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MOO welcomes Logoworks to the team!

22nd February 2011 by Tara

”To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.”

So said Milton Glaser, designer of the I Heart NY logo that spawned a thousand T shirts – and as a creator of a world famous city symbol, he should know! The power of the logo, particularly in business is almost unquantifiable – it’s the one thing that every business needs to represent their brand in one simple, visually arresting design.

Which is why MOO is delighted to welcome our new partner Logoworks! They’re a fantastic logo design company who can help all you MOOsters with great ideas get a powerful logo for your business at a price to suit a whole range of budgets.

So whether you’re just starting up, or you’re looking to revamp your existing business, we hope you’ll find this new, accessible way to design a logo a welcome addition to MOO. Logoworks is an HP company, which means they’re trustworthy – just in case you don’t want to take our word for it! But the real reason we’re excited to work with them is that they’ll give you a really personalised service, whichever of their six packages you choose.

Take their most popular package, the Gold Package, for example. If you choose this package, you’ll have three different (and very experienced!) designers working on your logo. They’ll take their creative inspiration from your ideas, turning even the vaguest of ideas into six different logo designs. From there, you’ll pick one, and revise it with them, experiment with colours and fonts until you’ve created the perfect logo for your business.

And the best part? Order a Logoworks package through MOO, and we’ll give you 50 FREE Business Cards. Just come back to MOO when your new logo is ready, and let the branding begin!

Comments (9)

  1. Melanie Shellito:

    I love moo and anxiously look forward to your newsletters. Imagine my dismay to see you hawking a company such as Logoworks. Given your audience which seems to be largely made of creatives — artists, designers, photographers — this seems a slap in the face. The entire notion of ‘crowdsourcing’ things like logos, farming them out to the lowest common dollar and perpetuating the WalMart mentality for ones’ business is sad. And THAT’S what you’re touting by partnering with Logoworks. I expected better from moo.

  2. Jonathan:

    It’s disheartening to me to hear about this partnership. I’ve revered MOO for its original, and refreshing approach to the printing industry – but unfortunately the same is not true for its latest partner, Logoworks.

    Logoworks is part of a multi-national corporation that could care less about the design process, in leiu of making money for its shareholders. In the process they skirt the full process of what a logo design initiative should be and compete on quick-turnaround and at a price point that leaves agencies (and freelancers) in a position that isn’t even possible to compete. In the process, they are devaluing the design industry by showing that a logo can be bought like a canned good at a grocery store. A true logo design company would spend time investing in learning about its clients in a meaningful way, figuring out what sets them apart in a complex environment and what makes them unique… and in that process create something much deeper than a logo – a brand.

    For a company like MOO, that has a strong commitment to its individual brand, I truly taken aback that you would lock arms with a company that holds such different values at its core. I hope you reconsider your partnership.

  3. Julie Oakley:

    I am very surprised that Logoworks are offering unlimited revisions on one of their offerings. I would have thought that it is not a realistic business model for a design company to agree to revise a design forever for one fixed price. Surely if they had a client coming back year after year for revisions there must be some small print that excuses them from this? Also, personally, I would always offer .png format logos as well as all the other formats as this format tends to work the best in Microsoft Office documents.

  4. Tara:

    Hi Julie. Tara here from MOO. Thank you for your interest in Logoworks’ design process. Logoworks aims to get small business customers their finished logo as quickly as possible (dependent on how quickly the client wants to work). So they don’t typically allow the revision process to last any longer than it reasonably has to. Logoworks is also very flexible in working with clients to meet all their logo format needs (whether for large scale print like on a billboard, or small enough to fit to MOO MiniCards). Your suggestion to also offer a .png file format is a good one and we’ll pass that along to them.

  5. Richard:


    Thank you for your comments.

    We love and value great design, as a company it’s very much part of our DNA. MOO was born out of a desire to make great design more accessible and more affordable for everyone, without compromising on quality.

    Of course, many of our customers are designers, and I can understand your concerns around commoditised or crowdsourced design in the market. But Logoworks, which is an HP company, is a real team of graphic designers based in Utah – check them out: They’ve designed a streamlined workflow that enables the production of logo designs at a price-point that makes them far more accessible for small businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

    In many ways it’s very similar to MOO’s core business: printing. We use digital printing presses, which have revolutionised the printing market in recent years by making short, affordable print runs available to customers. Before, small businesses would have had to pay hundreds of Dollars or Pounds for a run of business cards because lithographic print jobs were costly to set up and required huge economies of scale to become affordable. As a result, high quality print was usually off-limits for small businesses. Today you can buy litho-quality, digitally printed premium business cards from MOO for just $22, a fraction of historical prices.

    The Logoworks partnership is not designed to replace or threaten designers in any way. Designers are super-important to us (many of us are designers!), and we absolutely respect the design process, its place and its value. This partnership is an effort to extend design services to our hundreds of thousands of less design-competent customers who otherwise would be designing something themselves. For a small sum of money they get to work with a team of professional designers on one of their most precious and important professional assets: their brand.

    Of course you can pay more and get more. If you want 700 GSM, foil blocked letterpress then MOO is not for you. In the same respect if you’re looking for a more involved design process than Logoworks offers, then there are a multitude of options out there: Wolf Olins charged £400,000 for the design of the London 2012 Olympics logo!

    Clearly the output is entirely subjective, at both ends of the spectrum, but our aim (and Logoworks’) is 100% customer satisfaction, nothing less. We have every confidence that our customers will love the results.

    Richard Moross
    Founder & CEO, MOO.COM

  6. Goga @ EndGoalMarketing:

    Great Idea!

    I love the idea of logo package with extra 50 Moo cards :).
    I’m big fan of Moo cards and recommend it to all of my friends and business connection (especially mini Moo). I am really glad to hear that Moo recommends Logoworks because as I trust Moo to deliver great product and service and believe that it’s partner will do the same! I won’t bore you with the story about my experience with designing logos… believe me – it will be much easier now!
    Go for it Moo from Goga @EndGoalMarketing :)

  7. Tara:


    Thanks very much for the kind words. Over the years, we’ve gotten many requests from customers asking for assistance in designing a logo for their businesses. We’re very excited that we can now offer this much-needed service to our customers through our partner, Logoworks. Best of luck in designing a logo that works for your business!

  8. Susan:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I also love to make unique design and logo to business cards. Great stuff you have posted. Keep Posting.

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