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Print. As you know, we love it.

31st January 2012 by Richard

I started MOO in 2004 with the ambition to create remarkable products. In 2006 we introduced MiniCards, to help you share your virtual life with the real world. Packed with modern innovations, MiniCards were, nevertheless, built on the tradition of Victorian-era calling cards. Hundreds of years after calling cards first appeared, CNET called MiniCards “the Web 2.0 secret handshake”. That made me chuckle: a printed card for the internet generation.

Since then, our little company has grown (we’ve printed close to 100m MiniCards), but our values remain the same. We believe that technology should build on the values of the past – striving to make great things even better, more accessible: for everyone.

That’s what brings us here today.

Inspired by the rich heritage of high-end letterpress boutiques and the lithographic printing houses of yesteryear, we are incredibly excited to unveil our beautiful new product line, Luxe.

Born out of our passion for print, Luxe blends high-end design, technical innovation and complex operations with a little magic to offer previously unobtainable quality to our customers at an accessible price; that little bit of luxury we all deserve.

- At 600 gsm / 32 pt, Luxe Business Cards are three times as thick as the average Business Card

- Choose a seam of colour from black, white, red or blue – great for matching your graphic based designs

- Use one of our specially created MOO Designs

Luxe perfectly illustrates MOO’s ambitious vision: great design, for everyone. We hope you like it.

Comments (27)

  1. Scottie:

    Those look beaut! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those!

  2. Thibault Milan:

    and when the cards with effect letterpress?

  3. Rajandran R:

    Interesting! I think i should book one pack of luxury cards to distribute to my blog visitors :)

  4. Yetunde:

    Oh so pweeety. I love it.

  5. Annique:

    I love these wish the color seam had more options so I could match my branding better

  6. Kim:

    They look wonderful and the video was compelling. Well done.

  7. Kit:

    Look good! Now introduce laser etching and you’ll have something very very cool!

  8. kaszeta:

    Nice. Looking forward to my next business card order to try these out.

  9. cristina:

    they look wonderful…great video too!

  10. Kat:

    Absolutely love them. Same for all your products. Now I’m just waiting for those to come out in light green and/or purple.

  11. Denis Mallet:

    Hi Thibault, I think letterpress is really difficult, as you need to create a metal die for each design. I suppose it could be done for a Moo template design but not for a bespoke one. Letterpress is not an effect but is actually a stamping process (embossing, debossing and foil blocking). You can always find printers specialised in print finish processes for that!

  12. holidayonmars:

    excellent! you made it. i was waiting for a paper like this. it looks fantastic. great vid tho

  13. Denis Mallet:

    Got some bespoke ones already :)
    Three different paper triplex lamination: 1050gsm cotton smooth paper with foil blocking finish print process. Don’t have the luxury box thought!

  14. mental:

    Such class! When my order arrives I shall dress up in my finery and prepare my worktop with the best linen tablecloth to receive them!

  15. bree Johnson:

    I OVE LETTERPRESS! as an etsy shop owner this is exactly what ive been looking for for a more boutique professional feel to my brand thank you so excited to try this!

  16. Sophie:

    i been waiting for this… Such class and i am ordering some as soon a i get the cash… man that gonna bring my graphic design look up a 10 points

  17. michael Cousins:

    I can’t wait till more colors come out!!

  18. Garrett Gee:

    Love em. Do they come with rounded corners?

    • Lisa:

      Hello Garrett,
      We designed the cards specifically to work on square corners. At the moment, there aren’t any plans for rounded corners. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be other extensions in the future.

  19. VIVEK:

    thanku moo for giving me such wonderful cards..

  20. Omnireso:

    This Luxe product line looks awesome, this is a great concept. I’m planning a revamping of my Omnireso website that could match a redesign of my business cards as well. Mmmm…

  21. Mia:

    These look awesome! Would love to see the Luxe line available for postcards and other sizes (3×5, 5×7, etc)… Any plans for that?

  22. Martin:

    Hello Mia,

    While there are no immediate plans for more Luxe products, we certainly haven’t ruled it out either. We’re very interested to see how well Postcards will work with the Luxe paper too.

    As always, if enough people ask, we’ll certainly explore the opportunity.

    Product Manager, Physical Products @ MOO

  23. Tracey Jefferies:

    We love the idea so much we blogged about them! And tweeted the blog etc. Excellent marketing!!

  24. Richard:


    I too would like to see more luxe products. Like the post card or even just a branded post card sized paper for me to hand write a thank you note on! I’m super excited to get my cards.



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