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Subject:Newsletter article: 2011-05-25 01

Date:Wed, 25 May 2011

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It's the MOOsLETTER!
In this issue we: May 2011
admire big ideas on little cards
see some brilliant sticky branding
share your best business advice
Sticky branding
sticker signatures
Photographer Brandy understands the impact of associating your personality with your brand. Her company, Fresh Sugar Photography, has a great name, but it's not immediately obvious who she is. So she cleverly seals the deal with these 'one of a kind artwork' stickers with her signature, attached to every individual print so that her clients know it's unique. Plus, it keeps her name in their minds when they admire her work!
Sign your work with a sticker
Hand out your cards - spread your ideas
media cards
How do you use a Business Card to talk about an intangible product like media or digital apps? Well, we've found three businesses that do just that really rather well. Have a look at SAY Media, who use employees' images of their extra curricular passions to start a conversation. Plus Unruly Media harness the power of their own great videos, and Universal Mind have created a visual way to give their mobile apps that all important human touch.
Visualize your brand
Best in the business
Client Thank You Cards
Last week, we asked all you startup gurus and entrepreneurs for the best business advice you've ever received - and what an overwhelmingly brilliant response you gave - have a look at some of our favorites on the blog. We loved choosing them so much, we were inspired to make these 'Best Business Advice' rounded corner Business Cards with Textomatic. Why not give it a try yourself?
Get inspired by great business advice
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The MOO Crew
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Did you know...
... that there are now even more customizing options for your Business Cards? Due to some (ok, a lot) cajoling on your part, we've made some changes that we hope you'll like. You can now upload your own PDFs onto the details side of your MOO Designs card. Which means that even if you didn't design the front, you can still create really personalized cards.
Life of a MOO intern
If you've eveer wondered what it's like to work with us, wonder no more! Our lovely former intern Simi has written a really fantastic blog about her life at MOO (we didn't bribe her with cake, we promise!) so have a read and taste a slice of life inside MOO Towers (or is that one too many cake metaphors? Yum...)
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Oooh I have new business cards - woo hoo! Anyone wanna meet up so I can give you one? Thanks @overheardatmoo :-)