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Subject:Newsletter article: 2010-02-03 01

Date:Wed, 3 Feb 2010

We love to print, February 2010
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!
Whether it's Business Cards featuring one of your favourite projects, a simple 'thank you' note to a friend or customer, a declaration of adoration - or even save-the-date cards for your wedding or a client’s, this issue's got a number of ideas to fall in love with...

A date for your diary

Save the date For wedding photographers, making save-the-date cards for clients with MOO can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Use shots of the rings, or multiple images from a special ‘engagement shoot’, to get your photography into client’s hands, and start building up the trust and excitement.

For the rest of us, DIY save-the-dates, like these MiniCards (left) by Kelly are bags of fun! Using sweet little shots of the bride and groom as children makes a wonderful keep-sake and brings a very warm smile!

The professional wedding guest

Best festive gift wrap When it comes to promoting your business, the best kind of publicity often comes from unexpected sources. We spoke to wedding photographer, Rima Darwash, who showcases her work by using Business Cards with a collection of her favourite shots (like these, right).

Rima told us how her business got an unexpected boost when a client used one of her photographs on her MOO 'Thank you!' cards (something she described to us as a "great way of reaching out to potential clients"). Read her whole story over on the blog.

It's good to say 'thank you!'

Thank you cards Paperie Boutique creates wonderful thank you cards for her clients, with different images from each newborn photography session (like these, left). You can tell they'll be treasured even before they've made it to the envelope!

Whether it's whispered in an ear or blasted from the rooftops, saying 'thank you' is always good.

'Thanks for the gift' - or even 'thanks for the work!' Stamp your mark on a pack of Postcards or a set of Greetings Cards using photos, personal messages and quotes. Keep them to hand - and don't be shy! Say a special thanks sometime - and make someone's day.

Pa! And in a little attempt to try and make your day, take advantage of our Mosaic Frame promotion! Existing customers are entitled to 10% off one Mosaic Frame ordered by February 7th at midnight PDT. Just enter the code 3R7XYA on the payment page.
(Shipping is not included)

Sharing the love

Pa! We at MOO love reading the Netted newsletter, mostly because, like us, they’re passionate about sharing what they love.

Dedicated to uncovering the best online tools around, Netted send out a free daily email to their subscribers recommending a website, app or service that they think can make their lives better, easier and more productive. It’s a bit like getting an early heads-up on Fandango or Skype every day.

We reckon that deserves a big ‘thank you!’ and, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a purely platonic peck on the cheek. To sign up, visit Netted.

Sharing your thoughts

Last month we asked you to share your thoughts and opinions on the MOOsLETTER. Whaddya love, what do you hate? We've had lots of responses so far - but if you've yet to give it a go, we'd love it if you could fill out our survey.

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See you soon,
The MOO Crew

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