Start something remarkable.

Michael Acton Smith
CEO, Moshi Monsters

Nothing short of remarkable

A great business card is a great start. But it’s the remarkable business idea behind it that truly brings it to life - and that’s where you come in. No matter the size of your business, you have a story to tell.
Leah Busque
Founder, TaskRabbit
Darin Hager
CEO, Heyday
Fraser Doherty
Founder, SuperJam
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MOO customers are nothing short of remarkable.

Within our thriving community lie countless untold stories of entrepreneurial triumph, success and inspiring ideas. And who better to share them than the people who spun their ideas into reality?

From a teenage jam-enthusiast who created a global business, to the formidable brains behind Moshi Monsters, get inspired by some truly remarkable customers.

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Michael Acton Smith

Founder and CEO, Moshi Monsters

Founder of Firebox and online games empire Moshi Monsters, Michael Acton Smith defines the word “entrepreneur”. And when the going gets tough, he sticks with it. Read more...

Fraser Doherty

Founder, SuperJam

When the teenage Fraser Doherty first made jam with his gran, he had no idea how far and wide his business idea would spread. The biggest battle? Getting the adults to listen! Read more...


Lopo Champalimaud

Founder and CEO, Wahanda

Have you heard of Wahanda? The brainchild of founder Lopo Champalimaud, Wahanda is the product of one man spotting a big gap in the beauty market. Read more...

Alex Chesterman

Founder and CEO, Zoopla

He’s founded a high street restaurant and some online businesses you’ve probably used. So how does Zoopla creator Alex Chesterman successfully identify a gap in the market? Read more...


Maggie Simack

Co-founder, Zukr Boutique

It started with a dream, a kitchen and a single chocolate lollipop – now Zukr Boutique sell their unique (and utterly delicious!) confectionery all over the world. Read more...

Phil Pinnell

Founder and CEO, Scratch Meals

When Phil Pinnell graduated in 2008, he found himself in the unfortunate position of trying to get a job in London at the height of the financial crisis. His response? Start a business! Read more...