August 8, 2017

Why communication is key when growing your business

Every company has growing pains—multiplying staff tenfold, nailing down mission statements, opening offices around the country. Yet because of all this success, you’ve developed a problem that few companies are lucky enough to ever have. You’re struggling to maintain your sense of brand culture.

When offices are widespread, it can be difficult to have a consistent corporate culture. The MOO team has been through it. That’s why inter-office communication and brand workshops can help unify your teams and boost a sense of brand culture. Here’s how:

Your Office Is Your Ambassador

Your offices should live and breathe your brand. Every one of your office spaces should display your mission statement. Ideally these words will be in the lobby, where both employees and visitors can be reminded of your central goal. This will create a unifying message across all of your locations.

This company representation is a simple idea, but one that a lot of organizations fail to follow. According to a Steelcase study, only 59% of employees felt that their brand colors were represented in their office. Even worse, only 51% said that their office displayed any of their products. That’s no good! You should be proud enough of your creations to put them in your public space. Doing so will not only remind your team members why they’re dedicated to your company, it will show customers that you believe in your work.

Onboard Your Branding

Each of your new employees should get a deep dive into your corporate culture when they’re onboarded. Right when they join your team, gather the new crew for a brand workshop. Tell them the story of your company, and tell it with passion. Explain how it started, how far its come, and where it’s going. Not only will this make your team more passionate, but it will also help them understand your voice and values on a deeper level.

“Your employees will respect your transparency, and appreciate that they’re being included in the company’s overall mission.”

Keep Communication Constant

Your offices might be oceans apart–– but they shouldn’t feel like it. Communication apps like Slack are crucial for bringing employees together, regardless of location. (Plus, they’re great for sending fun GIFs.)

Outside of the technological realm, offer your employees the chance to visit different offices. These trips will make them feel more connected to the company as a whole,  and therefore more likely to stay there. In addition, the cross-office pollination will encourage collaboration. Who knows? A new initiative might be created as a result of some inter-office mingling.

Connect Your Company

Every quarter, have a company-wide meeting to talk about your progress in each department. Yet be warned: keep your speaking points brief, otherwise you’ll lose everyone’s attention in a flash. This is definitely the type of meeting where you want a free lunch. Bonus points if there are leftovers.

While everyone noshes, go over your company’s goals, project, and changes. Your employees will respect your transparency, and appreciate that they’re being included in the company’s overall mission.

Is your company expanding with new offices? How do you promote brand consistency in your office locations? Share your stories in the comments below!

  • Keeping everyone on the team focused on the goal and target is vital to any small business. It is also important to share the Vision of the company with the team members and reinforce it with regular strategy sessions. As the saying goes “without vision my people will perish”.

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