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Subject:Newsletter article: 2011-10-13 01

Date:Thu, 13 Oct 2011

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In this issue we: October 2011
introduce new flat rate shipping
"ooh!" over Gemgirlart's stand-out stickers
get over invoice anxiety with Crunch
Flat rate shipping is here!
Stop the press (not literally - we'd be out of business) and allow us to introduce - flat rate shipping! You've given us so much useful feedback over our pricing, we're trying a new approach. From now on, if you order from our US store and choose priority US domestic service, it costs $9.75 (priority Canada/Mexico service is $19.75) no matter how much you buy. So you'll save on large orders, while small orders remain the same price.
Take advantage of our new flat shipping rates
Arty stickers
Gemgirlart aka Michelle Pryde is a fascinating artist - self taught, she uses a mix of found objects and vivid vintage imagery to create spectacular collage pieces. Her work is ideal for Artist Trading Cards - a creative take on traditional Business Cards; a bit like playground sticker swaps! She's also created a whole range of Stickers as well - have a look for yourself how she uses them.
See Michelle's stunning stickers
Need help with invoicing?
For many freelancers, invoice anxiety is a common problem. Feeling scared of asking to be paid fairly, and on time for your hard work seems silly, but anything from reluctant-to-pay clients, to general nerves and simple misunderstandings can make life really difficult . Want to take control? Have a look at online accountant Crunch's great tips on how to get paid - painlessly.
Overcome invoice anxiety
That's all for now,
See you soon
The MOO Crew

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If you happen to be in Phoenix from Oct 13 - 16, and are interested in design, join over 1500 designers (and a MOO stall!) at Pivot. It promises to be a hugely inspirational and interactive discussion on the industry.
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