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NoteCards: A fond farewell

14th January 2010 by Denise

We like to think MOO has always designed and delivered unique products . As such, NoteCards have been a much-loved part of our range for almost three years now – but after some consideration, we’ve decided it’s time to say good bye.

We’ll be discontinuing NoteCards in February 2010 – until that point they’ll be on sale, at just £8.99 per pack! This is not only advance warning, but a chance to take a quick look back over their history and see how you’ve been using this unique product.

Launched at 3pm on Wednesday 18th April 2007, NoteCards allowed you to upload your photos and print multiple images in each pack.

Their square shape gave a new way of cropping photos or displaying your designs with MOO – our previous product was the rectangular (and equally unique), MiniCard. Not only that, NoteCards had a magic flap on the side! A little stand, which when folded helped the card to stand – almost like a cross between a Greeting Card and a Postcard. They’re more informal than a Greeting Card, but more private than a Postcard. We always liked to think they were good for anything from a quick ‘hello!’ to a birth announcement or dinner invitation.

Over the years NoteCards were used for various different things

Wedding Notecards

Wedding Photographers displaying their 16 most beautiful shots.

Valentine's cards

NoteCards for special occasions (such as Valentine’s Day).

Birth announcement Notecards

New mums sending out original birth announcements cards.

Despite our initial worries about what to call them, you seemed to take them to your hearts. ‘Stand-up Cards!’ ‘Flappy err… Flappy Postcards!’, ‘Postcards with a flap?’, ‘Backless Greeting Cards!’ – you know how brainstorms go. In between all the laughing and ridiculous suggestions, someone finally suggested we just call them ‘NoteCards’ – because that’s what they are. Cards to write notes in.

Over on Flickr, we saw NoteCards featuring gorgeous photography, like these cards by *Cinnamon:

…And super cute product shots, like these, from siansburys

If you’re one of the many who’ve made NoteCards with MOO, we hope you’ve had as much fun making them, as we had developing them.

And now, the hard questions answered

Will I still be able to buy NoteCards?
In the short term, yes. You’ll be able to place new NoteCard orders up until 7th February (midnight GMT).

Can I re-order my previous NoteCard orders?
Yes, but only until 7th February. After this point, re-orders or completely new orders will not be available.

How will this effect my current NoteCard order?
It won’t! If you place an order before 7th February you will receive your MOO NoteCards just as you usually would.

Sometimes these things just have to be done. It’s hard for us all, but we hope you understand.

Comments (27)

  1. Martin O'Neill:

    So is the wedding photographer pack available at 8.99 ?

  2. Iain Farrell:

    A fond farewell Product Two! I remember when you were but a nipper! The rest of the family will miss you.

  3. Denise:

    Hi Martin, no, that pack is not available for sale. Wedding photographers prefer to upload their own images to MOO, and offer them to their clients, as part of the service they provide, or use as a mini portfolio.

  4. jasper:

    Can we still get minicards / mini business cards made?

  5. Denise:

    Hi Jasper, yes of course! All other products will be available as normal!

  6. Sarah Raanan:

    but whhhhhhhhhhhhy?! just as i has such great plans for all the great things i was going to do with these cards? [tantrum]

  7. Hayley dixon:

    Goodbye to the notecard. But now I’m already thinking what’s next on the list for moo? I’m so excited, even though I don’t know what it is yet! I just know it’s going to be super cool! when can you give us a peek at any new ideas you have?

  8. Mary Wells:

    What a shame! I made some for my mum and she adores them- she has them all over the house. I recently made some Christmas cards on Moo and the quality was nowhere near as good as the notecards. Big shame.

  9. Lucy:

    Noooooo! Notecards are unique, always get positive comments from recipients and make Moo stand out from all the generic photo product sites out there. What a shame that you’re moving away from the originality that your creative customers love.

  10. Jo:

    Sinful that the notecards are going, I think they are one of Moo’s best products. I much prefer the square format – the freedom it has compared to landscape or portrait (BORING!!)
    Maybe i’ll have to look elsewhere for square notecards as I don’t think I can live without them ….*sniff*

  11. Danae:

    This is such a shame – this was my favourite product from Moo and i was just thinking of how i could use them later this year.

  12. bob:

    ‘Sometimes these things just have to be done. It’s hard for us all, but we hope you understand.’ No I don’t understand and it’s not an answer to ‘why moo’

  13. Natalie S Ford:

    “Can I re-order my previous NoteCard orders?
    Yes, but only until 7th February. After this point, re-orders or completely new orders will not be available.”

    Um, NO, I can’t because it only works as far as page 3. :((

  14. furrycat:

    Oh no! I much prefered their thick, matte cardboard to the shiny finish of the postcards and the slightly flimsy (sorry) quality of the greeting cards… =( I was going to use them for birth anouncements later this year, you’ve really upset me now!!! And you know you shouldn’t upset pregnant women, don’t you?

  15. Adrianna van Elswijk:

    I only just caught on to them!! Don’t give up yet- I don’t think you’ve done a good enough job of letting people know about them!!! Also, you should show different formats when people order to get the ideas flowing….

  16. Beth Winsor:

    Oh please, please pretty please, Moo… Please bring them back!!!!

  17. Sid:

    Dang, now I’ll have to find something else for my fancy smancy party invites :(

  18. James:

    How frustrating – was planning on using some for our wedding invites – just come on here to find that they’ve been discontinued grrr

  19. beth:

    I had also just discovered the NoteCard and I think it is a real shame that they are no longer available. Any chance they might make a return….?

  20. JudyElf:

    I’m very happy with my first packet of NoteCards:
    squareness, size, paper, colors, flap…
    So I tried to re-order – Oops :-(

  21. rebecca:

    *please* bring them back — they were really the thing that separated Moo from all the other printing options I had.

  22. Cynthia Coletti:

    I wish you would bring back the notecards. Now if I want to make new cards, I have to redo all my designs to fit the regular greeting cards – plus the notecards were so unique! :(( this is not good!

  23. josh:

    Please, please, please bring them back. They are nonpareil.

  24. Steph:

    This is extremely disappointing, Moo. There are no other high-quality square note card options out there. I’m a photographer and I use these as an integral part of my business and now I’m without. Thanks for leaving so many of us high and dry.

  25. Vickieroo:

    I can’t believe the notecards have gone, I use them every year for my sons thank you card, uploading his photo on them! Everyone comments on how lovely they are and look forward to receiving the next one. Not this year then hey! Please bring them back!

  26. Celia Marsh:

    nooooooo! they made lovely post interview thank you notes, and I’ve used mine all up and tried to reorder, and noooooo! I am heartbroken. HEARTBROKEN.

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