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Subject:Newsletter article: 2013-03-07 01

Date:Thu, 7 Mar 2013

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Business Cards
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It's the MOOsLETTER March 2013
Oooh, look at what you did with your cards…
The MOO Shop
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love your work! Whenever you do something creative with MOO Business Cards, MiniCards, Stickers and more, we’re truly inspired. So inspired that we want to show you off to everyone! So here’s your challenge – do something innovative with your MOO Products (check out these fabulous recipe Postcards from Stephanie Salo) and if we like it, we’ll feature you and your company in the MOO Shop Inspiration Gallery for a whole month. Plus, you’ll also win* £45 in MOOlah. Sound good?
*Oh look! Some small – but very important - print:
To win a feature spot in the MOO Shop (and the MOOlah!) you must be a MOO customer. A small price to pay, right?
Want to know how to win?
Make yourself memorable in a (really big) crowd
Creative calling cards
Do you ever get home from an event with what you thought was a handful of potential contacts and a satisfied feeling that you’ve networked the heck out the day, only to look at the card in your pocket and think, “Who on earth gave me that?” To avoid being the sad, plain little card consigned to the “No idea, oh well – can’t have been that important!” pile, check out these tips on making your cards cool, creative and conference ready.
Standing out at a conference
Have we got a great offer for you! (Yes. Yes we do.)
Eventbrite offer
If you’re organising an event – from a one-off workshop to a huge conference - and you want to sell tickets and promote it online, you’ll need a company who makes it stress free and simple. One of our friends (and the company we use for our own events) is Eventbrite - and they’re really good! They’re also really generous, and they’re offering £100 worth of credit to MOO customers using Eventbrite for the first time. Thanks guys – you rock.
Claim your lovely Eventbrite offer
Greeting Card sale
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