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Subject:Newsletter article: 2009-05-20 01

Date:Wed, 20 May 2009

We love to print, January 2008
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!

It's a strange thing to mention, but following recent correspondence with some of our newsletter subscribers, it's dawned on us that some of you have yet to make anything with MOO.

On the one hand we were really flattered that you'd signed up to the newsletter anyway - then we had the terrible thought that maybe we've not given you the information you need to take the plunge. Hopefully, we can fix that here. (As well as offering you our best ever discount!)

The speedy facts of MOO

Benrik Business Card Pack Ready Made Packs & Designer Images:
If you’re like some of us, you might want Business Cards, but don’t have any images you’d feel happy handing out to business contacts. For this reason we have designer images you can mix and match, or Ready Made packs - collections of cards ready to personalise. There’s a variety of designs, from the stylish ColourLovers, to the amusing captions by Benrik, (right).

Customer MiniCards Printfinity:
MOO's printing technology gives you the option to choose a different image for every card in a pack. We call this ‘Printfinity’. Lots of people use this as a chance to showcase their work, their products or services. It also makes a good conversation starter. This photo shows MiniCards by Rich Wells, who’s used a great mix of images, including his logo in a variety of colours.

Business Cards High Quality, Short Print Runs:
It never sounds ‘sexy’, but we think this is vital. Unlike traditional companies we print in ‘short runs’. There’s no need to buy thousands of cards you’ll out-grow, (or get bored of.) Save money with MOO and buy only as many as you need.

Our products are printed on smooth, thick card stock - MiniCards and ‘Original’ Business Cards are on 350 gsm, matte laminated paper.

Each order you place will come beautifully packaged - in the case of MiniCards and Business Cards a free holder is included as standard. (These are great for yourself, but also useful for giving as gifts or client rewards.)

We like you. We’d like you to like us too.

We hope that speedy round-up helped. If you have any questions about MOO, there’s always our FAQ, or our helpful Customer Service team. There’s also the blog, which always has different tips and tricks, and a little, dedicated ideas section, which includes case studies, showing the different ways other companies are making their MOO Business Cards.

Better still, there’s a 30% discount!
We know budgets are tight at the moment, but we wanted to help you try out our products. Discounts like these don't last forever, so if you’re thinking of it - take advantage while you can!

Get 30% off any products you order with the code [code]*
This code is for new customers only and lasts until Tuesday 26th May 2009

And that's all for now,

See you soon,
The MOO Crew

*This code is one use only, so make sure you don't pass it on! The discount will apply to all items in the basket, but does not include shipping costs.

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