A southern tale

Dodeline Design is a small boutique graphic design firm in Charleston, South Carolina. We love their Business Cards – because they’re all part of one much bigger picture! “Because we do so many different things, I wanted to take advantage of the ability to have multiple card designs to convey what we're about. It also presents some exciting opportunities as a designer to treat the business card less as one double sided piece and more as one small piece of a collective whole.” Founder Sarah Reed tells us “On its own, each card stands up just fine - if you pick up the one that has "the big day" on it, you'll get the idea that we do weddings. However, if you order from us online, you'll likely get a different one that tells you something else about us. It's a less overwhelming way to deliver our diverse services, but also have them work together as a complete composition the way that we do as a business. Plus they work as a puzzle, so there's some entertainment value too!

Gather the Troops

StoryTroop is a online space that allows users to collaborate their points of view on talking points – with the idea of different perspectives as a selling point. Says founder Marco Pastorello “Different perspectives can give you a different understanding and a more complete view of what happened. In our business cards we explore different perspectives using well-known characters and stories in order to show that concept. We picked known stories from different perspectives (Snow White vs Wicked Stepmother), Start Wars (Luke vs Yoda, Darth Vader vs Luke) and created avatars for the different perspectives. In the back we used the concept we have on our site, with a basic timeline and two sides of the same story. Now we have a great business card that helps us to sell the concept of our product.” Plus, you know – they’re kind of adorable.

Written on:
17 Oct 2012
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  • Dodeline Design
  • Dodeline Design

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