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Meet the Notebook family

22nd March 2017 by moocrew

6 swish colour pairings and a covetable character – meet our new Notebook range. Made from the highest-quality materials and designed to help you balance your work and life, we hope you’ll find your favourite.


We’re in love. Our new Notebooks have landed – and with 6 gorgeous colour combinations to choose from, we want to make keeping your work and life balanced more of a pleasure.


See the Notebook range



Meet the designers

Say hi to Toby and Felix, the people behind the design of our Notebook. They’ve spent months obsessing over every detail and iterating the design over and over to reach the final, finished product. Every aspect of each of these books has been carefully designed to make it a joy to use – hear from them what inspired the design (and the very special colour combinations) in the first place.



What makes them special?

The Notebooks themselves are full of clever details to get you organised – from the lay-flat binding that gives you more space on the page to a smart little holder for your cards.



The writing surface of the pages is a dream – no glare, heavy enough to keep show-through to a minimum and the Munken Kristall paper won’t yellow with age. So whether you’re scribbling a shopping list or organising the notes to your next novel – you can be sure that your thoughts will be preserved the way you intended them.



The unlined centre section is a heavier stock – giving you a sturdy base for all your doodles, sketches, big ideas… any time you need to colour outside the lines.



The outside is bound in proper, lovely book cloth – so with or without the strong slipcase it comes in, you can be sure it’ll stand up to the toughest backpack treatment.



Next to actually using your new Notebook, we think the most fun you can have is choosing your colours. It’s too hard for us to pick favourites – but we reckon you’ll manage it.


Find your favourite colour – order your MOO Notebook


Want more Notebook inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board and pin your favourite colour combination


Comments (54)

  1. Patricia:

    Please make some unlined notebooks with drawing paper good for pens and pencils then I am in.

    • moocrew:

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for your comment!
      The current notebook range is made from Munken Kristall paper, a high quality printing paper. It contains a good amount of ‘sizing’ – the potato starch that prevents ink spreading and bleeding into and through the paper and can handle a wide range of writing tools. The unlined, coloured paper also contains some sizing, but not as much as the Munken resulting in a paper that is more suitable for drawing with pencils, although it can handle pen ink as well.
      We’ve passed your suggestion onto the product team – watch this space! :-)

  2. Josh:

    Really amazing notebook! Wish it had a graph ruled or dot grid version :(

  3. RB:

    Are these not customizable at all?? I thought Moo’s strength was the easy online tools to make business cards, stickers etc… Why can’t I get a logo or other imagery printed on the cover of these notebooks?

    • moocrew:

      Hi RB,
      Thanks for your comment!
      We offer a variety of customisable options for large quantity orders of 100+ units and 2,500+ units. If you’d like more info on this, please do let us know.
      Watch this space for more customisable options in the future :-)

  4. jordan:

    Dot grid would be the tipping point for me!

  5. Daniel Gregory:

    Any chance we can add type, logos etc to the cover?

  6. elias:

    Dot grid or isometric grid would be amazing

  7. Michelle:

    Nice notebook, but key feature missing for me is the option to customize with my company info, so that I could give as a customer gift. This could be on the cover or on the inside front page. Agree with previous comments on dot grid…

  8. theresa:

    I love the flat opening and the colors are great. I would also like an un-lined version with some grid pages. Thank you.

  9. Kim:

    I agree with Michelle…these would be amazing as customer gifts with the option to add company info as customization!! :)

  10. Mary:

    I agree that customizing them for our Museum would allow us to sell them in the shop.

    • moocrew:

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your comment!
      We can offer a variety of customisable options on orders of 100+ units and 2,500+ units.
      Let us know if you’d like more info on this :-)

  11. Sarah:

    Agreed: these look awesome, and the heavy paper looks great for fountain pen ink! I’m waiting for the unlined version. Great design, guys!!

  12. Designer151 Studios:

    I have only had a few sketch/notebooks that had in the past that had a stretch nylon pen/pencil holder that I loved. Maybe something to think about for the next round…I always hate to try and find a place for my pencil…

  13. Marie:

    Dot grid definitely please! Whoop!

  14. Louise Maddison:

    Plain paper would be a god send! A lay flat sketch book as beautiful as this would be a must buy…make it heavyweight and I’m yours forever…Moleskine who???

    • moocrew:

      Hi Louise,
      We’re really glad you like the new notebooks!
      Watch this space, we never say never! :-)

  15. Dale:

    Same sentiments as many! Awesome notebook, would love to customise. I sell art so would love to be able to customise each one like your stickers and send them off with the artwork! Awesome notebook. Very special

  16. K:

    What customisation options are available at 100+ units?

