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Archive forSeptember, 2009

Question 51 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 31 Comments – latest by daniel

MOO is still wide awake in the USA (especially as we didn’t get to go to the party!) so for those of you who aren’t tucked up in bed:

Domicile03, Erin’s Dilemma
If this were a reality show, I’d be in a closet talking to a camera right now. I’ve always lived alone because it makes it so much easier to deal with certain… quirks I have. For example, I became a mycologist because I see mushrooms everywhere. That doesn’t mean I’m simply good at spotting mushrooms, but that I see mushrooms in places where no mushroom has a right to be. I wish I had some way of showing you the world through my eyes.

Continue reading this article…

Question 50 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 24 Comments – latest by Clare

Wow, number 50! In marriage terms, we have reached our golden anniversary. Lots of hard work, but I am sure you will agree, lots of great rewards too? Anyway, down to business:

Domicile03, Guin
I was happy to help out my cousins, distant though they were, but if they thought they were getting a free vacation, they were sadly mistaken. I’d been trying to get at a particular area of exposed rock to take some measurements and the local wildlife hadn’t been at all cooperative. I could temporarily lure them into large pens, but if I wasn’t careful with their placement, they’d run riot and break out–making it impossible to safely examine the traces of weather.
I had four …Continue reading this article…

Question 49 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 4 Comments – latest by Cherry

Would you like to have your own blog but don’t know where to start? We think we can help. If you find the right answer to one of today’s questions, you get a chance to win a whole free year of TypePad Blog Pro (it is worth $179)!
And now, back to the mice. Ray is confused and needs your perspicacity:

Hardboiled, The Journey

Ray’s Confusion

After we got the bears out of town, it was time to get ourselves to safety. We’d arranged to stay with a distant cousin who was working on some Ecuadorian islands. We were taking a train to the coast, a boat to the island and then hiking inland to find her.We had a tradition, my …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time! (Questions 46, 47 & 48)

September 2009, by Emilie | 2 Comments – latest by AG

It’s pretty quiet here at MOO HQ today, I guess we had too much fun at our birthday party yesterday! We still want to play though, so there will be more questions coming today. Here are the answers you were waiting for:…Continue reading this article…

Question 48 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 11 Comments – latest by Anna0305

We are having fun at MOO party but thinking of people who couldn’t make it! Please keep smiling as here is another chance to win a Mosaic Frame and a pack of MiniCards:

Domicile03, Sus’s Search

As an astronomer, Sus spends a lot of time searching the skies for new objects and events. In fact, she lives in her own observatory, with a gigantic telescope jutting through a hole in her roof.
Today, as she checks the usual night-sky objects off her list, she notices a new pattern. There’s something new amongst the asteroid belts and planets. Something new that’s comprised of three elements. Excitedly, she focuses the lens and watches as it speeds towards the earth.
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Question 47 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 8 Comments – latest by Nina

How about a little poem? A break would be nice. As Corvus said (he is our super clue writer), Unbearable will give people paws… er, pause. So let’s make tea and get started on this one!

Unbearable Lightness of Being: Poppa’s Tale

I know you probably want me to write a poem, but I’m not good at writing. My pen can never quite find its way across the page, roaming from uppercase to lowercase at a whim.. I’m also not a poet like my wife and son. In fact, when I try to count syllables, I usually end up writing numbers instead of letters. Well, if Black Bart could call himself a po8, I guess I can too. Anyway, here’s …Continue reading this article…

Monday’s winners announced and still more to come!

September 2009, by Emilie | 1 Comment – latest by Clare Selley

Good morning, we hope yesterday’s questions added fun to your day! It seemed that question 44 wasn’t too easy. Thanks for your creativity though, I’m sure the three bears would have loved to stay at Sinead O’connor’s! Without further ado…

Question 43:
Answer: Mary and Goldilocks are missing
Nick’s puzzle solution

Winner: Clare Selley

Question 44:
Answer: Erin, the Hedgehog. Penny buns are a colloquial term for boletus badius, or porcini mushrooms.
Winner: Katie

Question 45:
Answer: To the lens of Sus’s telescope.
Winner: Bart Braem

Félicitations to the winners! Keep an eye on the blog for today’s questions…

Question 45 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 30 Comments – latest by an

That’s right folks, question 45 already! We hope you like our Cryptic Quiz, as part of MOO’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations. We are now entering the Third Zone. Will you take this challenge?…Continue reading this article…

Question 44 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 37 Comments – latest by Gaia

Moving onto the next question. It’s time to check on our bears, apparently Goldilocks is causing trouble, again. If you want to win a Mix Tape USB from Suck UK, you know what to do – answers in comments please!

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Nick was waiting for the three bears when they finally arrived at Moo HQ. He got straight to the point, “Goldilocks is not who she seems and you’re in grave danger.”

“Oh,” said Momma bear, “I’m sure you must be imagining things.”

“Danger,” scoffed Poppa bear, “she can’t be stronger than me!”

“Why,” asked Baby bear in a soft voice, “who is she really?”

Nick told them who Goldilocks really was and all three bears went silent.

“Oh dear,” Momma …Continue reading this article…

Starting a conversation, with Ruder Finn

September 2009, by Anne-Marie | 6 Comments – latest by Niall Harbison

Business Cards can be a great way to show off your company’s products. But what if the product you’re selling is a little more… esoteric than that? What if you’re selling knowledge, expertise, experience? What if you’re selling a bit of shazam and a lot of pizzazz?

Well, you could go generic – stock photos of grey-suited businessmen striding purposefully towards a breakfast meeting, maybe, or an abstract blue shape with your company name in the bottom right corner. Or, you could get interesting. You could get creative. Like PR company Ruder Finn.

