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Hello USA!

5th May 2009 by Richard

Hello folks

Four score and seven years ago (2004, actually), when MOO was just a twinkle in my eye, I dreamed that one day this little business would grow up, and spawn offices in other countries around the world. This week that dream came true.

On the 1st May 2009, MOO USA was born (10lbs and 3oz, a little on the heavy side) in Providence, Rhode Island, and began fulfilling orders for all our American customers.

Clocks at MOO Studios

It has been a long labour. For the last 4 months we’ve been busy setting up the US operation: taking a space, moving stock from London, putting Ikea furniture together, and hiring an All American MOO Crew. Our VP of Operations, Brian, moved back to the USA to lead the project (we originally imported him to London from California three years ago), and he took Joy, our much-loved HR manager with him. Tears were shed, cake was eaten, beers were drunk.

MOO’s London-based Development team have also been hard at work, splitting the website in two, mirroring our distributed operations and giving the US its very own site. And for good reason too.

With MOO now on the ground in the USA our American customers (nearly half our entire customer base) will enjoy a significantly better service from us:

• Shipping times should be halved
• Shipping will be cheaper, and all items will ship together
• New shipping products will also be available, like tracking and a shiny new express service
• There will be special US-only promotions (don’t worry Rest of World, you’ll get special promos too!)
• And soon Customer Service will be done on US time, by 100% real Americans

In the short-term, however, Stickers, NoteCards and Frames will only be available from our European Store, which is still accessible to US customers. (to switch between stores, use the link the top right hand corner of the site)

So, we’re all a little bit excited about this here at MOO: a significantly better service for our customers, a new office and shiny new MOO Crew pen pals for us.

It’s all pretty straight forward, but there’s one question we keep getting asked…

‘Why Providence?’

Well, Providence was actually chosen for a number of reasons. Primarily because of its proximity to London, office hours overlap and lower costs (vs New York or Boston). But there were plenty of other reasons to be excited about this small, but beautiful town. Brian knew Providence well, and when we committed to the location he reassured us that it had a great pedigree.

Here are some of the great things to have come out of Providence –

Shepard Fairey, created the ubiquitous Andre the Giant campaign, whilst attending the world-renowned Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), in Providence. Haven’t heard of him? You’ve almost certainly seen his iconic designs which can be seen around the world.

• The band, Talking Heads, met in Providence, also whilst at RISD. Origianlly called ‘The Artistics’, Byrne, Frantz and Weymouth changed their name to ‘Talking Heads’ when they moved to New York after graduation.

• The awesome cartoon, Family Guy, is based in Rhode Island. The fictional town of Quahog is supposed to be in a suburb of Providence. Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, studied animation at RISD.

The Farrelly Brothers, producers of Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary, are from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Many of their movies feature Rhode Island and New England.

• The toy company Hassenfeld Brothers was founded in 1923 and still has its headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The company shortened its name to Hasbro in 1968, and invented, amongst others, the amazing game of Monopoly.

And now MOO is there too. We’re really excited about coming to Providence, and the United States. It’s a big step for us, moving to a new town, a new country, but everyone there has made us feel very welcome, we even got to meet the Mayor.

So, American friends, we hope you like your new, improved US service. And, as is customary, we’ll be having a big MOO party to celebrate our arrival in the Ocean State. So look out for more details in the Blog around the beginning of June. We hope to see you *all* then.

Until then,

MOO CEO & Founder

Comments (35)

  1. Gianfranco Chicco:

    YAY!! congrats Richard & crew :-)

  2. Rebekah Hall:

    Welcome to the States, MOO! I just got my cards (I was one of the US testers) yesterday, and they’re gorgeous.

    If you’re looking to import another Californian, I’m looking to move to the UK… ;-)

  3. Veronica Deschambault:

    You forgot to mention the Rhode Island School of Design, the very BEST reason for MOO to be in Providence. My nephew is a grad; my cousin teaches there.

  4. Veronica Deschambault:

    Oops. You did mention RISD! Sorry. One should not leave comments until the caffeine has kicked in and the brain is fully engaged.

  5. Marianne:

    Congratulations guys! You won the People’s Voice Award!!! Yeah! I voted for you – way to go.

  6. Tami:

    Yay! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! I love Moo and can’t wait to order up a storm. Welcome to the US =o)

  7. adrian:

    Congrats guys! We are huge MOO fans and clients of yours. We just did the opposite. We’re based in North America (LA and Canada) and we recently set up in the UK. Great feeling to go global!
    Here our blog post if you are curious:

  8. Dinah:

    Congratulations, Moo folk!

