites? These designs from our designer Snow. She’s been hard at work designing some new Ready Mades that we hope you like.

See these beautiful designs (and hundreds more!) in our Ready Made Gallery. We’ve got something for every taste and style. …Continue reading this article…

Announcing People’s Choice!

October 2010, by Rebeka | 16 Comments – latest by Akemi

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at The Business Card Project. We’ve kept our designers nice and busy redesigning some of the most boring business cards we could find. We just finished our last few redesigns, so be sure to check out our business card inspiration gallery. Now there’s really no excuse to have boring business cards!

We had a blast working with every company and think all the redesigns are remarkable. But which redesign do you think is the best? We’re torn, that’s for sure. So help us decide! Rate each ‘before and after’ using the star rating at the bottom of each gallery page and the company with the highest number of votes and the highest …Continue reading this article…

Meet the winning bloggers

October 2010, by Emilie | 2 Comments – latest by Kate

We had so much fun reading all the entries submitted and were absolutely amazed by all the clever ideas. Your ideas surprised us (in a good way) and taught us… a lot. So, thanks!

We were – almost literally – blown away by the number of posts we received. We had such a difficult time selecting the winners, that it took us a little longer than expected.

So without further ado, here are the winners in each category:

Inspiration gallery

Grand prize: Clint Davis, who impressed us with his amazing marketing mailout
2nd prize: Yael Frankel, for her mini notebooks made with MiniCards
3rd prize: Julie Oakley, who shared the idea of corporate identity Business Cards

Expert tips

Grand prize: Lucinda Brown, for her fantastic …Continue reading this article…

Creative (text-based) cards

August 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

Like the idea of ‘Printfinity‘ but don’t have different photos or images for your Business Cards? No problem! There’s still plenty of ways to get creative using only text. We’ve seen loads of text-based Business Cards, like BatchBlue’s use of Twitter quotes from happy customers or Equinox Photography’s fortune cookie MiniCards, that certainly stand out from the crowd. Words can have just as much impact as images, and can often be great conversation starters. Here are some examples of ways you can get creative with your cards by using only text.

Customer Quotes

These cards were designed for e3Strategies by The Business Card Project. e3Strategies provides consulting services for adult learning initiatives, including leadership …Continue reading this article…

A quiz to celebrate the new MOO (part II)

August 2010, by Emilie | 151 Comments – latest by Przeprowadzka

Welcome back to our MOO scavenger hunt.

We hope you enjoyed the first round of questions. If you’re reading about our competition for the first time, we hope you’ll enjoy the 2nd series!

There’s lots more to discover on the new MOO site, like the Inspiration Gallery and our Expert tips section. To make the tour even more exciting, we’ve added a few quiz questions, to keep you on your toes… And some prizes too!

How does it work?
Just reply to the 3 following questions before Midnight on Sunday 22nd August.
1. Back in 2008 we held a world-wide egg hunt. What nationality were our MOO Easter Eggs?

2. Our recycled paper is called ‘MOO Green’. It’s made of 100% post consumer waste …Continue reading this article…

Answers to the MOO Quiz (part I)

August 2010, by Emilie | Add a comment

Wow. More than 300 MOOsters took part in our MOO Quiz!

Thank you all, we enjoyed reading your answers – some of which made us really smile… We’ll email the 50 winners shortly with their prize, a pack of Business Cards or MiniCards.

Without further ado, here are the answers:

1. Which MOO Executive gentleman secretly sports a curly moustache?
Richard Moross
You can see it when you roll your mouse over his photo, on the Executive Team page.

2. Which paper aficionado is also known as MOO’s Product Designer?
Paul Thorogood
He’s named on screen in the paper videos

3. What well known 80’s haircut does MOO’s Head of Customer Services promise, but only occasionally deliver?.
A mullet
This appears when you mouse over his …Continue reading this article…

Brand new – in the market for marketing

July 2010, by Fiona | 8 Comments – latest by KatyS

Coming up with a business name is just the first step in marketing yourself to the big wild world. Taking that name and positively associating it with a strong brand can mean the difference between commercial success and mediocrity. When we spotted photographer Corina Nielsen‘s MiniCards and complimentary Stickers we suspected we’d found someone who knew a thing or two about branding – and we weren’t wrong! Consistently themed – on a sensible budget -and with an expert eye for design, it was obvious the ‘Corina Nielsen brand’ was one we could learn from. So we got in touch…

Specialising in family/children’s photography, but trained in design, Corina explained why …Continue reading this article…

The Business Card Project: New redesigns are up!

July 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

It’s been almost two weeks since we officially launched The Business Card Project and our designers have been working hard to rid the world of boring business cards. We’ve received hundreds of applications, so many thanks to all those who’ve applied for a redesign–you’re keeping our designers nice and busy!

Since we’re a couple weeks into the contest, we thought this would be the perfect time to share some of our favorite makeovers. Loads of new designs have been added to the Gallery, but one of our personal favorites here at MOO HQ is a redesign for a company called Downtown Custom Printwear.

Downtown Custom Printwear is a screen-printing and embroidery shop …Continue reading this article…

MOO and SmugMug: A Double Yay for Saturday!

June 2010, by Lisa | 10 Comments – latest by interval training workouts

Over the past year, we’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of you in person at professional photography events such as WPPi, Focus On Imaging, Photoplus Expo etc. More than a few of you asked us “When is MOO going to team up with SmugMug?” Luckily, the SmugMug team was also there and we all agreed it was a perfect match. Thanks for the introduction!

Fastforward a few months and today, we’re excited to announce that you can now make all MOO Products – Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and Greeting Cards – using your SmugMug …Continue reading this article…

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