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Making MOO Business Cards just got easier

14th January 2009 by Denise

As you may know, we like to listen to your feedback. Hearing your thoughts on our products and the way they’re made helps us to improve things not only for you as an individual, but for everyone. As you may also know, we’ve added tweaks here and there to our Business Card process in the past, and this week – due to popular demand – we’ve added a ‘preview’.

What does this mean? It means that you can preview the front and back of your cards together, as you make them.

The first place you’ll spot it, is the page where you add your details – click the ‘Check preview’ link in the bottom left hand corner. If you’ve uploaded more than one image, you can view each one in turn, next to the details side of the card.

You can also use the preview at later stages in the process too, which is *perfect* for checking your text for last minute errors. Made cards before and spelt something wrong? You’re not alone! Now you can double (and triple) check. Opened your cards with glee only to realise you forgot your url or your phone number? Use the new preview to check!

(Remember, it’s Little MOO that deals with your order and while he’s lovely, spelling isn’t his forte. He’s not allowed to touch your text at all, and so what’s printed is exactly what you send us).

We’re really excited to have this live – thanks for all your feedback, and of course try it and let us know how you get on.

Comments (35)

  1. Jo:

    Ooh, lovely! And might this one day happen for MiniCards too? Or can you do it already and I just missed it..?

  2. B:

    Here I am on my way to give you some feedback to suggest something just like this as my latest business cards arrived with the front upside down to the back (and I thought I was being all clever uploading my own images for the back lol) thanks for being one step ahead so it wont happen again :o)

  3. Dave Stewart:

    I’m just using the application now. I have a few comments related to the amount of control the customer is allowed… ie not that much!

    1 – It would be nice to be able to save my design halfway through and come back to it later, even just by using cookies on the client side.

    2 – Why such limited background colors? Can’t we just enter hex values?

    3 – Any reason we can’t specify a full-bleed image on the back, then stick text over that?

    4 – any chance of an “expert” mode, where you have more control over layout, for example positioning text and having more control over fonts?

    5 – any reason we can’t pick the page margins ourselves?

    6 – can we use variables like with the mini cards?

    So, great job, all moving in the right direction – but it still feel strangely limited by what you can do – like a nice shiny new bike… with the training wheels on!


  4. Denise:

    Hi Dave – thank you for the great feedback – all passed on to the team. Some of these things we have planned, but just a quickie on one point:

  5. Dave Stewart:

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for reading and replying. Yes, I suspected that there’d be reasons regarding printing and customer satisfaction in there!

    Just a couple of ideas to feed into the mix again:

    Regarding hex colours – I totally get your point. Not that I’m *too* concerned about this one – but is there any way you

    1 – could supply the colour values you’re using so we can match them on the client-side, or

    2 – could perhaps allow people to use their own colours, but have some built-in warning that alerts users to their colour choice? For example “This color may print dull”, or could you show a “preview” of the colour, dulled down bit?

    3 – provide an “Freeform” mode where people can do what they like, but they check a box to say “I understand that I am designing outside of the template constraints, and I take responsibility for the final output”

    I guess for Moo, it’s also about maintaining high standards, but I’m sure you guys could productize it so it presents itself as an opportunity rather than a risk ;)


  6. Denise:

    Hey Dave,
    - very good points.

    For various reasons – involving colour conversions from RGB to CMYK – we’re often wary about giving people colours to match backgrounds exactly.

    If you’re are trying to match a background on a logo, to a MOO background colour on the rest of your card, any *slight* variation in the conversion process will end up looking much worse than a colour which is deliberately mis-matched.

    A safer option is to design the entire back, in a graphics application of your choice, and upload a full PDF or JPEG. That way, the colour will be the actual one you want and will fill the card completely. (You can also use your corporate fonts, layout etc).

    While we’d love to build in much more sophisticated editing tools (user-driven layouts etc) we’re also very conscious that re-building InDesign online is a massive task :)

    The tools we have are very flexible for people less experienced with full scale design apps – meaning everyone is able to make something that looks really good.

    Those who are happy using Photoshop, Paintshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc, can enjoy their full functionality – in the app itself, and come to us for print.

    Hope that helps a bit – again, thank you for your feedback. We’re working on lots of new enhancements at the moment, so your opinions are really good to hear.

  7. Y:

    Hi, great stuff! I second Dave’s earlier comment about being able to save our work and come back to it. Sometimes personalising all the cards take a lot of time and it’ll be great if we have that option to look at it at a later point. Or we might also to look at previous orders (to reuse it). Thanks!!

  8. Denise:

    @Y – yup, that’s definitely on our list!

  9. Rishi:

    Provide a snap-to grid so when people add a logo, they can get it positioned in the center.

  10. Dave Stewart:

    Great point about uploading a PDF. I didn’t know that was possible! I’ll check it out.

    And thanks for the opportunity to feedback.


  11. Denise:

    @Dave – is a JPG template you can use – with the bleed and safe areas marked.

    Rishi – great idea, will also pass this on.

  12. Martha Abbene:

    Would love to confirm that your business cards are printed to 3.5″ x 2″. Is that correct?

  13. vanda:

    I support Rishi´s idea, that could help a lot.
    I love my business cards, and everyone who gets one are very surprised by it´s quality.

  14. Denise:

    Hi Martha, the final, trimmed size of business cards is:
    84mm x 55mm
    3.30″ x 2.16″

    with a bleed, they are:
    1039 x 697 pixels (300ppi)
    88mm x 59mm (300ppi)
    3.46″ x 2.32″ (300ppi)

  15. Y:

    Hi Denise, thanks for replying and for providing this avenue for feedback. Is it possible for one to mix own images with the designer ones Moo provides for a set of business cards or even mini cards? I’ve tried to do that but so far have only managed to use either all of my own images or all of the ready-made ones.


