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Archive forSeptember, 2009

Question 36 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 72 Comments – latest by stefania

And so we come to our last question for today – and the last of our three introductions. Winners of today’s cryptic questions will each receive 100 of our finest MiniCards and a nice new Flickr Pro account to call their own. Tell us, will you be winning today?

Sus’s Introduction

I feel I should write this down, just in case things go poorly. There are… portents. I do try not to give into superstition, but after all my chosen profession is only two letters away from the culture’s broad acceptance of a rather questionable practice of prognostication. Still, there are patterns and if you can read the patterns successfully, and in a timely fashion, I suppose there’s no harm in calling …Continue reading this article…

Question 35 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 33 Comments – latest by Sally

Moving swiftly on (did you see we had a three hour promotion earlier on? Keep your eyes open – there’s more promotions planned.) – our next question awaits! Today’s winners will all receive a pack of MiniCards and a brand new Flickr Pro account.

Guin’s Introduction

Surprised? I know, I know – so many people assume I’m from a different continent altogether. It’s my name that’s misleading, I suspect. But no, I’m from the other big continent in the southern hemisphere – South America, specifically the Andes. My family roots there go way back.

Oh! It’s not that at all? Oh, I see. You weren’t expecting us to be so closely related. Oops. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean any disrespect with the, …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time (Questions 31, 32 & 33)

September 2009, by Denise | Add a comment

Thanks all for your participation to the quizz yesterday! We hope the wait was bearable. Here are the names of our winners: (It’s China, our office manager, who randomly designated them this time!)

Question 31:
Answer: Eeeeeeeeee!
Winner: istoo

Question 32:
Answer: 6 Mice and 3 Days. With a one in six chance of catching the right mouse, the bears need to catch six mice to ensure success. It takes one bear one and one-half days to catch one mouse, meaning it takes three days for one bear to catch two mice. So, three bears would take three days to catch six mice.
Winner: Sophie

Question 33:
Answer: Gordon Skinner, Alex Jarvis & Mike Ashton
Winner: Olga

Congratulations to our winners, we’ll contact you as soon as …Continue reading this article…

Question 34 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 23 Comments – latest by Indra Arifin

Yesterday’s questions seemed to stump you a bit – actually they stumped us a bit too, so hang on in there for the answers, they’re coming soon!

Today’s three challenges give us a glimpse of the future and introduce some new characters. They also represent the beginning of the end of our twisty tail.

The three winners today will each receive a brand new pack of MiniCards and a Flickr Pro account to call their own – so, pens at the ready, lets get down to business!

Erin’s Introduction

The stories never get the details right. So if you want the truth, the straight answers, there’s really no other way to get an accurate comment other than going straight to the source. …Continue reading this article…

Question 33 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 10 Comments – latest by Mike

Prepare yourselves as we bravely enter The Third Zone!
The Third Zone: Mysterious Visions

A monstrous figure rises simultaneously beneath the feet of our young heroes. Blaise, Grant, and Rod can scarcely grasp the immensity of the brutal form. It is a troll, but a troll unlike any they could have imagined. A troll that could only exists… in the Third Zone.

All three turn to run. They do have any rational thought–only a deep primal instinct to flee the beast. Although each of them perceives themselves to be in distinct physical locations, they turn and run as one entity. As they run images flash through their minds. Images of people, strangers to them and yet vaguely familiar. Images of people who seem …Continue reading this article…

Question 32 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 22 Comments – latest by Clare Selley

For the question junkies out there, here is question 32 (our second for today). It’s a cryptic question (quite fitting for our cryptic quiz)! MOO is celebrating our third birthday all month, with quizzes and discounts throughout September. We’re giving away a selection of prizes, including today’s prize (1 year Pro membership) from our friends at SmugMug.

For your chance to win, why not have a go at today’s questions!

Unbearable Lightness of Being

If you or I had received a note signed by the 3 Blind Mice, we’d likely know right where to go to ask questions like, “Why are you being so cryptic,” or, “Hey mice that can write, didn’t I see you in that Flower for Algernon …Continue reading this article…

Question 31 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 32 Comments – latest by Gabi Nüchter

SmugMug ProIt’s time for Question 31 of MOO’s Birthday Quiz. Today we’re giving away 3 SmugMug Pro accounts – one for each of today’s winners. You’ll need to post your answer in the comments below for your chance to win. Each Pro account is valid for one year, and worth almost $150!