  17. miguel garcia:

    Wow, love them !!!
    I was buying one but then no plain paper ? Only ruled/lined sheets :( :(

    I’m frustrated…

    • moocrew:

      Hey Miguel – we’re sorry to hear it… but watch this space, we are always developing our products, and we’ll pass your comments on to the relevant teams. And of course, the coloured centre section is unlined, and perfect for drawing and sketching!

  18. zoemelp:

    I agree with many here that an unlined version would be fantastic, and it would surely result in many purchased from myself. For grins, wouldn’t it be great to have a section of velum inserted in the middle? The lay-flat design looks like the thing I have been missing all these years.

  19. Naha:

    I would also like info on custom options at 100+ please

  20. David:

    Could you please email me info on the custom options?

  21. Terry Welker, FAIA:

    As a sketchbook junkie, I love the idea of lay flat binding. But alas – I need blank pages. If you want to slip a few lined pages in, that’s ok (reverse of the current design.) Use the right paper and you could compete with Moleskin or Blackwing. In my dreams it would have watercolor paper.

    • moocrew:

      Hi Terry,
      We’re glad you like the Notebooks, and thanks for the feedback!
      Watch this space for more options in the future :-)

  22. Scott:

    Add my vote for unlined!



  23. Debbi:

    OOOH!! LOVE these… but PLEASE add a dot grid option for all the bullet journalers out there!! You would probably blow up instagram & Pinterest in an hour once you caught the attention of the #bujo fans!! *Pretty please (w/ sugar on top!!)

  24. Teresa Sutcliffe:

    Unlined for me as well: different sizes for use for us sketchers/designers??

  25. A:

    Love these! Is the cover material suitable for blind embossing?

  26. KB:

    These are lovely. Can you please send me the minimum quantity to reach to customize, and what the options and related costs would be? Thank you …

  27. Cajsa:

    I love these notebooks, they are soo sooooo pretty!!! But I would love a dotted grid version of these, that way I can use them for exactly what I want, drawing, writing, drawing lines without a ruler. That would make these notebooks the absolute ideal notebook!!

  28. Angela Jones:

    A dotted grid version please

  29. Perfectioner:

    I’ve just ordered two! Navy and grey- can’t wait to try them out!

  30. Kim:

    Dear moo, I love you. And I love your notebooks. But I’m selfish and I want unlined or grid or dot. Please dear moo?

    I want everything else about these notebooks – open flat, wonderful paper, ink doesn’t bleed, wonderful colors…. but I’m stubborn about my paper and I just can’t suffer lines!


  31. Sharon:

    How easy is it to tear pages out cleanly?

  32. Mike Kneller:

    I would also like customisation options on 100+ units…


  33. Mara:

    Hello! Beautiful notebooks. We are in need of something like this for our company. I’d LOVE the customization options for 100+ units. Including if there are any more color options. Like PINK! :) Thank you.

    • moocrew:

      Hi Mara,
      Thanks for your comment – we’re really pleased you love the notebooks!
      One of the MOO Crew will be in touch with you about customization options.
      Thanks :-)

  34. Jon Trevor:

    Fabulous notebooks! As a personal trainer I’m keen that my clients keep a personal fitness journal, do you have any plans for customising with business branding? Your notebooks would make fantastic gift options for my clients! Kind Regards JT

    • moocrew:

      Hi Jon,
      Yay, we’re glad you love the notebooks! Gifting them to encourage your clients to keep a fitness journal sounds like a lovely idea!
      One of the MOO Crew will be in touch to chat about business branding options.
      Thanks :-)

  35. Melissa:

    Love the look and quality of your notebooks but I’m an unlined notebook kind of gal. I need space! I must be free! So yeah once that’s happening, I am in.

  36. Alison:

    Might have to treat myself to one or two – or all – of the colours. Would love a dot-grid version with plain paper in the centre. Also, you could have an option of sending a full size card holder or a mini card holder.

  37. Coleman G Howard:

    I would like to get a quote on 100 customized notebooks please.

  38. Coleman G Howard:

    I would like to receive an email on what it would take to get some of the notebooks customized please. I look forward to hearing from you.

  39. Eloise:

    Are you considering making a range of larger (A4) notebooks? I’d be interested.

    Also, a leafy green cover would be a nice addition. Maybe with a cream coloured centre section.

  40. Bernard Auton:

    My desires are shared by many;
    - dotted rather than lined
    - light grid rather than lined
    - numbered pages with index page at front
    - wallet flap for occasional pieces of paper inside back cover
    - elastic band to hold notebook closed when not in use
    - good sturdy elastic pen/pencil holder
    - some perforated pages at the rear of the notebook which can be torn out
    - adhesive labels to label spine/front cover when the book is used.
    - customised cover, small businesses unlikely to need to order 2500! Perhaps a well designed adhesive cover in which I can insert my MOO business card. When the note book is used the same can be used to insert a label/reference card
    You did ask for feedback!

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