  16. Denise:

    Hello Y – nope, I’m afraid you can’t mix your own images with our designer ones at the moment – sorry about that.

  17. Lori:

    Tracking information would be a great addition.

  18. Mikael Wehner:

    I just tried upploading a vector pdf image for the back of my business cards and I got a bit unsure of the preview quality.

    In my first attempt I made the pdf in the bleed size of the business card template, 88×59 mm and the type came out pretty squiggly.

    In my second attempt I uploded a vector pdf image in the actual size of the card, 84×55 mm and it looked better. However I would be very unhappy if that was the result on the printed card.

    Are vectors kept in pdf images after uploading to Moo? And is my second attempt going to print smoother than it looks in the preview?

  19. Denise:

    Hi Mikael,

    sorry for taking a while to respond to your comment, but I wanted to check it out properly and make sure we gave you the correct answer to your questions.

    The issue you are seeing is a re-draw/preview issue in Flash. If your file is made to the correct size – with bleed – then it should print out as smoothly as expected. The size for business cards, including bleed is:

    1039 x 697 pixels (300ppi)
    88mm x 59mm (300ppi)
    3.46″ x 2.32″ (300ppi)

    PDFs are kept intact after you upload them (we don’t rasterize a vector file). What you’re actually seeing is your PDF converted to pixels – purely for the on-screen preview.

    Please feel free to place your order – and if you are in any way unhappy with the quality when it arrives, do contact customer service ( and they will be happy to help, or refund, if we can’t fix it.

  20. Justin Hayward:

    Not on business cards, but if you’re just putting one piece of information on the back of your card, will you allow for re-sizing of the text. For example, I bought some MOO cards with on them, but I couldn’t increase the font size. Might this be an option in future?

  21. Robert:

    Glad that you have added the preview feature. One thing that I have noticed is that with the new preview feature, the front and back of the card are different sizes on screen and the preview of the back image doesn’t show all of the borders if the image is white around the edges.

    My preference is to upload a full image for front and back of the card with my own designs, but the preview shows different sizes and doesn’t allow for a user to see exactly where the edge of the card is.

    Any chance you could:
    - Make the front and back previews the same size and representative of where the card will be cut
    - Provide a ruler overlay so that you can see exactly how the image aligns with the card
    - Provide exact image size specs so that those of us that want to design and upload can make it to exact size specifications so that we know the image will be centred


  22. Denise:

    Hi Robert, thanks for the feedback. I’ll checkup on monday about your first comment, as I’m not 100% sure about that and need to experiment. Not sure if this is relevant to that bit of the question, but we are working on showing a potential representation of the bleed, in the same way we do with MiniCards – that sounds like it could help.

    The ruler overlay is interesting – there have been other comments similar to that, and it’s on the discussion list in the office.

    With regards to exact image specs – that’s also all prepared, but not quite live yet. There is a JPEG template you can use here – it’s the correct size and resolution, includes the bleed and the safe areas. It might be useful in the meantime.

    Thanks again for the feeback.

  23. chris:

    you’re doing it all … right, actually. I think giving 90% of your customers something that works this easily is totally right.

    but for designers like myself the back options regarding back design/font choices and placement are kinda limiting. I have used your services twice now and the cards have been great both times but I wished I could design the back or place a graphic there.

  24. Denise:

    Hi Chris,
    if you’re making Business Cards (rather than MiniCards) there is an option available to upload either just you logo, or a full image to fill the complete back of the cards. You can upload your own design as a JPG or a PDF

  25. Dulcita Love:

    I am getting ready to try the Business Cards and MiniCards for the first time.

    Do I have this right? You cannot save your design mid-stream and return to complete it later.

    I see that Dave Stewart mentioned this above and MOO (Denise) has passed this on to the team.

    I would love to have that feature…at the very least…to be able to save the pattern I have selected in the drop box.


    Dulcita Love

  26. Dulcita Love:

    For the MiniCards, I would love to be able to select the reverse color option so that they can match the Business cards.

    Dulcita Love

  27. Denise:

    Hi Dulcita,
    you’re correct, at the moment, you can’t save an order half way through – but it is something we’re looking at :)

  28. Paul:

    Can we upload PDF to mini card designs? I don’t seem to have the option. I know I could do it for Business Cards?

  29. Zee:

    Hi guys,

    I noticed your PSD templates for business cards are in RGB format. Is this correct ?

    The only reason I ask is that most of the print companies we work with always request everything in CMYK ? which I presume is related to the print technologies they use ?

    Can you confirm if i need to design in RGB as per your template or in CMYK ?

    thanks in advance for your help.

  30. Denise:

    Hi Zee,
    it is in RGB, yes. We will accept files in RGB or CMYK format. If you send them to us in RGB, we’ll perform the colour conversion at our end.

  31. Kim:

    When you convert from RGB to CMYK, can you get close to a neon color or will it dull out as it does when I try to make this conversion in Photoshop?

  32. Denise:

    Hi Kim, it will dull in print, as it does in photoshop when you switch to CMYK. Print is never quite the same in real life as viewing colours on screen, because screens have the light behind them. (Impossible to replicate on paper). The best thing to do is convert to CMYK, preview in CMYK and adjust the levels or the brightness and contrast to closer match the colour you’d like.

  33. Kati:

    I really need to put BIG FONT on my business card (I’m selecting one MOO design and the default for the font size is tiny. My elderly customers simply won’t be able to read it.) I want to order cards today – help!!!!

  34. TONY c r:

    Cannot enter text on the front of card

  35. Andrea:

    I need to print a neon green. Is this a color you guys can print? If so what is the cymk# you use or pantone # you use?

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