Beautiful and creative

Janell Wood, of WoodMoore Photography, specialises in portrait photography for families, babies and seniors. This Seattle based photography studio have a "passion for finding something beautiful and creative in a photograph" and their business cards are just the same: creative and beautiful.

A portfolio in your pocket

WoodMoore Photography are fond of the ‘Tiffany Blue’ and the ‘American Typewriter’ style font. Their cards look elegant and showcase a variety of their photography. The overall result is a happy and warming feel for their cards, and so their business. Janell chose to use a variety of her images for the ‘front’ of her cards using 'Printfinity' - MOO's unique printing technology. Now, she can easily carry her whole portfolio of work in her pocket.

Creating custom cards

To create cards just like Jannell you can easily upload your photos to MOO or import them from Flickr. Combined with MOO's Photo Enhancement technology, you'll find that your cards (and therefore your photos) can be handed out with confidence and pride.

  • Woodmoore Photography Business Cards

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