The pictures on the back of the Corporate and Technology team’s business cards are random in a good way. If a member of …Continue reading this article…

Question 43 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 9 Comments – latest by Gabi

What is the best way to start the week? Well, for me it is a strong black coffee but I heard that some couldn’t wait any longer for MOO thrilling cryptic questions, so here is the first one…

Hardboiled, Part Fourteen

Nick Puts it Together

As Ray and I went over what we knew about the case–including the new detail that our client, Mary, wore a wig to cover up her blonde hair–Nick was busy writing on a piece of paper. We were used to this, so we ignored him and kept talking it out. We figured the whole thing revolved around Moo and Richard Moross. Suddenly, “Brothers,” Nick said, “look at this!”

Nick held out a scrap of paper with a …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time! (Questions 40, 41 & 42)

September 2009, by Emilie | 1 Comment – latest by sex dating

It’s MOO Birthday today, we are all very excited here at MOO HQ! This month has been a lot of fun so far and we would like to thank you for making it this way. Here are Friday’s answers, we hope you did well!…Continue reading this article…

Question 42 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 21 Comments – latest by Gabi

Thanks for your efforts this week to find the solutions to our puzzles! You surely deserve your weekend. Before you go though, we have one last question for you…

The Third Zone: Before The Escape
It’s Friday in… The Third Zone.
You, along with Rod, Grant, and Blaise, have had an exhausting week. Unlike you however, our heroes are speeding rapidly towards the end of their journey. They may be moving at the speed of light now, and thanks to the power of story, they may continue to move for generations to come. But practically speaking, their existence will likely end abruptly after several more chapters.
But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to solve a challenge. Just because we’re all …Continue reading this article…

Question 41 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 42 Comments – latest by Gabi

We are taking it easy today, moving gently onto the next question of our birthday Quiz.
Remember to answer in your comments!

Hardboiled, Part Thirteen

Ray’s Lament

I don’t like being the only one of us that can’t lie. Invariably, it means I’m the one who ends up on the wrong side of the carving knife. Life this time. Mary, or whatever her name really was, let her guard down when she figured out I was the truth-teller. And in that split second that she relaxed, we bolted. Ran. Scarpered. Fled. Out into the city we went. Instinctively she swung her blade, grazing the top of my tail and giving me a nasty cut. Still, she didn’t …Continue reading this article…

Question 40 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 25 Comments – latest by Gabi

First question of the day! Today’s prizes will help you creating the best images: One Spyder3 Elite from Datacolor, a Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo and a Corel Draw Graphics.

Corel Paint Shop Pro
Corel Draw

We’ll be picking our winners at random Monday morning. We now join the three bears as they continue on their adventure…

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Why the mice called with such a useless message is anyone’s guess, but as the bears scratched their heads and tried to make sense of it, there was a knock at the door. Momma bear went to open …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time! (Questions 37, 38 & 39)

September 2009, by Emilie | Add a comment

How is your head? Some of our followers on Twitter said that yesterday’s questions were not too easy… sorry! Many found the right answers though, as you can see below. If you’re enjoying our Birthday Quiz, we would love to know what you would like to see in the next questions! Please tell us what challenges and puzzles you liked the best so far… Thanks! …Continue reading this article…

Question 39 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 31 Comments – latest by Victoria

Here we are already, the last question of the day. It is time to enter the Third Zone again and… hopefully escape safe and sound!

The Third Zone: Beams of Light

Our heroes move even faster, blurring before our eyes until they resemble nothing more than the streaks of coloured light after which they are named. Like two-thirds of a rainbow they speed through the city, which begins to fall apart around them as Twingor the Troll lumbers after them. A scene that could only unfold… in the Third Zone.

At first Rod, Grant, and Blaise were simply fleeing the troll, but then they saw an exit. A small hole that leads they know not where. But as one they turn …Continue reading this article…

Question 38 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 15 Comments – latest by Katie

It’s time for today’s second question! Let’s get back to our three bears… And don’t forget, there is one year subscription to WIRED magazine to win today. A tip for you: Answer the 3 questions (37, 38 and 39 to follow) to increase your chance of winning!

Unbearable Lightness of Being
The three bears didn’t actually need to catch any mice, as just when they were heading to the shop to buy a wheel of cheese, their phone rang. Baby bear, being the quickest, scooped up the phone.

“Hello,” a tiny voice said, “I don’t have much time. Listen to me very carefully:
Did you get that?”

But before Baby bear could answer, the …Continue reading this article…

Question 37 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Emilie | 56 Comments – latest by Mike Whelan

We hope you did well yesterday! If you want to try again (and if you have enough energy left to answer our twisted questions today), read the first question now… You can win one year subscription to WIRED magazine!

Wired Magazine

Hardboiled, Part Twelve

There was no way out. Mary blocked our exit, carving knife in her hand. She didn’t look like any farmer’s wife we’d ever seen, but we weren’t going to quibble. All the other details fit and we figured we knew what was coming next.

“I’m going to ask one of you a question,” Mary said, “and I know that one of you is incapable of lying to me. So before …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time! (Questions 34, 35 & 36)

September 2009, by Denise | Add a comment

We received many answers yesterday and noticed that some of you have an incredible imagination! You’ll see below the answers marked and randomly chosen by Meir. To make it short, it was all about animals…

Question 34:
Answer: The three little pigs.
Winner: Irit

Question 35:
Answer: Guin is a Guinea pig. Erin is a hedgehog. Sus is a domestic pig.
Winner: Ariel Cummins

Question 36:
Answer: Astronomer
Winner: Tom Haczewski

Congratulations to the winners, you’ll be contacted shortly. For those who didn’t win today, that could be you tomorrow, so keep trying! Answer three more crazy questions today!

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