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Question 50 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

23rd September 2009 by Pete

Wow, number 50! In marriage terms, we have reached our golden anniversary. Lots of hard work, but I am sure you will agree, lots of great rewards too? Anyway, down to business:

Domicile03, Guin

I was happy to help out my cousins, distant though they were, but if they thought they were getting a free vacation, they were sadly mistaken. I’d been trying to get at a particular area of exposed rock to take some measurements and the local wildlife hadn’t been at all cooperative. I could temporarily lure them into large pens, but if I wasn’t careful with their placement, they’d run riot and break out–making it impossible to safely examine the traces of weather.
I had four different types of animal that I needed to contain–Frigatebird, lizard, seal, and tortoise. What figured I needed to do was find a way to make sure no animal shared a quadrant, row, or column with another animal of the same type. 

 Guin's Containment Puzzle

QUESTION: What was Guin’s plan? List the animals by row starting with the top row (be sure to include the animals Guin has already placed). 

That’s it for now life partners!

Comments (24)

  1. Chi:

    Row1: F, L, S, T
    Row2: T, S, F, L
    Row3: S, T, L, F
    Row4: L, F, T, S
    F=Frigatebird, L=Lizard, S=Seal, T=Tortoise

  2. Colleen C:

    1. Frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    2. Tortoise, Seal, Frigatebird, lizard
    3. Seal, Tortoise, Lizard, Frigatebird
    4. Lizard, Frigatebird, Tortoise, Seal



  3. isaiah Carew:

    Row 1: bird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row 2: tortoise, seal, bird, lizard
    Row 3: seal, tortoise, lizard, bird
    Row 4: lizard, bird, tortoise, seal

  4. zoe:

    Frigate Bird, Lizard, seal, Tortoise
    Toirtoise, seal, frigate bird, lizard
    seal, tortoise, lizard, frigate bird
    Lizard, frigate bird, tortoise, seal

  5. Justine:

    Bird, Lizard, Seal, Turtle
    Turtle, Seal, Bird, Lizard
    Seal, Turtle, Lizard, Bird
    Lizard, Bird, Turtle, Seal

  6. Calvin:

    All that needs to happen, is the seal needs to move down one box in its column. Resulting in Frigatebird in the 1st quadrant, row, and column, lizard in the 2nd quadrant, 4th column, and 2nd row, seal in the 3rd quadrant, 2nd column, and third row, and tortoise in the 4th quadrant and row, and 3rd column.

  7. Clare selley:

    Animal Suduko!

    Frigatebird, Lizard, Seal, Turtle
    Turtle, Seal, Frigatebird, Lizard
    Seal, Turtle, Lizard, Frigatebird
    Lizard, Frigatebird, Turtle, Seal

  8. Michael:

    frigatebird lizard seal tortoise
    tortoise seal frigatebird lizard
    seal tortoise lizard frigatebird
    lizard frigatebird tortoise seal

  9. jgardy:

    F= frigatebird, L = lizard, S = seal, T = tortoise. From top to bottom, left to right:


  10. Caro:

    Okay, from the top left:
    Frigatebird, lizard, seal, and tortoise.
    Tortoise, seal, frigatebird, lizard.
    Seal, tortoise, lizard, frigatebird.
    Lizard, frigatebird, tortoise, seal.

  11. Sally:

    Row1: Frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row2: tortoise, seal, Frigatebird, lizard
    Row3: seal, tortoise, lizard, Frigatebird
    Row4: lizard, Frigatebird, tortoise, seal

  12. Alex:

    Frigate Bird, Tortoise, Seal, Lizard;
    Lizard, Seal, Frigate Bird, Tortoise;
    Tortoise, Frigate Bird, Lizard, Seal;
    Seal, Lizard, Tortoise, Frigate Bird;

  13. Victoria Parkinson:

    Row 1: frigate bird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row 2: tortoise, seal, frigate bird, lizard
    Row 3: seal, tortoise, lizard, frigate bird
    Row 4: lizard, frigate bird, tortoise, seal

  14. Pauline:

    1: frigatebird lizard seal tortoise
    2: tortoise seal frigatebird lizard
    3: seal tortoise lizard frigatebird
    4: lizard frigatebird tortoise seal

  15. Ricky Moorhouse:

    frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    tortoise, seal, frigatebird, lizard
    seal, tortoise, lizard, frigatebird
    lizard, frigatebird, tortoise, seal

  16. Shereen:

    Row 1: Frigatebird, Lizard, Seal, Tortoise
    Row 2: Tortoise, Seal, Frigatebird, Lizard
    Row 3: Seal, Tortoise, Lizard, Frigatebird
    Row 4: Lizard, Frigatebird, Tortoise, Seal

  17. Rebekah:

    Row 1: Frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row 2: Tortoise, seal, frigatebird, lizard
    Row 3: Seal, tortoise, lizard, frigatebird
    Row 4: Lizard, frigatebird, tortoise, seal

  18. Jenn:

    The frigatebird, lizard, and tortoise are already placed correctly. The seal needs to move down one row to the 3rd quadrant.


  19. Sarah G:

    Row 1(l-r): Frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row 2(l-r): tortoise, seal, frigatebird, lizard
    Row 3(l-r): seal, tortoise, lizard, frigatebird
    Row 4(l-r): lizard, frigatebird, tortoise, seal

  20. Kathy:

    Row 1: Frigatebird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    Row 2: Tortoise, seal, frigatebird, lizard
    Row 3: Seal, tortoise, lizard, frigatebird
    Row 4: Lizard, frigatebird, tortoise, seal

  21. istoo:

    Frigatebird, Lizard, Seal, Tortoise.
    Tortoise, Seal, Frigatebird, lizard.
    Seal, Tortoise ,lizard, Frigatebird.
    Lizard, Frigatebird, tortoise, seal.

  22. Lauren Brice:

    FrigateBird, Lizard, Seal, Tortoise
    Tortoise, Seal, FrigateBird, Lizard
    Seal, Tortoise, Lizard, FrigateBird
    Lizard, FrigateBird, Tortoise, Seal

  23. char:

    bird, lizard, seal, tortoise
    tortoise, seal, bird, lizard
    seal, tortoise, lizard, bird
    lizard, bird, tortoise, seal

  24. Clare:

    Qu 50:
    Bird, Lizard, Seal, Tortoise
    T, S, B, L
    S, T, L, B
    L, B, T, S

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