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Subject:Newsletter article: 2010-05-05 01

Date:Wed, 5 May 2010

We love to print, May 2010
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!
Lots of photographers use MOO. From customer referral schemes to creative small touches, they've shared some great ways to use our products. Perfect for any business, we thought you might like to hear a few of these ideas too...

Maximum impact, minimal fuss

Mosaic Frame If you're looking for simple ways to stand out, our products offer a great starting point. Like printing your signature onto a set of our Stickers to seal photos, packaging and envelopes. You can also use MiniCards as 'You've been spotted' cards to recruit new models - or cards inviting event or exhibition guests to view your photos online.

Find more ideas over here.

New features on MOO

First up is Photo Enhancement. This is an opt-in feature that will give your photos a little extra boost. It looks at every photo individually, and adjust a variety of setting to help you achieve the best printed results.

The second feature is much requested - and we're rather excited about it. It's a save option so you can save your work in progress and come back to it later. Perfect if you need to dash off, or grab someone else for a second opinion.

Referral cards - make MOO work for you

Senior cards Recommend-a-friend schemes are ideal for any creative business wanting to attract new clients. Freelancer, Amy Neubauer, uses MOO to encourage new referrals for her Senior Cards service.

She offers free sessions to select students, and gives them samples with her business details on the back, and their photos on the front to handout to classmates. The students get free products with every referral they generate.

Amy tells us more on the blog.

A lesson in Business Cards

Pratt cards Degree shows are moving closer. Following last month's end-of-year exhibition tips feature, career specialist from Pratt Institute, Hera Marashian, reminds creative students why Business Cards are so important.
Remember - when you're looking for leads, half the reason to give our your cards is to ask for one in return. Make sure you keep the ones you get, (even if they aren't as nice as your Business Cards from MOO!) and then follow up with a call or an email.

And that's all for now,

See you soon,
The MOO Crew

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