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MOO's promise

We've never thought 'satisfaction guaranteed' was the most inspiring phrase. We'd like you to be satisfied of course, but we'd prefer it if you were absolutely thrilled beyond words with your order. We take great pride in our work, and we want you to feel the same about yours. So, even for the tiniest of typos, we’ll move heaven and earth to make sure you get exactly what you want – or your money back!

Our guarantee and how it works


This is Dan, Director of Customer Services (it's a real photo, not a fakey stock-shot). He's in charge of making sure everyone is happy with their order.

Should you ever receive a MOO delivery which isn't upto scratch, please get in touch as soon as you can. Here's what will happen next:

  1. Get in touch

    Phone us, email us or get in touch via our web chat and let us know the problem.
  2. Response Time

    We're here to answer your calls and chats, Mon-Fr, during regular business hours - we'll respond to your emails by the end of the next working day.
  3. Solution

    We're usually able to find a fix straight away. Occasionally one of our team will ask you a few more detailed questions, just to make sure we're fixing the right problem.

Which means...

Sometimes we'll reprint your order, other times we'll give you a coupon to place a new order yourself, for free. Ultimately, you'll take delivery of a brand new, correct order.

If the problem can't be fixed:

We'll be very surprised if we can't fix the problem - it doesn't happen often. Like you, we'd much rather you received, and were happy with, the things you ordered.

If we really can't fix the problem, we'll give you your money back.

Blowing our trumpet

We're bound to say our customer service is good, because we want you to like us. Who would say their customer service is rubbish?

Instead, here's some quotes from our customers, so you don't have to take our word for it.

Got some business cards from and not only are the cards the best quality card I've had to date but the customer service is 5 star!

Neville Black

Customer service at MOO rocks my socks! Even though I don't wear socks much in AZ! Thanks again!

Erin Durband