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Subject:Newsletter article: 2012-06-06 01

Date:Wed, 6 Jun 2012

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In this issue we: June 2012
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meet web pioneer Michael Acton Smith
ask “who inspires you?”
Making a MOOvie (starring you)
Remarkable customers
One of the best parts of doing business is meeting so many remarkable customers. We love hearing your business stories and sharing them on MOO.COM. Because, the truth is, though we help you stand out, you do the same for us (can you hear the violins?). So, with that in mind, we thought we'd try something new and bring your stories to life on video.
Take a sneak peek
Meet Michael Acton Smith
Moshi Monsters
The name Michael Acton Smith has become something of a byword for unbridled entrepreneurial spirit. Founding online gadget shop Firebox (you won’t believe how he funded it!) before moving on to conquer the world of kids’ online games with Moshi Monsters, Acton Smith is a true pioneer. And the journey was anything but smooth – so get inspired by his unusual journey to the top.
Listen to Michael's story
Who’s your inspiration?
It could be a teacher from school, your mum, a close friend, a celebrity, or just someone you met once, everyone is inspired by someone. And it might not be strictly business - sometimes, the people in our lives can teach us important lessons that we carry over into our business ethics and vision. So swing by our Facebook page and tell us who inspired you and why!
Tell us who inspires you
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We want your business stories – where you started and how you got from there to here! Just email us at yourstory@moo.com
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This week, we're helping you get the best results when using your own artwork.
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New business cards from @overheardatmoo arrived this morning. Never get bored of seeing my name up in card! :)