Hardboil’d, Part XI
For Want of Accord

Confound it–this is turmoil most vicious! Unusual sounds spring forth from our mouths. Sounds both long, loud, and of a uncommon pitch for such small mus musculus. So dramatic is our dismay that it actually alarms all similar sounds and no abutting paragraphs may contain it. You must work hard to find this monstrous lack, or …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time (Questions 28, 29 & 30)

September 2009, by Simon G | Add a comment

How do you think you did? Confident? All of the answers have been marked, and the winners from Monday 14th have been randomly chosen by one of our brilliant developers, Gordon. It won’t be long before they’ve developed us our very own “random quiz marking machine” – they’re very good!

Question 28:
Answer: KNIFE
Wondering how we got there?
[KNIT - (Cousin) IT] + [WIFE - (George) W Bush] = KN + IFE = KNIFE!
Winner: Dana K

Question 29:
Winner: Cleopatra Browne

Question 30:
Answer: Twingor the Troll
The name of this villain was spelled out through the first letter of each line in …Continue reading this article…

Question 30 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 12 Comments – latest by Victoria

Yay! We’ve hit the big 3-0 (in our quiz questions that is, MOO has only just turned 3)!
30 questions down, 36 left to go! (We’ve got plenty more prizes left too!)

So far we’ve seen the three bears encounter a new client and the three (legally) blind mice get themselves a little lost. You can catch up on the story so far here! Now, onwards…

The Third Zone: Interlopers

Now that you’ve stepped in and diverted the fatalistic flow of fate, we can resume our–

They are not welcome, these intrusive three
with their bursts of color and imagery.
I won’t abide such abundance of art
nor allow expression to this degree.
Growling and roaring are to no avail
on I go now to …Continue reading this article…

Question 29 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 15 Comments – latest by Chi

It’s question time quiz fans! This is question two for the day (the 29th in total). If you also want to try your hand at today’s first question (no.28) feel free. We’ll be picking our winners at random tomorrow morning. We now join the three bears as they continue on their adventure…
Unbearable Lightness of Being

When the three bears were finally all back at the office together, they found that their tempers had cooled considerably. What they didn’t find was their client–Goldilocks. Instead, they found a cryptic note:

T N G J K U ! J Y B T A B Y M V L A L G Y O R …Continue reading this article…

Question 28 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 35 Comments – latest by Melinda

It’s Monday morning in the UK MOO Office and whilst our American counterparts are fast asleep, we’re scratching our skulls thinking about the next question for MOO’s Cryptic Quiz.

We had an amazing response over the weekend with almost 400 of you getting involved. Remember, as we’re choosing the winner for each question at random, everyone stands a chance of winning some amazing prizes. We kick of this week with a super prize – we’re giving away 3 Pokens. If you don’t know what a Poken is, take a trip to their website to find out!

Now, without delay, on to the first question of the day. Ready? Steady? QUIZ!

Hardboiled, Part Ten
Things Take a Turn for the Worse

Ray …Continue reading this article…

It’s time to announce… Friday’s Winners!

September 2009, by Simon G | Add a comment

Right folks, you’ve had all weekend to answer Friday’s questions, but your time is now officially up! Your answers have been marked, and the winners have been randomly chosen by Tamsin in the London MOO Office. We had a massive response to Friday’s questions, so marking them has taken a while. Here we go…

Question 25:
Answer: B1, C4, D2

Did you get it right? Some of the MOO Crew struggled on this one!
One person didn’t struggle at all, and that’s our winner…
Winner: Amanda

Question 26:
Answer: This one is a bit of a tricky one to explain, but here it goes:

Bring momma bear to the office.
Go back to MOO HQ and bring poppa bear to the office.
Bring momma bear …Continue reading this article…

10th September Winners Announced!

September 2009, by Simon G | 1 Comment – latest by Dani K.

