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Facebook Cards

5th January 2012 by

At MOO we love big images: the bigger the image, the better the print. And the more interesting the image, the better the impression it makes when you first hand your card over to anyone you meet.

So, when we first heard Facebook were redesigning their profile page to include large format photography, it was pretty clear to us that this would look great on a business card. Then, when we saw the final Timeline design with the profile photo poking up over the large image we knew this was a product that we simply had to create!

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past few months you might be wondering what a Facebook Timeline is. Go take a look at your Facebook profile. Not your News Feed, but your actual profile. It’s OK, I’ll wait. If you’d like, you can look at mine instead (I just hope I’ve got the privacy settings right!): Woah! Did you see it? Uh huh, one massive long history of you! How cool is that? Beautiful images, life events and right at the top – one massive headline image – Facebook calls this a Cover Photo.

Working closely with the Facebook Timeline team, we translated their Cover Photo concept to our Business Card format by mirroring the fonts, layout and iconography of the Timeline. See image above for how your Cover Photos translate to Facebook Cards.

Each pack will contain all your Cover Photos and each card will show your name, company or college, where you live as well as your Facebook URL, phone number and e-mail address. Also on the back of the card is space for you to add your own quotation or sentence about yourself. By default we pull in the first quote we find in your Favourite Quotations field but you can edit this to say whatever you like. Mine says “For my part I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Once we had the design set, we worked hard to make the build flow for these cards as simple as possible. By using the Facebook API we can prefill pretty much every detail I mentioned above. All you have to do is click Next, Next, Next. It couldn’t be any easier!

To prove it, here’s a video of me making them to show you just how easy it is:

To make your own Facebook cards just go to your (replacing yourfacebookusername with your facebook username!) and hover over the little Business Card in your Contact Info. Make sure you’ve got a Timeline profile though!

Comments (117)

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    Round stickers printing are very much famous among the people because of their simplicity and attraction. Round stickers printing can be placed on all types of surfaces like wood, metal, paper, windows, books, mirror, tables and walls.

  2. Susan Barron:

    every time i try this from facebook it keeps bringing me to this page ???

  3. إسلام جمال خوجه:

    when i can get my Moo card ?

  4. George Grinsted:

    @Filipe Sorry it’s not working for you, please do contact our Customer Service team, they’re very friendly and I’m sure they’ll sort everything out for you:

  5. George Grinsted:

    @Susan If you’re having trouble starting from Facebook try the ‘Start Making’ button on this page:

  6. George Grinsted:

    إسلام جمال خوجه@ You should be able to get them right now, just head over here and click ‘Start Making’:

  7. dcdulce:

    I just got my set of cards today!! They are awesome! thanks so much MOO!

  8. Haley Horton:

    Just got my set of 50, and they came really fast!!! I wish I had planned out the images a bit more thoughtfully, but I allowed myself to be a little too rushed that day. Still, they are fun, different – and great quality paper stock on the “Moo Classic” too. Thanks so much. Haley, CA USA

  9. Lucas:

    There need to be more options for the front text/icons. I don’t want the defaults there! If I change it from a job to a school, the icon needs to change. Also, Let me choose from recent profile pics as well! Maybe I don’t want the most recent one.

  10. Picool:

    Limited to one order by people ? Or we can go each morning to try have it free ?

  11. George Grinsted:

    @42dcdulce and @10Haley Glad you like the cards! Sorry you felt rushed Haley, you can always order some more but you’d have to pay for the second set as the offer is limited to one free pack per person.

  12. George Grinsted:

    @Picool Sorry, only one free pack per person!

  13. George Grinsted:

    @Lucas Sorry, we don’t offer different fonts and icons in order to make the process as simple as possible and to make the card match the Facebook styling as much as possible. You could always change your Facebook profile temporarily to get the details you want on the card and then change it back. We also offer more fonts and colours on our other products if you want to design your own card.

  14. Jiri Svarc:

    Today I get my 50 cards. It was really fast. Great quality of paper! Thanks

  15. Aleksandar:

    This is probably one of the most creative ways to advertise ever! You’ve combined everything there is to a good campaign: social networks, giving out free stuff that most people wouldn’t bother to get otherwise, creating a product out of thin air…
    I ordered my set a little bit over a week ago and just got them today. They look awesome, thanks!
    That’s what you call successful marketing – now even some random kid in Belgrade, Serbia knows about MOO. ;)

  16. Vasily:

    This is excelent idea!

  17. Helly:

    all possess is done! but in last its showing that i have to pay ….Items sub total:
    Shipping & handling:$4.50
    Order Total: $4.50

    showing this!! its free or what?? please tell me :((

    • Lisa:

      Hello Helly. The first 50,000 packs were 100% free. The next 150,000 were free but one has to pay for shipping. Unfortunately, we have given away the first 50,000. Sorry for any confusion it caused.

  18. Mike Yasieniuk:

    This is a great idea. I am going to get mine ordered pronto!

  19. Edward:

    Awesome, received my cards today, thanks!

