August 15, 2018

How to create a brand name

Where do great names come from? Sometimes it’s a light bulb moment and other times need good old strategic thinking. Here’s how to find yours.

Choose your themes

Every word has its own set of associations. These vary a bit between individuals, but there’s usually a common connection that most people will make, such as the association of ‘pet’ with warm and fuzzy ideas such as  ‘love’, ‘play’, and ‘home’. So when you reach a decision, ’, also think about  some of the associations of that word or phrase.

Does your brand stand for freshness, tradition, edginess, reassurance? Make a short list of brand values you want to be associated with, and check your potential brand names against it to make sure you’re on track.

Check the rhyme

As well as having associations through meaning, words can suggest other things they sound like or rhyme with. For example, if you have a brand that’s all about speedy, easy service, you might think twice about the name ‘Glow’ because it sounds like ‘slow’ ‘low’ ‘woah’ and ‘no’.

Think small

If you take a look at our 7 great brand names and why article, you’ll notice that all of them are short and punchy, both in the length of the word and the time it takes to say it.

Keeping it small and perfectly formed is a good idea for a couple of reasons – it’s likely to be memorable, and would fit neatly into a range of spaces, making it easier to work with graphically and across different formats.

Make it easy to say

Alternate spellings are a popular way to make brand names unique and help them to stand out (think ‘Tumblr’ and ‘Reddit’). But before you get creative with the spelling of an everyday word or phrase, make sure it’s going to be easy for people to pronounce when they see it for the first time.

Otherwise, you’re putting a stumbling block in the way of anyone who wants to recommend you to a friend, talk about you in a presentation or even remember your name in their own head.

Make sure you love it

You’re going to live with it every day and so are the people on your team, so take a moment to notice your emotional or ‘gut feel’ reaction to the brand name. Does it make you happy, energized and ready to do great things?

One last tip – make sure your brand name looks excellent in print. Once you’ve picked a winner, why not give it a road test with a set of Business Cards?


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