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Facebook Cards

5th January 2012 by

At MOO we love big images: the bigger the image, the better the print. And the more interesting the image, the better the impression it makes when you first hand your card over to anyone you meet.

So, when we first heard Facebook were redesigning their profile page to include large format photography, it was pretty clear to us that this would look great on a business card. Then, when we saw the final Timeline design with the profile photo poking up over the large image we knew this was a product that we simply had to create!

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past few months you might be wondering what a Facebook Timeline is. Go take a look at your Facebook profile. Not your News Feed, but your actual profile. It’s OK, I’ll wait. If you’d like, you can look at mine instead (I just hope I’ve got the privacy settings right!): Woah! Did you see it? Uh huh, one massive long history of you! How cool is that? Beautiful images, life events and right at the top – one massive headline image – Facebook calls this a Cover Photo.

Working closely with the Facebook Timeline team, we translated their Cover Photo concept to our Business Card format by mirroring the fonts, layout and iconography of the Timeline. See image above for how your Cover Photos translate to Facebook Cards.

Each pack will contain all your Cover Photos and each card will show your name, company or college, where you live as well as your Facebook URL, phone number and e-mail address. Also on the back of the card is space for you to add your own quotation or sentence about yourself. By default we pull in the first quote we find in your Favourite Quotations field but you can edit this to say whatever you like. Mine says “For my part I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Once we had the design set, we worked hard to make the build flow for these cards as simple as possible. By using the Facebook API we can prefill pretty much every detail I mentioned above. All you have to do is click Next, Next, Next. It couldn’t be any easier!

To prove it, here’s a video of me making them to show you just how easy it is:

To make your own Facebook cards just go to your (replacing yourfacebookusername with your facebook username!) and hover over the little Business Card in your Contact Info. Make sure you’ve got a Timeline profile though!

Comments (117)

  1. Adam Sherk:

    Nice promo! The cards look great; I just signed up for a free batch.

  2. Luke:

    Looks great!

    We can order moo business cards directly from Facebook!!.. you may want to include a screenshot of the “Little Business Card” it took me a while to find.

    Also an easier way to find the /info page is to click ‘about’ just below your display picture and quick info on your profile page.

  3. Richard Horsfield Photography:

    Love it, great use of technology and fits really well with the timeline design.
    My only issue is the “access my data at any time” request to install the app – don’t like that part and I don’t know why you would want to access my facebook data even when Im not using it?
    Im sure if you removed that, you’d get a lot more people using it. :)

  4. David Pappas:

    Looks really cool – wish I could try it out but “This application does not yet support secure browsing (HTTPS)”. Any chance that will be included with the product?

  5. Thiemo:

    How many free cards will be available?
    And how often do you “refill” ? (The sold-out landing page says every day! Do you got a time :) ?)

  6. Abdullah:

    Hi guys. I clicked on the facebook link but it says ‘page not found’. What gives?

  7. Angus McDonald:

    Interested in the Facebook cards

  8. Anthony:

    The link you posted is not working for me. It’s a great idea though

  9. NorcalWingman:

    Very cool for people who use the Interwebs to do business. Now if FB would let pages get on board with the new profiles…

    Maybe I’m behind on my research.



    I AM TOO !!!

  11. Ladonna:

    How can I get them facebook cards? Please email me ASAP!

  12. Alejandro:

    I am a loyal customer from sydney, I hope to be one of the 200k to get some of the Facebook Business cards :)

    Many thanks guys and another great idea.

  13. Daniel Salazar:

    Looking good, also interested.

  14. Hunter:

    Doesn’t work.
    Bummer. I was kinda excited.

  15. Daniel:

    Awesome, I just ordered mine, hope the quality is as good as the idea. Cheers!

  16. bibhukesh:

    Need business cards , thanks in advance

  17. Christine Strohman:

    Yes please. I’ll take 100

  18. Denise Wakeman:

    Very cool! I’m a long time Moo fan and have just ordered my Facebook cards. Thanks for your generosity!

  19. Ben Marvin:

    Awesome, just ordered mine. They looks so nice it might become my regular business card.

  20. Judy Witts Francini:

    i have fb timeline and a cover foto but no access to the cards

  21. Krishna De:

    What a terrific idea and very generous of you. What time are you opening up the offer each day as it seems you have already reached your quota of cards at 10.30am UK time today?

