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The Fab Four: A fashionable affair

17th February 2010 by Fiona

We’re always interested in finding out more about our clients – how they started out, what motivates them and how they adapt our products to suit their different types of businesses and projects. So we got VERY excited about the chance of talking to not just one but FOUR fashion professionals about themselves and the different ways they use MOO to promote their work. From stickers on make-up pots to Postcards at parties, 70s record covers to eccentric Italian heiresses, the answers were – as you’d expect – quirky, cool and creative.

So what got them all into fashion in the first place?

Inspired by both contemporary trends and classic looks – especially those of Brigitte Bardot and Greta Garbo – make-up artist, Miranda Arneil enjoys matching up the dynamic and diverse nature of the modern-day fashion world with a personal interest in vintage style:

“The fashion industry is a fast-paced and vibrant place to work. I love surrounding myself with beautiful clothes, and enjoy gaining inspiration from new colours and shapes. The fashion world I almost see as a muse, who couldn’t be stimulated by its energy and excitement?”

“Wandering around places like the National Portrait Gallery and seeing remarkable exhibitions such as Vanity Fair’s Early Periods is an inspiration in itself. I also adore reading vintage Vogue magazines and learning from some of the all-time greats.”

Having originally trained as a graphic designer, but attracted to the variety of work and intense level of detail involved in being behind the lens of a camera, photographer Tinko Czetwertynski also pays homage to the past through his images…

“I’m very inspired by the lyrical and cosmic visual language you find on record covers from the seventies… like Santana and Mahavishnu Orchestra etc. – and by a lot of other things, but the list would be too long.”

Both model, Katja Mathes, and stylist/costume designer, Peter Breen, warm to the theatrical side of fashion – the ability to create a character or recreate a scene through their work.

Interested in “meeting new people, exchanging new ideas and travelling around the globe”, Katja’s approach to modeling is much like an actor taking to the stage – “Sometimes I have a picture in my head and I want to do it exactly like it….”, an approach which helps when wearing elaborate creations from designers such as Julia Starp.

Having studied fashion, Peter’s interest lies in creating characters and a scene and then styling around it:

“I think my dream client would have to be the Marchesa Casati who was an eccentric Italian heiress, muse, and patroness of the arts in early 20th-century Europe. She is possibly the boldest dresser of all time and I know she would let me go wild! Her most famous quote was ‘I want to be a living work of art!’”

“The inspirations for my work are usually character-based, like imagining a scenario that would create an eccentric look or create an unusual way of dressing. I really like my images to have a bit of a comedy element.”

Peter particularly likes the way his scenes come to life quickly and accurately when they’re printed on his MOO cards:

“My favourite part is when all of the pieces have come together, the whole look is on the subject and they are in front of the camera making my visions come to life! The most exciting part, however, is seeing the final image, which I always want to show to as many people as possible. Knowing that I can have the images printed on cards by MOO is great as I can quickly and cheaply get my work into the hands of exactly who I need to see it.”

All of our interviewees agree that it’s the challenge of meeting the requirements of the ever-changing nature of the fashion world that makes MOO so useful to them. Capturing new trends on Business Cards and being able to print different types of images to suit different clients is of key importance, says Peter:

“I chose MOO cards because in the past I have had to get a large amount of the same picture on my card, which, in the fashion business, tends to date really quickly and was expensive to reprint. I found the flexibility of being able to choose more than one image within the same order, at such a great price, gave me the freedom not to have to worry about giving them out to everyone I meet! I have had a whole range of images covering all the different areas of my styling and costume design printed so I can select the appropriate image to give out to each person – I think people are more likely to keep the cards if the image relates to them. I have even seen people displaying my cards on walls, which I think makes them more likely to remember me, and my work.”

Both Katja and Miranda agree that being able to promote different looks in one pack of cards has proved invaluable. Katja uses hers as a portable modelling portfolio with a selection of different shots of herself on each card.

“I love MOO business cards, especially the MiniCards. Every time I take them out of my little box, people are amazed by the format and especially that all my pictures are on it. I always let them choose their own, because that way they go for the card with the picture they like most.”

Using her cards, Miranda’s able to feature different make-up styles and trends to target different clients:

“I think a visual aspect to my style is important in fashion and it’s easier to get that across with a varied amount of images/styles… it also means you can update yourself with the seasons and trends… As a make-up artist who is just starting out, it’s also nice to be able to have a variation of cards to suit the client – weddings, high fashion, beauty etc.”

Working in an industry where looks are everything, photographer Tinko told us that it’s the production quality of the cards that also makes a difference:

“…Having a good quality picture makes a lot of difference, especially for fashion photographers who tend to have their ‘iconic’ style that sets them apart…
I think MOO cards are great as they always catch the attention one notch more than a regular card. The picture is of good quality and people like the fact their friend gets a different one.”

Creatives to the core, it’s not surprising to find out that our four fashionistas have explored other ways of making MOO products work for them. From customised stickers attached to model agency application letters to MiniCards masquerading as event tickets and personalised postcards handed out at networking events, we’re impressed with the level of lateral thinking going on here. We particularly like Miranda’s practical solution to avoiding make-up mayhem on the catwalk…

“If you are doing big shoots, like Fashion Week or something where you aren’t the only make-up artist, the stickers might be good to put on your products and tools etc. so they don’t get mixed up – like on the bottom of eyeshadow pots!!”

Looking to the future (and a world with or without waterproof cards) what have the other members of our Fab Four got coming up next?

One of Miranda’s most enjoyable recent projects – a shoot with actor Annabelle Wallis, modelling Dior and Alexander McQueen dresses – is set to feature in FHM, America. An exhibition’s on the cards (in more ways than one …his order for MOO postcards is in the pipeline!) for Peter, while a book of his photographs (look out for ‘Two thousand and wine’) and an exhibition in Dubai are on Tinko’s ‘to do’ list. When asked who he’d most like to photograph, Tinko told us:

“…I’d like to turn the question around and ask to photograph every single person on the planet.”

That’s going to be one BIG book, Tinko!

Thanks so much for taking to the runway with us, guys.

Comments (5)

  1. Daniel Troppy:

    Fantastic article and better yet STYLISH cards to boot.

  2. bullsalv:

    great idea. thanks for sharing. =)

  3. Fatima:

    Lovely idea…I actually did something similar with my last order and am more confident about it now that I’ve seen this! Can’t wait for my order! I hope that this will certainly attract new eyes and future customers!

  4. grace wieber:

    Wow, what a GR8 idea for the performance artist too. Mini head shots. Awesome and impressive !

  5. Heidi Richards Mooney:

    I love this idea. I could put a different floral arrangment (for my floral business) on each card to hand out. The ultimate calling card!

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