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Subject:Newsletter article: 2009-02-16 01

Date:Mon, 16 Feb 2009

We love to print, January 2008
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!
Making the most of your good points

As you know, we often showcase beautiful customer Cards, made by designers and crafters - like these for example. We’ve also featured great self-promotional MiniCards and Stickers for photographers.

Business Cards But what do you do when your product is 'virtual'? Text-o-matic is good of course, used with a company name or url, but we spotted these trakAx cards recently and thought their design was worth sharing.

As a software company, trakAx don’t have the visuals to compete with a jeweller, but they do have a range of reviews from customers and publications. They’ve designed every Business Card in their pack with a different review, to engage and entice new customers.

It makes perfect use of MOO’s Printinity Technology (a different image on every card) and shows that words can have just as much impact as pictures.

If you’re working on a virtual product and you’ve made cards with MOO, let us know on the blog, we’d love to compile a mini-gallery for our Business Card ideas pages of the best ones out there.

MOO’s expert corner

Full PDF upload for Business Cards Don’t forget if you’re making Business Cards, there is an option to upload a full image or PDF for the back of your cards as well as the front. Just click on the arrow next to 'Change template' and select either the full landscape or portrait option. To create the image the correct size (including 2mm bleed) it should be:

1039 x 697 pixels • 88mm x 59mm • 3.46" x 2.32" and at 300ppi

Travelling light

The MOO Van As you know, some of us are off to Focus, in Birmingham (UK) soon. We’re also excited to announce we’ll be at Social Media Influence in London (UK) and Photoshop World in Boston (US)! If you’re travelling to either of these conferences yourself, check out the blog for details on a code for free shipping and pick up your cards at the event!

MOO's hero of the week

MiniCard pocket shirt Of all the MOO things we’ve seen this week, this really made us smile. This is Robert McIntosh and the shirt he had made for Twestival. A huge social gathering, Twestival was also a massive networking opportunity, so Robert had a MiniCard-sized pocket sewn into his shirt, to carry his cards! (If you’re less handy with a sewing machine, don’t forget we also sell MiniCard Holders too.)

And that's all for now,

See you soon,
The MOO Crew

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