Congratulations to all of you who managed to get the right answers to yesterday’s questions. The winners were randomly chosen by Nicky in the London MOO Office. Here are the winners …

Question 22:
Answer: Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, MediaGuardian 100
All the answers were on MOO’s CEO, Richard Moross’ Blog.
Winner: istoo

Question 23:
Answer: Jack Hooker
We featured Jack’s cards in our rounded corner blog post
Winner: Dani K

Question 24:
Answer: Frida Kahlo, Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot
Quite a tricky one for some of you, but lots of you got this one. Well done to our randomly chosen winner…
Winner: Antonietta

We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly via email. Thanks to all of you for playing in yesterday’s …Continue reading this article…

Question 24 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 18 Comments – latest by Hadi

How is everyone doing? Some questions are easier than others (we promise), but each is just as fun as the last. With every winner drawn at random by someone in MOO Towers, you all have a chance of winning some great prizes. So far in September we’ve given away:

6 Packs of MOO MiniCards
3 Packs of MOO Greeting Cards
3 Packs of MOO Postcards
6 Flickr Pros
3 x 1 year subscription to ComputerArts magazine
3 x $200 Gift Certificates for DNA11
3 x USB Mix Tape Drives (from Suck UK)
3 x 3 T-shirts from Spreadshirt

… and we’ve got loads more awesome prizes coming up, so be sure to …Continue reading this article…

Question 23 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 25 Comments – latest by Nina Udvadia

Here we are folks, question number two for the day (the 23rd so far). Get your thinking caps on!

Unbearable Lightness of Being

“Wait a moment,” Poppa bear said, “This is MOO, right? Why does Golidlocks want us to search out and secretly photograph the CEO of MOO?”

“MOO?,” asked Mama bear, “What is MOO, exactly?”

“You know,” said Baby bear, “MOO! They print business cards and stickers and such. I got a business card they printed from somebody recently. He was an automobile mechanic, or a crocheter, or something.” Baby bear pulled a rounded corner business card from his pocket. “Sure, here it is!”

Q: Whose business card did Baby bear have?

Remember, we’re giving away a total of 3 USB …Continue reading this article…

Question 22 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 21 Comments – latest by Olga

It’s another sunny day in London, which means another fun day of cryptic questions from the MOO Crew at MOO Towers and another three chances (yes, three) to win some amazing prizes! Answers to yesterday’s quiz will be posted shortly, but in the meantime we pick up with our adventurers in…

Hardboiled, Part Eight

Sam Goes to the Source

I’d gotten an opportunity to chat with Moo’s CEO, Richard Moross, at the office, but it was a casual, lunch-time, chess-game, out-on-the-patio kind of talk. He seemed like a great guy and hardly the type to go about crushing other people’s businesses. I decided if I was going to get an accurate picture of him, I needed to see what he was …Continue reading this article…

Question 21 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 14 Comments – latest by Sean Hegarty

To win the last set of three Tees from Spreadshirt you’ll need to answer this clue correctly.

The Third Zone: Grant’s Path

Rod has reached his destination by way of an elegant mathematical arc, so we now turn our gaze to Grant and his love of green spaces. Of course, he’s accustomed to green spaces as seen from his old perspective and not from… the Third Zone.

Grant sits on a park bench, watching the people around him, when he’s suddenly under the impression that it is moving beneath him. The hazy trees around him soften and swirl. The green grass turns blue and laps at the edges of the bench, which dreamily shifts under him–taking on the form …Continue reading this article…

Question 20 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 12 Comments – latest by Cherry

Based on the response so far we’ve received on question 19, it appears it could be more difficult than the rest. Or, perhaps you are all just busy at work. For those of you still trying to figure it out, I put a clue in the comments that might make it easier. You still have until tomorrow morning to submit your answer.

And now for a new challenge, we’ve brought back our bears. Read the clue, submit your answer in the comments and the randomly chosen winner will receive a voucher for 3 new Tee-shirts from Spreadshirt

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Portraits were Momma Bear’s specialty, but Poppa bear argued that she might find Richard Moross outdoors and need his expertise …Continue reading this article…

Question 19 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 19 Comments – latest by ClareBears

Oh dear. Perhaps, three of our UK MOO Crew may be a little upset by this question, but I’m sure they’ll get over it knowing it is all in the name of birthday fun and a chance for you to win prizes.

“What’s today prize?”, you ask. Today’s prize is donated from our friends at Spreadshirt. Each winner today will receive a gift voucher good for not one but three Tee-shirts. You can can design one of your own Tees or choose from 1000s available in their shops. But, first you have to answer the question …

Hardboiled, Part Seven
Nick Gathers More Data

I quickly realized that we weren’t going to find anything that answered our client’s …Continue reading this article…

Question 18 & The 20% Discount of the Day

September 2009, by Lisa | 30 Comments – latest by Luke Canvin

I know it might only be lunch time on the West Coast of North America, but it’s the end of the day for us here in London and that means it’s time for the last question of the day. Here it is straight up:

The Third Zone: Rod’s Path …Continue reading this article…

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