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4th July 2012 by Dan H

Every week we see lots of different, creative and exciting businesses choosing MOO for a whole range of reasons. Recently inspired by TEKSTArtist’s miniature Business Card art prints, we’ve decided to hunt down some more artistic MOO customers and see what they’ve created.

Margaux Wosk uses both Postcards and MiniCards to showcase her Retrophiliac artwork:

Jun Arita is a Japanese pop artist who’s work mixes elements of Pop Art, Traditional Japanese Art, Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) and graffiti. His brightly coloured MiniCards caught our eye on the MOO Facebook page and we just had to share them!

Visual Artist Rita Flores has background in acrylic and oil painting. More recently, she has been exploring digital mark making and collaging through a number of iPhone and iPad apps. Not content with a pack of Rounded Corner Business Cards, Rita printed out some matching stickers to brighten up her notebook!

Johnny Stingray is a British Artist with a solid artistic style. We couldn’t help but be impressed with his ability to showcase the range of his work with a simple pack of Rounded Corner Business Cards (good old Prinfinity).

The intense colours we’re the first thing that we noticed about Kathleen McDonald’s Business Cards, but when we took a closer look we we’re impressed with how well the original Oil Paintings have been reproduced. A perfect way of showcasing some truly talented art!

Comments (13)

  1. claudia:

    i was at a show recently, with our new Moo cards, when someone came along and said “oh look, these are Moo cards, aren’t they great” so the word is obviously spreading!

  2. cariou:

    I love MOO. I promote MOO everytime I meet people interested in art. I also made business cards with printinfinity showing my friend’s work for his birthday. The snag is, now I can’t order another pack for me with no delivery cost because I used this bonus on his order. and I need a new pack of cards now, at the beginning of the summer season. Why didn’t he order his own cards ? because he doesn’t have time, because he is not keen on computers, because it was me who wanted to present him with the cards … I’ll have to wait for your next discount offer.

  3. Jonathan Lawlor:

    I recently did an iPad art masterclass for Apple at their Regent Street Auditorium and several attendees commented on how much they liked the art on my Moo business cards.

  4. Estella Scholes:

    Moo cards are great for us professional artists. I do lots of different painting and printmaking, and your cards are such good quality they show off the work really well. Just a little self-promote from another Moo-user!

  5. Gabrielle Gaede:

    I just wondered how you picked the artists for this week’s selection (or for that matter, the other creators of Moo cards that we see in the newsletter. Do you like their work and ask them if it’s OK to show it to all, do they ask you or do you just like some and show them without asking? (The latter wouldn’t be very nice). Just curious.
    Thanks. By the way, I like your newsletter, it’s short and to the point. We receive far too many and as a result never open them.
    Gabrielle Gaede

    • Dan H:

      Hi Gabrielle

      We pick the cards from the images that have been added to our Facebook Page, our Flickr pool, mentioned in blogs or shared with us on Twitter. There’s no real science behind it, other than maybe Charlotte and I saying “Oh, I like those”. We also try to show a range of products and styles when we do these roundups.

      As for permissions – it depends on where they are posted and how. But if we’re unsure, we like to double check by sending a link to our permissions survey.

      Thanks for the comment, and we’re glad you like our MOOsLETTER!

  6. n:

    Great Cards but can they include e portfolio of photo art ?

  7. Deana:

    I recently purchased business cards from MOO and have handed out nearly half of them. EVERY person said how much they loved the card as soon as their hands touched it and then they looked at both sides and said WOW – nice card! Makes ME have a great impression!

  8. susan faye:

    “portfolio in your pocket”– That’s the perfect description of my Moo mini cards and business cards! People LOVE looking through my assortment at craft fairs and picking out their favorite image…sometimes they ask for two because they can’t decide!

  9. victoria:

    I am loving the artwork by Jun Arita and J Stingray :)

  10. Margaux:

    Wow!! Thanks for featuring me :)

  11. Steven Keating:

    I love my Moo buisness cards. So many people
    have been impressed with them.
    Thank you Moo:-)

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