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Subject:Newsletter article: 2013-03-14 01

Date:Thu, 14 Mar 2013

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It's the MOOsLETTER March 2013
A day in the life of a MiniCard
A day in the life of a MiniCards
It’s not an easy job, being a MiniCard. The travel alone would kill a lesser piece of printed communication! But I love my job – the people, the places, the flattery, the attention – I feel like a celebrity (who never has to worry about what I eat). The best part though, is making myself memorable enough to make sure my owner passes me on, and my new owner gets in touch. Want to step into my world?
24 hours with a MOO MiniCard
Building the MOO Shop
Building the MOO Shop
When you’re given the hefty task of building a shop in under a month, you have to get organised pretty swiftly – especially if you’re trying to create a real-world “play with me!” replica of your own website! But the incredible MOO creative team pooled their talents and came up with a 6-point plan for pulling a off tight-deadline project with a flourish. From when to stop brainstorming and start getting things done, to who to hire, our team have some invaluable project management tips – including the pitfalls they managed to avoid!
Here’s how we did it!
Find the Method(Kit) in your madness
Do you ever have an idea for a business, or a project, or a product – and become so bogged down by all your thoughts that can’t quite make sense of them? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new direction and need some…direction? Well, that’s how Ola Möller felt – so he created MethodKit, a brilliant and beautifully designed tool for helping bring the first seeds of ideas to fruition.
Which MethodKit are you?
Greeting Card sale
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