  22. George Grinsted:

    @Thiemo and @Krishna De – We’re giving away 50,000 packs completely free and another 150,000 where all you have to pay is postage. The daily counter resets around lunch time in the UK and there are 5,000 packs available each day.

  23. George Grinsted:

    @Anthony and @Ladonna– We’ve just updated the blog post showing where the link is on Facebook or you can also start from here:

  24. George Grinsted:

    @Hunter – Sorry to hear that, where is it failing? Have you enabled the Facebook Timeline? If not you can do so here: If that doesn’t work please contact our Customer Support team and they’ll be happy to help you sort out the problem:

  25. George Grinsted:

    @Judy – It sounds like it should be working for you. Do you get an error message? Please contact our Customer Support team and they’ll be happy to help you sort out the problem:

  26. Jillian:

    I am in LOVE with your site and would LOVE to take advantage of this AMAZING offer!!!

  27. Greg M:

    Make sure you replace the URL:

    with your user name where is says /yourfacebookusername/

    and then scroll down to my details and that’s where the little Business Card icon will be.

  28. cbx:

    A very nice design. Would it be possible to put it in MOO Designs available for MOO normal business card ?
    Thanks !

  29. Tim:

    Great idea. But as cool as the cards are and as desirable as they will be, the main business card problem remains: how to get it into people’s contacts instead of it living out its life in a drawer. I think a QR Code option to encode the info as vCard or VCF would be the cherry on the top. Then people could instantly scan it into their contacts when they get the card.

  30. lalo:

    i like .. facebook card

  31. Miguel:

    Very nice! I`ll ordered mine :D

  32. Lisa:

    @Thiemo We’ll be refilling the free cards every day until we reach 200,000 orders. Each day we’ll be releasing more at different times. This weekend they’ll be refreshed around noon GMT. Hope that helps.

  33. Lisa:

    @Tim We’re also big fans of QR codes at MOO. In fact, we already seen a lot of cards with QR codes on them. However, we have made it easier to create cards with a QR code included on it.

  34. Ralf Neuhäuser:

    “Sorry, we’ve run out of free packs for today!” :-(

    Will there be the more?
    I ordered my stack of cards yesterday morning and i helped my girlfriend to prepare hers yesterday evening, but i had to notice the message above.


  35. Lisa:

    @Ralf Yes there will be more cards. We’re releasing about 5000 every day. If you check back around lunch time GMT today, you should be able to snatch some up. If not, there will be more on Sunday.

  36. lisda elies:

    how to get it?? i am interested… pleaseeee:)

    • Lisa:

      George has outlined it in the post above. You need to go to your Timeline (on Facebook) and click “About”. On this page you’ll find a small business card icon next to your contact information. If you scroll over it, a link will appear. That’ll take you through to the offer.

  37. E Marie:

    Glad for the Free Offer. Missed out yesterday but was able to connect today. What a NEW Year Blessing with a new Biz Card Look! Great Idea for the Small enterprising Business person! It’s as personal or not that you want.

  38. Dan Hernandez:

    Awesome! I just ordered mine. Thank you!!!

    When you say free, boy you mean FREE–no shipping charges, no hidden fees; nothing! You don’t even ask for a credit card for “verification” or anything.

  39. Krista Swan:

    I love these cards! MOO does such a great job with photo cards, I can’t wait to try these.

  40. Charles:

    Nice idea, but a LinkedIn version with an automatically generated QR code printed would be a more business friendly concept…

  41. Amit Shaw:

    Awesome. They looks so nice it might become my regular business card.
    Thanks. Its called inovative.

  42. Imran:

    I got my order. Fingers crossed.

  43. Dmitry M.:

    This offer is valid only in the U.S.? In which countries does it work?

  44. George Grinsted:

    @Dmitry this offer is valid for every country we ship to not just the U.S.

    The easiest way to see if we ship to your country is to select it in our cost calculator and click the ‘Calculate’ button:

    If we don’t ship to your country we’ll tell you once you click ‘Calculate’. Also remember, if your order is within the first 50,000 then the shipping will be free regardless of where we are shipping it to.

  45. Dmitry M.:

    Thank you.
    I’m – your new regular customer! Excellent service.

  46. mor:

    LOOOOVE the idea!! can’t wait for my free BC to arrive!!
    thank you moo!!

  47. Filipe Gropilo:

    Doesn’t work for me! =(

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