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2011 – Let’s start a resolution

1st January 2011 by Andrea

New Year resolutions are one of those December traditions we never really give much thought, like mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and ugly Christmas jumpers, it just feels right. And they’re great because, in theory, you can decide to change anything, from the minuscule to the massive to the totally practical – the ancient Babylonians often resolved to return their neighbours’ farming equipment!

But if your resolution is something a bit bigger than going to the gym – like starting your own business – then sticking to it has significantly higher stakes! Surveys have shown that 3 out of 4 people break within the first few months.

So how do you give yourself the best shot at achieving your goal and building a company? Well, we don’t have the answers – but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Make a plan

There’s very little point having a goal without an action plan of how to achieve it! Work out what clear steps you need to take to make it work, and you’ll feel like you’ve already achieved something.

2. Make a plan – right now!

Don’t plan to make the plan, and plan to keep the resolution once the plan has been made (and then forget to make the plan but know that if you’d made the plan, you’d have stuck to it). Just make the plan!

3. Write down the plan

Do you see a pattern emerging here? Write it down and put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day. You can make yourself a little Excel spreadsheet if it helps. (It will – everyone loves a spreadsheet.) If you prefer something less ‘electronic’, you could even print your resolutions on a set of Business Cards or MiniCards.

4. Think long term

Like puppies, New Year resolutions aren’t just for the holidays, they’re for life. Or they can be, if you change your mindset and look to the future. Ask why you’re doing this (giving up smoking, starting a new business) in the first place – if it’s worth doing, it’s worth sticking to.

5. Be prepared to fail

That’s not meant to be negative – just realistic. If you fall off the wagon, don’t use it as an excuse to abandon the entire project. Pick yourself up, and carry on – nobody’s perfect.

6. Make it official

If your New Year’s Resolution is to finally start the business you’ve always dreamed about, there’s a lot of hard work ahead.  But there is one simple step you can take to get the ball rolling – design a new set of Business Cards for your brand new Business.

Here at MOO HQ, we’re full of good intentions for 2011 – and we figure, if we write it down in a blog, we can’t back out. We’d love to hear yours too – maybe we can inspire each other! Comment below and let us know what you’ll be making happen in 2011.

Here are a few of ours to get you started:

  • I’m going to read more fiction (not just wait till the holidays!), cook more, and see more bands
    Richard Moross, MOO founder
  • I’m going to run a marathon. No, two marathons! One in April and one in October. So my other resolution is to stay in shape!
    Snow, Designer
  • I am going to start running again, and give up smoking. I should probably reverse the order though, or they’ll cancel each other out.
    Nicky, UI
  • I’m going to start sewing again.
    Lisa, VP Sales & Marketing
  • I‘m definitely quitting smoking. Definitely!
    Dan, Head of Customer Services
  • I’m going to try as many new things as I can.
    Emilie, Marketing
  • I want to dress better, which will mean going to buy new clothes and then wearing them. So essentially, I resolve to go shopping.
    Alexandra, Business Analytics
  • I am definitely going to do some exercise!
    China, Office Manager
  • I want to stay in better touch with friends and family by email, skype, phone, and in person!
    Tara, Product Manager
  • I’ve always wanted to write a book and have a few good ideas that I need to find time to follow up on.  The first step for me here is to actually just start it and then to see where I end up.
    Paul, Head of Marketing
  • I am going to write more. I’d like to write more poetry but who knows?
    Simon, Online Marketing

Comments (16)

  1. Erin:

    My resolution is to send family and friends birthday cards. I want everyone to know how much we care about them!

  2. Madzia:

    I’m going to learn how to ride a horse (already started that in December), learn how to drive a car, and live frugally so that I can go sail a boat in the summer.

  3. Ghene Snowdon:

    I already read to much so this 2011, I’ll create more and try to make things that’ll inspire me.
    Also, I should stop looking around at other people’s works. Admiring them is good but that does not put food on the table. There’s enough ideas in this head of mine to start something with :)

  4. HRJ:

    Use my intuition to create my art and life. Cease second guessing my inspirations……

  5. Julie K:

    I resolve to be more creative

  6. Han:

    I am the worst at keeping resolutions – I either make them and forget about them within the first week or so of January or I just don’t bother making them in the first place (therefore not breaking them in the end lol)

  7. Julie Hill:

    I don’t like ny resolutions. But I resolve to learn from my failures.

  8. Margaret:

    Writing things down is my New Year’s resolution too…that, and using Moo products in new postal marketing plans.

  9. Andrea Moorcroft:

    I have resolved to stop being scared of failing or trying new things in case I fail. This is the year I am going to get my business off the ground. So I am documenting it in my blog so everyone can see how it works out!

  10. Iain:

    I’m going to have more meaningful conversations. Write letters, call people and not as much texting, Facebooking and Twitter. Blog comments are fine though ;)

  11. J. Silvers:

    My goal is to keep finding better ways to nourish myself, which in turn keeps our planet healthier. Last year was my first year in a CSA, weekly local veggie boxes. Wow, what a Eureka that was for me. I feel these little changes have a chain reaction for my health, others health, and the well being of our world.

  12. Kendra:

    This year I plan to finish my theatre degree, begin the second half of my cs degree and sell at least one item from my shop to a complete stranger (as opposed to family!). I then am determined to keep my shop open, even if I do fail at first.

    Good luck to everyone on their New Years Resolutions!

  13. Ray Koshy:

    I will promote my etsy store and my handmade leaf art. Very unique beautiful ancient leaf art.

  14. Esina:

    My New Years Resolution is to have the business I have always dreamed of. I have my January calender filled with the things I need to accomplish and February is looking great! Help me out by visiting my site. Thank you.

  15. heather maddox:

    I just recently started my etsy business and I’m going to give it all I have
    and really hope to be successful!

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