    Glad it all came together. We spoke at SXSW and it’s exciting to see you move on to the next stage.

  9. Nick:

    First off, congrats on winning another Webby!!!

    I am really happy that Moo is in the US now, Providence is pratically in my backyard!!!

  10. Kevin-John:

    Congrats… congrats. Hey, we’ll be in Providence at the end of the month. Are you planning any open-house/house-waming/meet-ups/pub-crawls/MooTours?

  11. Chris Lea:

    Congrats to Richard and the whole team. This is just excellent news. Can’t wait to order a new batch. :)

  12. Michelle Nicol:

    Congratulations on the Webby Award win, well done. We love moo. x

  13. Natalie Kilpatrick:

    Hey! I ordered my first set of cards on May 1 not even knowing that you guys had just opened! Congrats! Too bad I ordered too late to get my Moo Cards for the event on Friday. I’m still happy to be a customer and can’t wait to see my first set of Moo Cards!!

  14. heidi:

    congrats on the move across the pond! welcome to the USA! can’t wait to start ordering my MOO cards. i just rec’d my sample pack today – beautiful!!!

  15. Hanne Klintoe:

    MOO, we love you!!! Congratulations with the new biz and thanks for the story on Providence,- you guys are FAR too cool for school!

    And congrats also on the Webby Award! Way to go, MOO.

  16. Caroline:


  17. Roberto Aiello:

    congratulations moo!!

  18. Marianne:

    Just received my business cards. They’re awesome!! You guys rock. Thanks.

  19. ShonShon:

    Yikes! Your prices are super expensive compared to other sites.

  20. Gail Lannum:

    I just got my mini moos today. Love them!!! I put a post on my blog about them. I am going to order up some business cards now.

    Since you now have a US version of the website…can you put the dimensions of your products in inches rather than mm on the US site???

  21. Dave:

    cheers! welcome to the states

  22. Denise:

    Hi ShonShon. We’re not the cheapest business card printers in town, no. But that’s because we do everything we can to make them nicer than the cheapest cards in town :)

  23. Denise:

    Hi Gail – it’s a good point! Yes, we are going to put product sizes in inches, it’s on our Big List of Things to Do – hopefully wont be long :)

  24. Saani:

    I have been elected as the official delegate representing all Australians to let you know that we want a Moo in Australia too! I was nominated because of my position as the President of the Moo Fan Club in Australia. We are currently in the process of deviously plotting ways to lure Moo to Australia, should the request from all Australian citizens fall on deaf ears.

  25. Tom:

    I gave cards to my wife for Mother’s Day (5/10) and I didn’t realize you Moo’ved until we got them. Welcome. The cards are beautiful – great concept and execution. Well worth the price. We can’t wait to give sets to friends. I vote to keep things Metric.

  26. tamara:

    i am so excited you guys are opening up shop here in the US! i have been ordering your minicards for a long time now; i always get tons of compliments on them. now they’ll be cheaper AND faster — yay!

  27. barnaby:

    On the good side of things…congratulations on expanding your operations. I look forward to getting my orders quicker and for slightly less shipping involved.

    On the flip side…I still feel slighted :-)

    Promotions have yet to target loyal customers…through us a bone once in a while.

  28. Denise:

    Hi Barnaby, we do try and give our loyal customers special discounts too :) Sign up to the newsletter – we give lots of newsletter only promotions, the last one being at the beginning of May.

  29. Tim Linden:

    Welcome to my state. There’s actually been a few internet businesses starting in Providence I’ve heard about. It’s pretty sweet. I was shocked when I first read the announcement.

  30. jojo Kemp:

    Ahhh but Monopoly was created in London .. in a pub called The Angel in Islington .. and it is the only name on the board that is not an actual street or area of London!!

  31. Heather M.:

    Congratulations on the westward expansion! I’m intrigued as to the tone of future American order confirmation emails… Welcome, MOO USA!

  32. uwgnome:

    Adding my voice to the vote for an Austrlaian Moo.

  33. Jeannie:

    Looking forward to seeing you open up a branch in Australia … It’s inevitable surely?

  34. Susie Hines:

    I am also a MOO fan AND an AUSTRALIAN who has recently moved from France to Australia. I didn’t realise there was no MOO in Oz. This is not right. I just went to a school meeting and when I handed out my MOO mini business cards, people were raving !!!!! I will join the Aussie Moo fanclub to get MOO in Oz.

    • Jamie:

      Hi Susie,

      Really glad to hear you’re a big MOO fan (it’s always nice to hear!)

      We do actually deliver to Australia. You can find out more here


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