  20. Karen:

    I got my cards and they are really nice. Thanks! Really nice quality paper, photos look great except I goofed and left out one of my favorites. I will definitely use Moo for my next business card order.

  21. Bethany:

    Trying this…it still shows I have to pay for shipping…is this right? If so then it isn’t 100% free.

    • Lisa:

      Hello Bethany. The first 50,000 packs were free including shipping. However the next 150,000 packs are for but there is a shipping charge. Unfortunately we have already given away the first 50,000 packs. This is why you are seeing a charge. We are sorry about any confusion.

  22. Pedro:

    Awesome!!! Didnt knew this facebook cards :P
    Im gonna ask them right now!!

  23. Katharine Harper:

    I love the idea of the cards but how can I change which fields from my info appear on the front of the cards? – my school is pretty irrelevant now I am in my 40′s!

  24. George Grinsted:

    @Katharine to make the process as easy as possible we automatically pick which detail we think is most relevant from school/college or workplace but in your case it looks like we got it wrong. Sorry about that.

    I believe we look at the start and end dates set for each school or job and, if there isn’t an end date, we presume you’re still there. If adding an end date to your Facebook profile doesn’t fix it, please get in touch with our Customer Support team and I’m sure they’ll be able to help:

  25. Janet A:

    Thanks! I very much appreciate the cards and am looking forward to receiving them!

  26. amber:

    I heard there was a place to look at ideas, many of them being funny for Facebook cards. Where can I find this? : )

  27. Chris Drinkut:

    Nice looking cards, and great idea. I am in the process of picking up some cards for the agency will seriously give this some thought. Thanks

  28. EB:

    Oh no I missed out on the free shipping and I don’t have a credit card to make the payments :( Is there any other way I can obtain them without a Credit Card like cash on delivery or something? :(

  29. Katerina Kai:

    Hello! I just want to thank you! Today I got my Facebook cards. They are really great! :)) Also the Moo’s service is great, I’ve enjoyed to read your letters. Wish you all my best! Cheers!

  30. miss match:

    Is there anyway to change the facebook account name?
    I have a fan page that is linked to my blog site but timeline is not available for pages yet :(

  31. Kranthi:

    there is any another way to get the moo cards free?

  32. George:

    @miss match, unfortunately we don’t support Facebook fan pages yet. Once Facebook turns on Timeline for these pages we hope to add this functionality.

  33. George:

    @Kranthi take a look at this page in our FAQs that talks about our sample packs:

  34. P.D.:

    Is the offer still available?

  35. George Grinsted:

    @P.D. The offer is still on but no longer totally free – you would have to pay for postage. You can go here to start making cards:

  36. carolyn:

    Yes, this is an awesome idea…but I would like to second the possibility of turning on the capability of Facebook Pages! I would love to be able to use this as a marketing tool. THANKS!!

  37. cbx:

    This design with icons (mail, suitcase, home …) at the bottom of the card would be very interesting to use in normal business card.

    Does MOO plan to provide it for normal BC ?

  38. Sam:

    it Looks great…………..!!

  39. Giuseppe:

    peor es imposible , hemos pedido unas tarjetas para entrega en Madrid hace mas de un mes , hablan de incidencia , soluciones ninguna, contestaciones carentes de alternativa rapida y con solucion al cliente.
    Mientras estoy escribiendo no tengo la contestacion a la peticion de explicaciones y seguimos sin las tarjetas ya cobradas por adelantado por esta empresa.

    • Dan H:

      Hi Giuseppe

      Our customer service team have been in contact and your order is currently being reprinted. They will be dispatched within 48 hours.

      Many thanks

  40. Shekhar:

    Awesome…just love the idea.

  41. Satish:

    Good for marketing..superb stuff.

  42. Abhishek @ Question KBC6:

    Beautiful I must say. what a perfect collection and I am planning to get like these for me too. Thanks Moo.

  43. Raheel Mushtaq:

    Nice tips making sure you have good facebook card presents you in a nice manner..!

  44. Vikas Sindher:

    Wow They Look wonderful. I might try them. :)

  45. Sam:

    Good concept…………I like it…………..!!

  46. Carolyn:

    I LOVE my Facebook cards. I handed them out at our last event and received RAVE reviews! My business is all about engaging and socializing so anything I can do to keep the Facebook fans engaged (especially in person) is critical – these cards are an asset.

  47. Maria:

    I receive so many wonderful comments about my FACEBOOK cards whenever I hand one out. This is a brilliant idea and has been a phenomonal marketing/advertising point for my personal care business. I need to order more soon and also order a batch of the mini cards for additional “call to action” for outgoing customer orders! <3 you MOO

  48. Katherine:

    Shame there isn’t a QRC code on the card, seems gimmicky but they add to the curiosity of the artifact being handed to you.

  49. Nishant Srivastava:

    Best business cards for Facebook addicted people, they can express themselves with their timeline look a like business cards.


    Je suis tombé sur ce blog par mégarde :
    je ne le regrette pas ddu tout !

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