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Subject:Newsletter article: 2009-08-11 01

Date:Tue, 11 Aug 2009

We love to print, August 2009
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!
Add colour to your words!

Coloursplash Envelopes We're excited to announce the addition of these newly designed MOO ColourSplash envelopes available in a choice of MOO colours (orange, green, blue and pink).
To celebrate their arrival, we're splashing out on a special 50% discount until Aug. 31st on ColourSplash envelopes when you purchase a set of Postcards. Just input the code: MOOENV on the payment page to receive your discount.*
Now there's no better time to send Postcards from your summer holidays.

* Remember to include a set of 20 postcards or more in your basket to receive your discount. Only one promotion code per order including site wide sales. Promotion ends on August 31, 2009. Shipping not included.

Photojojo Photo-promo! photojojo photoframe

Our friends at Photojojo make excellent products to enhance your photos. One of our favorites is the Photoshop Photo frame (perfect for any designers out there…). With all the familiar features of a standard Mac Photoshop window - scroll bars, grey and white checkered pattern and all, it shows every detail pixelated and screen-printed to perfection. The Frame was designed by Irina Blok, designer of the Google Android logo.
Photojojo Fotoclips by Sarah Cooper

We also love the FotoClips: a unique way of constructing a large work of art from the small works of art printed on your MOO MiniCards. Just clip together your prints to create a patchwork of photos. Brilliant!

If you love these as much as we do, use the code MOOPJ on Photojojo to get 15% off any item (valid until 31st August 2009).

Photo by Sarah Cooper

A Bloomin' Marvelous Idea

Arena Flowers The small team that makes up Arena Flowers have been flaunting their beautiful MOO Business Cards every chance they get. Who’d blame them? With a different bouquet on every card, it’s like they’re giving out a mini-bouquet to every potential new customer (and who wouldn't love that?).

When the team at MOO saw the cards they had a neat idea; why not transform Arena's business cards into gift certificates by adding a unique code to each card? Now the paper bouquet turns into a real bouquet.

Do you have a brilliant idea? Share it on the blog.

Magnetise your memories!
MiniCards Magnets by Fashion Fucsia

Sad to be back from your summer holiday? Remember the good times by creating some sunny magnets, made here by Fashion Fuscia. Print photos of your family or your favourite landscapes on MiniCards, glue them on magnets and treat your fridge door to a summer-makeover. Kids and friends will love them too!

And that's all for now,

Have a great week,
The MOO Crew

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