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Subject:Newsletter article: 2011-08-03 01

Date:Wed, 3 Aug 2011

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It's the MOOsLETTER!
In this issue we: August 2011
invite you to join our social network
admire new MOO crew Suzie's fabulous labels
check out smart interactive Business Cards
Get social with MOO
social MOO
We love communicating - after all, that's what handing out your cards is all about. We thrive on the dialogue that exists between us and all of your Tweets, Facebook messages, competition entries and amazing Flickr uploads, which we constantly browse for the MOOsLETTER and Inspiration Gallery. So if you haven't already, upload your photos and videos to Flickr, Facebook or YouTube and show us the MOO stuff you've made. Tell us what you think on Twitter, or just stop by the MOO blog and say hi - we can't wait to hear from you.
Welcome to one of our favourite places
Crafty new MOO Crew
New MOO Crew labels
One of the newest members of the MOO crew, our fabulous Senior UX Designer Suzie, has a secret identity - she's Suzie Sparkle, a crafty knitting and sewing guru! Check out her gorgeous new Mailing labels for It's a Stitch Up, her fantastic (and not surprisingly, user friendly) website for all things wool, needle and thread-y. "Mailing labels were exactly what I was looking for!" Suzie says. "I sell knitted goods, and I like to make sure they're packed with the same care with which they were made." Nice attention to detail- welcome to MOO, Suzie.
Check out Suzie's amazing creations
Meet Anita Brown
Anita Brown compliment stickers
While we think all your Business Cards are beautiful (we love you all equally!), these Card/Sticker combos from Anita Brown really do stand out. Her Business Cards make meeting and greeting into a really fun game, where self promotion gets turned on its head. "I wanted cards that were interactive" she tells us "and I wanted my cards to be about the recipient". We predict hours of interactive fun with this one!
See how Anita did it
That's all for now,
See you soon
The MOO Crew
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Sell more beer
Taphandles are a new MOO Business Services customer, and a really innovative marketing agency whose goal is simply to help their clients: Sell More Beer. Have a look and find out what being truly integrated looks like.
We're really happy to announce that there is now an extra way to check your work - our brand new PDF Preview. Email your order to a colleague or print out to make sure your MOO products are perfect every time.
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Oooh I have new business cards - woo hoo! Anyone wanna meet up so I can give you one? Thanks @overheardatmoo :-)