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Subject:Newsletter article: 2010-01-13 01

Date:Wed, 13 Jan 2010


We like to think MOO has always designed and delivered unique products. As such, NoteCards have been a much-loved part of our range for almost three years now but after some consideration, we've decided it's time to say good bye.

We'll be discontinuing NoteCards in February 2010 - so, this is not only advance warning but a chance to take a quick look back over their history and see how you've been using this unique product.

Launched at 3pm on Wednesday 18th April 2007, NoteCards allowed you to upload your photos and print multiple images in each pack.

Their square shape gave a new way of cropping photos or displaying your designs with MOO - our previous product was the much longer (and equally unique), MiniCard. Not only that, Notecards had a magic flap on the side! A little stand, which when folded helped the card to stand - almost like a cross between a Greeting Card and a Postcard.

Over the years NoteCards have been used by a variety of different people, all taking advantage of our 'Printfinity' technology. We've seen:

Wedding Notecards

Wedding Photographers displaying their 16 most beautiful shots.

Valentine's cards

NoteCards for special occasions (such as
Valentine's Day).

Birth announcement Notecards

New Mum's sending out original new baby announcements cards.

If you've made NoteCards with MOO, we hope you've had as much fun making them, as we had developing them.

The hard questions answered
Will I still be able to buy NoteCards?
In the short term, yes. You'll be able to place new NoteCard orders up until 7th February (midnight GMT).

Can I re-order my previous NoteCard orders?
Yes, but only until 7th February. After this point, re-orders or completely new orders will not be available.

How will this effect my current NoteCard order?
It won't! If you place an order before 7th February you will receive your MOO NoteCards just as you usually would.

Sometimes these things just have to be done. It's hard for us all, but we hope you understand.

So.. any last minute discounts, then?
Oh go on then: In order to see NoteCards off in style, we've reduced the price to
just £8.99 p/pack!

Don’t forget you can also get free shipping on any order over £20/€23/$39 until January 31st! To get FREE shipping on your entire basket, enter this code on the payment page: 8AMX4Z

And that's all for now,

See you soon,
The MOO Crew

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