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Introducing – a delivery option that’s sure to put a smile on your face

1st April 2014 by leila

What’s cute, cuddly and ready to deliver your MOO order? It’s Pug Post!

Yes – from tomorrow you’ll be able to select the option to have your MOO order delivered by one of our furry canine friends.

Introducing Pug Post!

We’ve never been ones to let the tide of change leave us behind, so when Amazon announced they’d been testing delivery by drones, we decided to re-think our delivery options too.

Our event pick-up service and MOO Shop have helped make delivery a little more convenient and personal. But, we wanted to take it even further, and give our customers a real ‘Yay!’ feeling when they received their order from MOO.

We knew drones were out – we like to keep things human here at MOO (plus we’re not the copying types!). We considered many options, but what we really wanted to do was add a little warmth to our delivery service and give people a reason to smile.

It turned out the ‘human’ part wasn’t the most important bit. In fact, when we thought about it some more, we realised that nothing put a smile on our faces quite like the dog visitors we get at MOO HQ. And so, the idea behind Canine Couriers was born – an alternative to conventional postal methods with a MOO twist.

Bowie gets ready for a delivery

“It was the perfect take on the ‘drone’ idea,” says COO John Kennedy, the man responsible for getting your orders to you on time, and in one piece. “It lets our customers share the MOO experience and it’s great for the dogs too – they get lots of exercise, attention and treats.”

Our first version – Pug Post – has been in Beta testing for the past few months, and it was office-regular Bowie (we’re sure you recognise him) who volunteered to give it the first try. So far we’ve rolled out to our Boston, Providence and London offices – so if you’re in a delivery area, get your orders ready!

As of tomorrow you’ll be able to select ‘Pug Post’ as a delivery option at checkout for any orders including any Luxe products. All deliveries will be accompanied by a fully trained walker, but if you do select a Canine Courier, please be ready to tip your delivery puppy – otherwise you might not get your package back very easily! We’ve found meat-based treats are the most positively received.

Shipping Options - featuring Canine Couriers

We’re hoping to roll this out further if demand permits. So we’d love to hear if you’ve got a dog you think would love the job! Give us 10 words on why you think they’d be a great fit to MOO and we’ll be in touch soon with an official entry form.

Comments (77)

  1. Eva Shaw:

    What a great idea! Have you given thought to Dachshund Delivery for shorter routes?

  2. Alan:

    Well done Moo. Well done.

    If this takes off, you should consider renaming the company Arf.

  3. Alexandra:

    I have the cutest black pug named Bogie and we live in downtown Boston. He loves people, attention, and will do pretty much anything for treats! Let me know if you need a Boston Pug Poster :)

  4. Dale:

    I think cow delivery would work more in your branding – moooooooo…. :) HAFD!

  5. Kaylee:

    “Hound Bound” for all kinds of delivery pups. :D
    Very neat idea Moo.

  6. pat mcglinchey:

    What a clever idea. I had a fawn pug who lived to be 16 years old and she was awesome. She would have made a great delivery girl for you. Good luck with your pug porters:)

  7. Lisa McGinty:

    Very Cute!!! Moo April Fools, good one.. :o)

  8. Lisa:

    There are no words for how much I love this

  9. Marc:

    I have a Portuguese Water Dog that would like to earn some extra cash in the future. Where does he apply?

  10. Rita:

    Ha! This is excellent!

  11. Anine:

    Would you consider Canada Geese for cross-border delivery?

  12. Jodi Jahrling:

    Can you guarantee there will be no additional stops on the way?
    I’d hate for my package to get delayed because of pee breaks or if the dog is too cute, excessive petting.

  13. James:

    I have two fawn pugs, Percy and Hugo, currently both unemployed, who would love to deliver throughout Essex, UK. Hugo is small, nimble and quick so ideal for those express deliveries in hard to reach places while Percy is of a more stocky build so great for carrying a few thousand business cards on a 2-3 day service. I feel it’s time they contributed to the household so I hope you will consider this application.

  14. deezee:

    How about partnering with rescue groups that have dogs up for adoption as a way to get these pups seen and hopefully a forever home? (best of all would be to pair with an animal shelter, but usually those dogs can’t leave the shelter before adoption or rescue.)

  15. Jo Ann G:

    I agree that a company called Moo should really use cows to deliver. Dogs don’t moo!

  16. Laura:

    This is awesome!!

  17. Maru:

    Aaaaaaawwwwww so sweet!

  18. Ann Parry:

    PUG POST sounds cute, but COW POST would be simply Moo-velous!

  19. Marleen:

    I wish I lived within canine delivery range, love the idea! You know they sell cow outfits at Halloween. I have photos of my cat wearing one.

  20. Dianne M. Daniels:

    Oh what a TERRIFIC idea! I’d love to be able to get a ‘Pug Post’ or perhaps ‘Furbaby Fulfillment’! I don’t have a furbaby in residence right now, but perhaps in the future! Very cool idea – hoping to see you expand to Connecticut soon, and eventually Georgia (where I’ll be moving in several years, but not closing my business, so I’ll still need cards!). LOVE THIS!


    I LOVE IT !!! I can’t wait to see that in N.Y and order just to try it out haha , love the idea, love pugs .

  22. David:

    Interested in Doodle Delivery in Atlanta? If so, I have the perfect candidate. He always makes people smile, just like MOO!

  23. Carol:

    I noticed the cost is about double but I do think it is a great idea. Perhaps some of the extra revenue generated by PUG POST could be donated to Animal Rescue Shelters or organizations that support the Ethical Treatment of Animals. As animal lover and owner of a beautiful four legged companion I would gladly have my products shipped PUG POST if it supported such causes. :)

  24. Lauren Martin:

    I hope these dogs get treated well and are fairly compensated for their time and work!! I’ve been telling my dogs they need to start contributing to the family piggy bank for a long time! This would be great in Austin as long as they are treated well :)

  25. Harvey Morris:

    I have four pugs: 2 apricot fawn and 2 black. If I put them in harnesses and hook them up to a sleigh, we could deliver lots of MOO cards!

  26. Damien Puljic:

    The most original and intuitive idea ! Really fantastic idea to put a smile on peoples faces! Keep up the great ideas and fresh thinking! :-)

  27. Olesya:

    This is so innovative, even if its for a day. Its something new, and gets you excited and most importantly puts a smile on your face, just reading about it! Thumbs up from oleidesign team!

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